1. So, Biden is “incompetent”, is that it? So, your logic is, someone who served for years in government ISN’T qualified, but Trump, who never was elected so much as DOG CATCHER is? Is that your reasoning? Is it?
    Yeah, pass that bong to somebody else, OK? Clearly you’ve had enough happy smoke.

    1. @Dill Hole Anything or anybody associated with Trump smells of live turds. Have done for many many years years. The place still reeks with his stench.

  2. He looks like an 80’s mobster . Going from bodyguard to COO ,
    is maybe the most mob like career path possible . Prosecutor should just go with that assumption . Make the defense prove otherwise .

    1. I wonder if he has real skills as a COO. That’s a extremely big jump up in responsibilities and skills needed. But then this is the Trump organization.

    2. @Federalist Papers Nice projection. It was T and Pompeo who arranged the hand off of Afghanistan to the Taliban. He released their leader and 5,000 Taliban prisoners at the same time. The T praised the Taliban, like he vows to any authoritarian dictator.

    3. @itzybitzyspyder tv You can’t answer a simple question without launching into an attack? typical! Don’t forget to like your own comment, is that how you make the world a better place? Liking ones own comment?

    1. @arnesto rodgers
      You’re the one who seems to be stupid here.
      Da Radical’s comment makes a sensible point, that the government is turning the conspirators against each other so they can’t legitimately share the same counsel.

    1. Their names should be Escargot ( snails) crawling around on their bellies in slime. And then washed up, caput ( pun intended) seasoned and fully cooked.

  3. A Matthew Calamari is an upgrade from the ink leaking Rudy “The Squid” Giuliani, old squids have continence issues.

    1. Now let me get this straight. We have two weasels; and one is named after a cephalopod, but the _OTHER_ one is _”The Squid”?_ Seems like the right tentacle doesn’t know what the left tentacle, and the other left tentacle, and that left tentacle over there, and those two additional left tentacles, and also that other left tentacle, and that last left tentacle are all doing. _¿Qué carajo?_

    2. @Chardonnay No offense, but that seems like kind of a pissy remark. However, you do seem to be on point, I must admit, so please forgive my rash remark. I mean, it just leaked out. After all, far be it from me to wish to pamper you or play huggie kissy ….. _(OMG, I can’t continue. I think we have all heard enough of that. Never mind. Mea culpa; mea maxima culpa.)_

    3. @jones It’s the sort of non-watertight rhetoric you can listen to on a Trickle-down economics 101 course, the full contents of which were leaked out accidentally.

  4. No surprise that Calamari got himself involved in fishy dealings. What about the blowfish that hired him and led him to this life of crime?

  5. Only one business on earth offers the advancement opportunities to go from security guard to COO,and that’s MOB business. Think about it 🤔.

    1. Good time for that TRAITOR TRUMP to be CHARGED our CONSTITUTION says TRAITORS like him get PRISON for 20 years

  6. NOTE: If (when) that lawyer is representing both son and father, they were not asking questions about father in that Grand Jury.

  7. Nice to see his company falling apart, as that plus his money is how he values his worth, but call me when Dumpster sees the inside of a court room

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