New Incriminating Evidence Against President As House Votes To Send Articles | Deadline | MSNBC

New Incriminating Evidence Against President As House Votes To Send Articles | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. Jim Jordan’s argument that Trump was concerned about corruption in Ukraine was always ludicrous. Now it’s been blown out of the water.

    1. Have you lost your f-ing mind ??? What rock have been under.. Oh that’s right the MSNBC rock.. GAWD do you look SO ignorant by making that statement… #1 GO research Berisma and just for a min leave the Bidens out of it.. The Corporation is corrupt as hell..#2 Joe Biden himself ADMITS to a REAL Quid Pro Quo at the CFR meeting..See video below.. He threatens to hold back a BILLION dollars to Ukrainee unless they FIRE the Proesecutor looking into the Corruption of Berisma and of course he and his son would be involved in that..#3 He had already received several million dollars from Berisma AND Hunter Biden was receiving $85,000 A MONTH for doing nothing.. He never travels there, doesn’t know a thing about energy and gas, doesn’t speak the language, was kicked out of the Navy for Cocaine use.. His Ex wife says he drinks snorts and goes to stripper bars all the time.. NOT the kind of guy a gas and energy company would pay a MILLION dollars a year to for doing NOTHING.. You REALLY need to stop watching the Liberal media. They make people look REALLY stupid when the rest of the WORLD knows different..

    1. @Rene’ Placek
      Who will run for the demtards? Liz the liar?
      Corrupt senile Joe?
      Bernie will have another heart attack. Pete buttgig?

    1. It’s like if Clint Eastwood was a ginger cat.
      Or it’s Clint Eastwood’s cat.
      That’s a mean-looking cat.

    2. In life the dream gets worse. To the awakened, every tragedy brings a sense of completeness, like the last stroke of a brush.

      And a lot of deeeep gutteral laughter…like a lot.

  2. The American citizen who was coordinating the surveillance of ambassador Yovanovich, with options to take out a hit on her, is also a veteran, a former Marine, a candidate for US congress. Pretty sure that these activities (especially with a potential hit on the ambassador) are a violation of that former marine’s service oath. He needs to “go through some things”.

    1. Families Supporting Trauma Recovery US gov’t agencies, instructed by Trump to investigate Clinton, the alleged spying, etc found that none of his paranoid theories were justified — just no evidence. As the wise man said, you have a right to your own opinion, but not to your own facts. I can understand you don’t trust US media; try looking at coverage by democratic allies like the BBC or CBC, or, best of all, try to find video or images that aren’t interpreted, just presented. C-SPAN and PBS have complete video of witnesses in the House testifying. You can choose the parts you think are important: I usually watched the 2 attorneys questioning the witness, about 45 minutes each. And in these broadcasts, pictures of documents are not going to be ‘fixed’ because everyone around the world has access so any bs will be called out. Find original evidence and decide for yourself

    2. John Rogan After reading the entire text exchange it’s obvious that some kind of physical violence was in Hyde’s mind, and we need an investigation into whether it was real or his delusions. However, wrt war crimes, you’re quite right: the Soleimani assassination was illegal under both US and international law

  3. None of this means anything to Trump’s supporters. Facts and evidence are like sunlight to MAGA vampires.

    1. You are so correct !!! Facts and evidence ARE sunlight to MAGA !!! Because FACTS and EVIDENCE is what is going to bring the democrats and deepstate DOWN !!!!

  4. Adam Schiff has experience with prosecuting, and putting away traitors to this country.
    In the late 80s and early 90s as a District Attorney in Cali, Adam Schiff successfully prosecuted the case of a Russian spy named Svetlana Ogorodonikov, and an FBI agent named Richard W. Miller, who was seduced by Svetlana Ogorodnikov, and agreed to sell classified information to the Soviet government. Eventually, this man—Richard W. Miller, a 47-year-old Los Angeles-based counterintelligence agent on the Bureau’s Soviet squad—would become the first FBI agent ever convicted of espionage.

    Agent Miller would  eventually agree to turnover highly classified information to the Russians for large sums of money. It took Schiff 3 trials, and 6 years, but he eventually won the conviction against Agent Miller and the Russian spy, and they were both sent to prison.

    During those years, Schiff stated that he learned a lot about Russian tradecraft, and how the Russians operate, who they target, and the vulnerabilities they look for. During his work on the case, Schiff was also in frequent contact with FBI agents investigating Miller—giving the future congressman an intimate look at, and respect for, the Bureau’s counterintelligence mission against threats from Russia,  and it’s mission of protecting the national security of this nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    1. @A. Murphy
      Vote for Trump in 2020!
      You will feel better about yourself and your self esteem will soar.
      Keep America great and leave the 2nd amendment alone.

    2. @blob darkass NO! Then Everyone Need to Get Their Crybaby Azz Up n March , Ride, etc Cause They Trying To Over throw The White House for Dictators. Why U Think People Tripping n Japan?

  5. Bill Barr is running defence for trump and the republicans in their criminal enterprise! WTF! Once upon a time the FBI would all over this like rash!

    1. America is being corrupted by a terribly toxic brew of Faux News, foreign disinformation, the natural liar/manipulator/con man Trump, and corrupt, greedy cronies of his. All of these forces are working together to tear this nation apart, knowingly or otherwise (aside from the hostile foreign actors, many are acting in short-sighted, selfish interests).

    2. Micheal Albert
      1. Parnas has lived in US since age 3. Thus, while he did not learn to speak English first, he did learn to WRITE in English first.
      2. No, Parnas is certainly not a “Boy Scout”. But, when someone needs underhanded things done, they get underhanded people to do them. Remember, Trump and Rudy chose Lev, not the other way around.
      3. MSNBC and other outlets received these documents from the courts through a FOIA request. Thus, they have been used as evidence and verified by law enforcement and the courts. Listen to the report and learn, man.
      4. Always remember that just because you choose to question the facts doesn’t make them untrue. Much of the Steele Dossier and the whole Mueller Report have been verified as accurate. If you wish to play Blind Man, that’s on you, pal.

    3. @Micheal Albert “MSNBC has a history or reporting unsubstantiated claims and presenting them as facts. Steel dossier, Trump Russia Collusion, they never seam to tire of getting it wrong!”
      Steele Dossier has been partially corroborated, and nothing in it has been proven false. Trump’s collusion with Russia happened on camera, and the two reasons he’s not indicted are that he literally cannot be indicted so Mueller didn’t even talk to him, and he obstructed the investigation ten times. So MSNBC has been right this whole time.

  6. Make America great again … Like it was when Obama was in charge. Dump Trump like the garbage he is

  7. Put them all in prison Trump, Pence ,Pompeo,Giullianni,McConnel, Bahr,Graham,Parnas. Wow The trial of the century.

    1. @Joan Zito That is why they have been singing fake news . they want us not to believe it even when the evidence are in our faces. it´s up to he voter now . The senate is going to find away to defend it. Republicans are really showing how corrupt they are,and it is ugly

    1. @OleeoleeOO well how do you decide if its funny for me or not? lol , your comment is funny to me tbh , but thats for me to decide, and i agree this is not laughing matter, it is serious situation.

    1. @Wientz You are correct. They are fulfilling their own prophesies and will once again be denied access to their holy land because they just cannot understand the gist of their own religion.

    1. @LordBLB..and demtards trampling the constitution isn’t fascist?
      Wake up and smell the coffee… and learn to spell.

    1. Icebergs often up-end when the submerged portion begins to melt as it enters warmer waters (and the “heat” is applied.) When that happens we’ll be able to see all the crap that Team Trump have been hiding. More heat! More heat! More heat!

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