New Partnership Seeks To Curb Gun Violence | Morning Joe | MSNBC

New Partnership Seeks To Curb Gun Violence | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Miss Linda only go where they can fill his pockets, SHAME on you SC for voting for a green snake in green grass.

  2. The only thing that prevented a mass-casualty event on the 6th of January was Washington DC’s gun laws.

    1. @atheist28403 Not at all. The right wing hate groups told all their members to leave the guns at home.

    2. @Chris_P_Bacon “gun laws thwarted an _actual_ insurrection”.
      That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read all day.

    3. @atheist28403 You should tell the New York Times, because they’re saying the same thing. What do you care? You’re likely not an American anyway.

    4. @Chris_P_Bacon So, let me get this straight…gun laws stopped an _actual_ insurrection/revolution of the most dangerous threat to American society (white conservative men; according to the liberal media) but they haven’t stopped ONE mass/school shooting, drug/gang-related homicide, or prevented anyone from else from committing gun crime.
      You should really say these things out loud before making a fool of yourself posting them online.

    5. @atheist28403 Now you sound foolish. It happens all the time. Pick up a book or newspaper some time.

  3. Lindsey Graham. Just another sad man ashamed of his own shortcomings, having to over compensate with a big gun.

    1. @masteriansun: What projectionism? Where? How? Why?

      You don’t have an argument. That’s why you are picking a fight. Dingleberry.

    1. you know, I agree with the 2nd Amendment beginning with A WELL REGULATED MILITIA, being of necessity for

  4. When the overwhelming majority of WE the PEOPLE are in favor of legislation.. WE expect our elected legislators.. our “representatives in congress” to vote accordingly .. ! NOT with special interest groups that will give them money to further their political careers !

  5. The Second Amendment doesn’t give you the Right to possess a Weapon of War.
    It simply doesn’t.
    Not even Cowardly Graham.

    1. it gives us the right to defend ourselves against a tyrannical oppressive gov with weapons that equal theirs …

    2. The 2nd is only applicable if you’re a part of a “ Well Regulated Militia “. Notice the “ “ s because it’s the exact words in the amendment…

  6. Mother Mary in the Catholic Church, has to do with procreation and the penance of taken liberties, a violation of an ancient contract. Some women are sticklers for the contractual obligation and the implied penance. Yes the Vatican and Lucifer casual observatory, go on count your lucky devil ducky stars, might well need them desperately. The Catholics and the voice of the wilderness stress test.

    1. @Joel Rivard I looked up the word stupid in the dictionary and there was a photo of Joel Rivard

    2. @alan bailey ok snowflake a gun registery wouldn’t have changed any of these shootings and the best argument u got is calling me stupid

    3. @Joel Rivard Any gun not registered to a certified owner will be an illegal gun. And you being stupid is the best argument.

  7. The imaginary january initially realise because wrench hypothetically dry including a misty credit. dysfunctional, maniacal panties

  8. I don’t recall Mad Max Gang shootouts happening during Hugo, or even Katrina. It seems like when there’s a disaster, people are worried more about survival than robbing their neighbors.

  9. Lindsay Graham will never care about anyone else unless it’s his own family that’s at the other end of the barrel.

  10. How about a tracking chip in every gun manufactured {non-military/LEO} ? With
    a voluntary chip system in existing guns as well. Virtually all phones are tracked now so there should be large participation and eventually there would be an early warning system for restricted areas. Home/recreation use would be ok and this would secure schools etc.

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