New Hampshire Democratic debate highlights | USA TODAY 1

New Hampshire Democratic debate highlights | USA TODAY


The debate between the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary had some Democratic candidates landing blows, and some making strides.

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On the debate stage in Manchester, N.H. the pace was faster and the attacks were harsher than in the previous debates. It was more obvious that the stakes are higher as states begin to vote. Not all seven candidates are likely to make it to the debate stage next time.

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    1. @dinosaws Sanders has never said how much his reform costs. First the figure about the cost, then the figures about taxation. Half a brain is sufficient to understand the proper order of the things.

    2. Because they don’t WANT Bernie, Remember how they screwed him over for Hillary, and he cooperated with his own demise, for the price of a lake house. The Dems didn’t want Bernie in 2016, and they sure as hell don’t want him now.

    3. @GROWUP GROWUP he says the cost every frickin debate are you kidding me. Its annoying people just ask him over and over again

      2016, employers paid an average of $12,865 in private health insurance premiums for a worker with a family of four who makes $50,000 a year. Under this option, employers would pay a 7.5 percent payroll tax to help finance Medicare for All – just $3,750 – a savings of more than $9,000 a year for that employee.

      Won’t be answering any more simple questions you can look up yourself

    4. @dinosaws
      That’s not an answer. You were asked to give the figure indicating how many billions per year the public spending would increase. Public spending and taxation aren’t the same thing.
      Still waiting.

  1. They are too simple, to realize, that they already destroyed, any chance of beating Trump.
    More orange man bad will fix it.

    1. When you realize that most support for trump is really just like disguised whining about obama still to this day

  2. Yea is that money coming out of your bank account? or the TAX Payers? your trying to buy Votes with Money, your another FAKE.

    1. @Charles That’s exactly the point he’s making. Tax, tax, tax. Do you think those taxes are going to be paid by those oil and tech companies, or are they going to pass the burden on to the consumer? It sounds good to say “we’ll tax those rich corporations,” but ultimately it’s basically just a tax on the people.

    1. @steve McQueen Trump is not polling ahead of the majority of these people on stage in a 1v1 election scenario.

    1. Jason what? Lmao most people working minimum wage don’t get taxed that high because of progressive taxation, and so more of their paycheck goes to healthcare costs than taxes by far. Educate urself.

    1. Sorry, does this comment imply the democratic establishment and the media prefer Bernie to Pete? You have to be joking

  3. All these Dem Senators away from D.C. like 95% of the time campaigning, town halls, debates. They never do their job anyway. Congress could/should be a part-time job – that way we wouldn’t have to pay for their healthcare. By contrast, President Trump continues to rack up accomplishments. Winning!

  4. Pathetic. They basically said they want the economy to crash just so they can get elected. To me that is saying screw the American ppl

  5. The commentators are afraid to ask the mayor about his homosexuality and his marriage to his husband, it’s a valid question just as race and religion.

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