New modelling projects fourth wave fueled by Delta variant 1

New modelling projects fourth wave fueled by Delta variant


Aug. 5: Dr. Theresa Tam and Dr. Howard Njoo update Canadians on COVID-19 in Canada, including concerns of a fourth wave from the Delta variant.

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  1. I think we’re allowed to question their “modeling” seeing as how it’s been wildly off all along.

  2. So this strain is more transmissible but far less deadly, meaning we should learn to deal with it and get on with our lives.

  3. If the 4th wave is coming, why Alberta planned to take away most of the restrictions (including wearing a mask in C-train and buses on 16/August) ?Are the Alberta government coordinate with the Federal ?

  4. I was told all approved Vaccines would be a game changer…but the game isn’t changing. I’m double vaccinated…I can’t do more! Let’s all move on for God’s sake!

  5. The military is gathering evidence so I am too !!! This video will be my evidence of crimes against humanity and genocide !!!

  6. Mrs. Health Minister, we have had the Delta variant already…in fact we have just got out of our 3rd wave with the highly infectious Delta variant. If we get a 4th wave the Delta it will b minor what u gotta do is keep the Lambda variant at bay that is taking hold in South America right now.

  7. Instead of wasting billions of dollars for so many ridiculous things (like covid signage), the government could have significantly extended the health system capacity by now…but wait that’s too complicated (and assumingly not so profitable) way lol.

  8. They keep talking about this modeling that they are following right! Well, if cases are rising and so are deaths and cases up by over 54% from last week, I suggest to get back to your blackboard and draw up a new model bc this one obviously isn’t working RIGHT !!

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