New Graphic Novel By The Late Rep. John Lewis Provides Timely Lessons 1

New Graphic Novel By The Late Rep. John Lewis Provides Timely Lessons


During his final days, Rep. John Lewis worked on “Run: Book One,” a graphic novel illustrating the story of the Civil Rights Movement after the Voting Rights Act was signed into law 56 years ago. Andrew Aydin, a co-author of the graphic novel and former aide to Rep. Lewis, joins Jonathan Capehart to discuss. 
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  1. if joe decides to stay after the audits prove he shouldnt im leaving the country and moving to the flat earth association in arkansas id rather live in reality then under socialism and sloppy joes

    1. Hahahaha don’t fall off the edge , deary it’s bad isn’t it, I shouldn’t laugh at mentally challenged folk,but wow that’s next level

    2. @ryft ~ It’s just another one of Putin’s sock-puppet propaganda pawns, with a new YouTube account less than a week old. The tag line in the Russian bot’s description: “division through comedy.” They get paid extra for eliciting responses, and the outlandish flame bait often proves successful for them. Best not to feed or encourage them, just ignore.

  2. We can’t let the Republicans take away our democracy. We the People voted the wannabe fascist dictator out of office and we won’t stand for another attempt at his installation.

    1. @Joel D You are so right. We have a new crop of interesting books about our Nightmare. We’re still standing Mr.D,,you & I. We read. We learn. We WIN. We may disagree, (oh, do we!)The Congress lost, the nation lost with the passing of this patriot. RIP…READ IN PEACE

    2. Joe took away our democracy and our constitution when he issued the executive order to continue the eviction moratorium. He went on television and stated that his actions were likely illegal and unconstitutional. He also stated they were against supreme court mandates. Nevertheless he traced the constitution and he became a dictator by extending the election moratorium.
      Republicans are already filing articles of impeachment against President Biden because of this illegal act.

  3. Yeah, let’s not abolish the filibuster because of it’s racist history, which is being further perpetuated by not abolishing it! That’s the warped logic of people like Charlie Brown Manchin and Silly Sinema.

    1. Stop trying to undermine our president. You are despicable. Joe wants to keep the filibuster because Democrats have relied on the filibuster for years. He wants the rules to go back to what they were. Remember, our Senate majority leader harry Reid wrote today’s rules on the filibuster because he also thought it was important for Democrats. Stop trying to undermine our president.

    2. @T. R. Campbell ~ Like Obama, Biden does not want a “yes-man” cabinet, and he doesn’t need a “yes-man” electorate, either. Dissent on an issue is not “undermining our President.” It’s democracy.

      Besides, Biden has made it abundantly clear that he is no longer in the Senate, and it is strictly up to the Senate to decide what to do with the filibuster.

      I supported Harry Reid’s decision then on carving out an exception to the filibuster, because it was needed to overcome Republican obstructionism so that our government could operate the way it should. I have never regretted it, despite McConnell subsequently carving out an exception for Supreme Court nominees.

      I have no doubt whatsoever that Republicans would eliminate the filibuster completely if in power and they thought it served their own corrupt interests. The only reason they didn’t under Trump is because they didn’t need to do that; they were only interested in packing the courts, not passing meaningful legislation that would help the American people (which the Democrats would support, anyway, making the issue moot).

      The filibuster is an archaic relic, a Senate rule that wasn’t adopted until nearly a century after our nation’s founding. It had seen very little use until the past few decades, and it has mostly been used to perpetuate racism throughout its history.

      Don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with gridlock in D.C. Bills are killed without a vote to hold Senators accountable, and prevented from even being debated. That’s harmful to our nation, and not what our framers had in mind for the Senate. The filibuster needs to go, and so does the Electoral College, another archaic relic.

  4. This is extraordinary. John Lewis came back from the dead to write a book. It’s kind of like what we see in Kansas City and St. Louis on election day when the dead come out of the ground to vote. I’m glad senator Lewis came back for a while.

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