New Jersey Hospital To Mandate Workers Have Coronavirus Vaccine 1

New Jersey Hospital To Mandate Workers Have Coronavirus Vaccine


Dr. Shereef Elnahal of University Hospital in Newark, NJ joins Morning Joe to discuss why the hospital will mandate workers have the coronavirus vaccine. Dr. Elnahal also discusses the fight against vaccine misinformation.

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New Jersey Hospital To Mandate Workers Have Coronavirus Vaccine


  1. “Sign your rights away and accept all risks including death or go look for a job somewhere else.” Sounds like a good reason to consider a new career in a different field.

    1. @Nathaniel Erskine I appreciate you deciding to quit so that the rest of us can fly with less risk. Thanks for your sacrifice.

    2. @ramms mutter69 The problem I’ll be faced with is, I have to fly to get to work. I work in Alaska and live in Colorado. I like my job and do well, but I won’t sacrifice my personal sovereignity and likely my health for it.

    3. @Godsbackhand7, they’re just forcing them to get an experimental drug to keep their job.

      I say we make everyone have to buy a firearm to keep their jobs.

  2. “We don’t know the long term effects of these vaccines”. That’s the end all statement right there.
    People who aren’t vaccinated, that’s the reason. For better or worse.

    1. @Banned Twice Hey Einstein, I’m not the one squandering my brain cells inventing reasons why I should be exposing myself to a deadly contagious virus.

    2. @Big Daddy V ist 97.8 actually take the number infected 30,104,345 divide by the number dead 626,172. Then there is that 10% chance of crippling long term injury.

      Add to that that catching the alpha variant is no protection to the delta. So enjoy rolling the dice every few months.

      Oh and the vaccine stops being free in January

    3. @Erik Anderson and I have had covid, same with my wife and all her family and my father in law had 26 kids from 3 wives and each of the siblings had 4 kids, Mexican families are huge. mother in law has 1 lung, guess how many died….. 0.

    4. @Big Daddy V You likely had the alpha variant. This does not protect you from the other variants… that’s why they are labeled variants. You will have to get lucky with every variant that comes out. so roll the dice.

      Its your choice, you have the right to play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

    5. @Demetria Karnavas yeah those pills have warning labels. This vaccine doesn’t, which is exactly the point they were making

    1. @liza divine no their not lab rats their the NWO SLAVES. They’ll do what ever their masters tell them to do. Pray for them.

    2. @Erik Anderson we the people tell the government what we want they don’t get to dictate what we do and how we live. 2nd amendment rights. You do know that the CDC is not a government agency its a Bill Gates foundation who got paid taxpayer dollars.

    3. @Erik Anderson no mandate is law anywhere in the United States. Just whims from governors who wish to be Hitler.

    1. There is no constitutional right of employees to set the conditions of their employment. That’s the prerogative of an employer.

    2. @MrClonedzero You point is sound, but no they had vaccination, George Washington in May of 1776 he ordered that no one in his army be inoculated against small pox; violations of this order would result in severe punishment.

  3. I imagine how a hospital employ will feel threatened by looking at that doctor’s face telling them “you have to take the vaccine or else…”.

    1. @V V Vaccinated people can get the virus and pass it on. And, with few symptoms, the vaccinated may not even know they have the virus and will go to work and interact with patients.

    2. @DancesWithBears Though that is true, vaccines considerably reduce the rate of infection and healthcare workers continue to wear masks when working with patients. The entire purpose of a hospital is to treat patients in an effort to improve their health, not cause illness. Safety of patients come first. If someone does not want to get a vaccine, don’t. Just don’t work in healthcare

    1. There’s an immediate effect with this new covid variant and it makes the “freedom” us American’s love to decree vanish like the shutdown of 2020.

      No one knows the long term effects of any of the vaccinations we put in our kids to put them in school or the shots that are mandatory to go abroad…..but we do them…

    2. @Erik Anderson Ha ha. They even mention a potential long-term effect in the EUA study. Ha ha. You are so totally clueless, it’s hilarious. Wow. Keep going!

    1. for a short time sure, to vaccinated people like me its not big deal, kids however can not be vaccinated yet.

      Once little kids can be, we really are willing to let you anti-vaxxers eradicate yourselves.

    2. @Erik Anderson Frontline doctors are suing the department of health and human services after a whistle-blower blower came forward asserting that 45,000 people died from.the vaccine within 3 days of taking it.
      You big pharma shills can’t keep these deaths and injuries hidden force longer and since big pharma has a no liability clause one can expect a bloody war to result in this. Is that really what you pathetic little shills want?

  4. In the height of last year there was no vaccine. Healthcare workers were hailed as heros. It’s unfortunate that some of these heros died. Far less died compared to those who cared for COVID-19 positive patients. We still lost heros. Now, Healthcare workers, if you’re not vaccinated you are dumb,, stupid,, no longer heros…SMH. Typical human nature. During the peak of it all in 2020, some persons were asymptomatic, displayed mild symptoms or became very ill…and some persons died. Looks like the same scenario now even with the vaccine. Thing is, it’s the unvaccinated who is being blamed for the spread even if they were no where in sight when new cases emerged. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated can be asymptomatic carriers…remember last year? So vaccinated or unvaccinated, Healthcare workers are still heros. Remember both vaccinated and unvaccinated can be asymptomatic carriers. Remember be safe whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. We are not invincible. Im curious though as to why some unvaccinated persons with underlying medical conditions got COVID-19 during the peak of it last year survived with no side effects while healthy unvaccinated persons died, or had residual side effects? Is genetics or other biological or physiological factors in play here that we are not aware of? I’m genuinely curious.

  5. The presumption is that the vaccine stops transmission, but there’s no real evidence of this.

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