New modelling warns ICUs may see Delta-fuelled surge | COVID-19 in Ontario 1

New modelling warns ICUs may see Delta-fuelled surge | COVID-19 in Ontario


New COVID-19 modelling in Ontario suggests Ontario can see as many as 200 to 400 people in ICUs due to the Delta variant.

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    1. Do you mean in Ontario, there’s just over 12000 beds in ICUs in hospitals across Ontario, Toronto and Ottawa alone have over 5000

    2. @I A.R.E. that would be roughly 40 ICU beds per hospital. That seems awful high and would require quite a few staff. But, it was an honest question as I really am not sure.

  1. The modelling has never been correct, so stop with the fearmongering. Omicron has shown to spread easily, however no one has been seriously ill from the variant. its symptoms have been extremely mild at worst.

    1. @Daniel House Delta is a nothing burger.

      2020 = 15,887 deaths from COVID out of 588,939 cases of COVID in Canada
      2021 = 13,970 deaths from COVID out of 1,213,420 cases of COVID in Canada (as of Dec. 3rd)

      So, despite the Delta variant (which they began scaremongering about back in the spring), and despite TWICE AS MANY cases, deaths from the virus in 2021 are 11.5% BELOW what they were last year.

    1. I prefer, “Thou shalt resurrect Vlad the Impaler and turn him loose on these criminals.”

      You have to admit, it’d be a fitting punishment – a final poke for the poke merchants.

  2. Can’t see the elephant in the room?
    All you have to do is multiply it to the power of 40 and you’d have 1 Trillion elephants, you should be able to see it then.
    – PCR Test 2^40

  3. THIS modeling may be accurate………what is it they say about repeatedly doing something over and over expecting a different result?

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