1. Wow. Here in Virginia renewals have been online for several years. And if you show up in the office, you are charged $5 surcharge! WTF NJ?

    1. @William Marick Oh you mean dimwit Donald. The man can’t even find a limo that was right in front of him. The mans mind is so messed up, he became a traitor!

  2. This is 2020, people should educate themselves and first look on Google to find out what they can do online…

    1. Ohio , does not renew a license on line , doubt if N. J. does. , I needed a new license , the BMV opened up on July first and take a new picture & I`m over 85 , it was get in line or do without .

    2. So, in the 21st Century people should not rely on their government, that they pay taxes for, they should just “do for themselves”. …. I would agree with that in 1850, but this is 2020.

    3. @Arlene Secrist I understand that, and I thinking it’s a shame that you had to stand in line for that. I’m referring to the people who stand in line while they could do their transactions online. Take care! 😊

    4. @Doug Leschak in the 21st Century we have better things to do other than wait in line. And if they open new offices and hire more government people for such basic transactions, then your taxes will go up.

    5. @Arlene Secrist They think of us and treat us like cattle. Frankly too many of us act like cattle so they don’t get all the blame.

  3. Anything that requires an address change requires a new ID which needs a current photo of you. Do it online? Ok

    1. I live in Australia and we have our own My Gov website where we can link everything relating to government agencies. With this, our id is verified by the id connected, such as driver’s license or medicare card. We can do everything on this website, even do our tax. Can’t believe in 2020 that all Americans don’t have something similar 🤔

    2. @Jill Genrich Oh joy! We will all have the equivalent of an electronically tagged farm animal. We were born this way!

    3. @Crystal Giddens
      You can tell he is a highly intelligent professional that we should all listen to, cant even say clinicians properly 🙄

  4. So the government had all that time to prepare for this… months shut down why they didn’t use that time to move everything online.🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. @Adam Taylor I am really surprised that Americans are protesting over everything and no one is protesting about this.

    2. @Joseph Tay It’s something people have been fighting for for years. But unfortunately North America is ruled by big business. So politicians might bring it up, but then they’re told to shut up and pay more to the corporations… so they do.

    3. @Adam Taylor Seriously, this is really screwed up for a first world country. Furthermore, it is a country which had claimed that they had achieved quantum supremacy and their citizens are still living on dial-up internet. I really think that the American politicians should spend more efforts focusing on how to improve their citizens’ livelihood than to poke their nose into other countries’ affairs. My gosh… America is just like the movie Matrix, the image they projected to the world is like those people living in the Matrix, and in reality, their people are living like those people who had taken the red pill.

    1. You are going to love communist covernment under democrats.
      Democrat’s communism is Stalin’s communism.

  5. To be fair not everyone has internet and libraries are closed. If they’re going to leave everyone to fend for themselves then I will simply wait till everything goes back to normal and deal with the DMV then.

    1. Her advertising budget.. how bout a cadboard sign written in marker at the parking lot entance giving the wrbsite address and I’ll bet many will go away.

    2. You do know that the smartphone now can access to the internet right? Or are you saying that, Americans do own smartphone, but they cannot access to the internet? I seriously cannot believe the fact that there are Americans who dun have internet. Hey man, are we talking about America or Africa?

    3. *Obama’s Pretty Words Cannot Beautify His Ugly Economy*
      May 2016 https://www.nationalreview.com/2016/05/barack-obama-economy-jobs-ugly-truth/

      While Obama can talk the bark off a banyan tree, he cannot make Americans hallucinate prosperity. Here is the sad picture they actually see.

      ‐ The unemployment rate has improved significantly, from 7.8 percent at Obama’s January 20, 2009, inauguration to 5.0 percent in April.

      ‐ However, as more and more Americans stop looking for work, the Labor Force Participation Rate on Obama’s watch has fallen from 65.7 percent to 62.8 percent, a level last measured before Obama in March 1978. Since Obama took office, this metric has slid 4.1 percent.

      Last month saw the creation of 160,000 jobs, a widely panned number, and much below the 200,000-plus jobs generated in five of the last six months. Nothing about the latest employment report spells “boom.”

      ‐ Meanwhile, annualized GDP growth nearly stalled in the first quarter at a meager 0.5 percent. This is down from already tepid 1.4 percent growth in the fourth quarter of 2015.

      ‐ Obama is the only U.S. chief executive in history not to preside over even a single year with 3 percent GDP growth, as the Institute for Policy Innovation’s Tom Giovanetti observes:

      ‘From 1790 to 2000, U.S. real GDP growth averaged 3.79 percent,’ entrepreneur Louis Woodhill explained at RealClearMarkets. He expects final figures to show that ‘2015 will have been the tenth year in a row that real GDP growth came in at under 3.0 percent.’

      ‐ During the Obama years, the number of Americans below the poverty line is up 3.5 percent.

      ‐ Real median household income: down 2.3 percent.

      ‐ Americans on Food Stamps — 33 million then, 46 million now: up 39.5 percent.

      ‐ Americans who own homes: down 5.6 percent.

      ‐ National debt — $10.63 trillion then vs. $19.19 trillion last Wednesday: up 80.5 percent.

      ‐ Meanwhile, millions of college-educated Millennials are languishing in their parents’ basements and wallowing in student debt, with limited prospects. Many of those who have found work lag their predecessors.

      ‐ Insurance companies are fleeing Obamacare’s exchanges. Amid $650 million in expected losses this year, UnitedHealth announced that it would medevac itself out of all but “a handful” of its 34 state markets.

      ‐ The percentage of families in which no one is employed has grown from 17.8 in 2008 to 19.7 in 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

      As the Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger has noted, even the Clintons acknowledge Obama’s economic wreckage.

      Americans are suffering “the awful legacy of the last eight years,” Bill Clinton said in March. He explained on April 26, “The problem is, 80 percent of the American people are still living on what they were living on the day before the crash [of 2008]. And about half the American people, after you adjust for inflation, are living on what they were living on the last day I was president, 15 years ago. So that’s what’s the matter.”

      #related#Stumping in New Haven, Conn., Hillary Clinton spoke about a nurse who is facing breast cancer and foreclosure.

      “She is speaking for so many people across our country who feel beaten down, left out and left behind,” Hillary said. “People who have worked hard and done their part, but just can’t seem to get ahead, and find it tough even to get by.”

      In Obama’s eighth year, Americans remain in pain. The best thing he can do is apologize, stop talking, and leave us alone until January 20, 2017.

    4. @Joseph Tay I get what you’re saying but some data plans are not set up like that, most of the no contract phones have very limited data plans and hit you up for crazy fees when you go past it. Some of these government websites take forever to navigate specially on a smartphone. I know not everybody is in that situation but it’s certainly something to consider.

    5. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 obamagate = Obama living rent-free inside your head. Do you hate Obama? How is he relevant now? How many people died from Ebola and H1 N1? Obama put sanctions on Russia, Trump does nothing when he finds out they’re putting bounties on our soldiers. How’s the stock market under Trump now? How about those unemployment numbers? Do you think it’s still a hoax? How is your 401k now? How are things going with locking Hillary up? At least Mexico got a new wall and Americans are paying for it.

    1. James Morgan Y’all must be from Texas because you sound like LBJ usta talk. President Johnson would start his speeches with the phrase, “Me fellow Mericans”. 😀

  6. Just how backward is the USA?? I heard your president the other day say, “I’ve bought back the incandescent lightbulb, they make us look good, which is important to so many of us”.
    It’s eye-watering, the sheer stupidity, utterly staggering!!!

    1. 🙃😏🥰Nobody said we were all B perfect! Dry your eyes it gets worse before it gets better! “Don’t worry B Happy ” !.😊🧐

    2. The smart people of america don’t get on tv anymore cos the dumb people are in charge!! I hope the next election changes that.

    3. Jim Battersbee: I know. I heard him say that, and I almost fell off my chair. It is so embarrassing.

  7. Hopefully, this permanently changes how the DMV is run. American government agencies are full of unnecessary red tape…totally antiquated

  8. The motor vehicle could hire someone minimum wage to hand out a flyer to everyone in line explaining what can be done on line. It would save everyone time and money.

  9. The DMV was closed and still closed here in the bay area California and they dont even take online appointment anymore.
    Corrupt leaders.

    1. TrixiLovesYou
      how does long lines getting a drivers license have to do with Trump? You do know the State controls that?

  10. Yeah well I’m in Ct, had to mail in my papers for a registration, they said they call me in 4 weeks, that was 3 months ago. I’ve been paying insurance on a car I can’t drive smh

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