New Permit Evidence Shows Trump White House Role In Sending Mob To Capitol | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @grant smythe I do agree and that’s my fervent hope. But the vacuum left by the GOP’s implosion and the ongoing corrosive affect of weaponised misinformation, wildly polarised views and civil discourse reduced to “I’m right. You’re wrong. Shut up,” all concern me.

    2. @Polydynamix indeed. you’re absolutely right. I just think the conviction is tremendously important notwithstanding future federal criminal proceedings, which as you’ve aptly stated is/are likely along with state prosecutions.

    3. @Oz Bloke It’s a partisan circus. You know that AT BEST they will flip MAYBE 2 or 3 republicans that haven’t already basically committed.

  1. She very thoroughly proved without question Tr*** is 100% responsible and needs to be held accountable. Plus she looked absolutely wonderful!

    1. @lori zikovich don’t even try using the freedom of speech excuse. It doesn’t necessarily mean you get to say anything you want anytime you want. There is a line. Go around your town and make death threats to everyone and see what happens.

    2. @hugh g rection did I say that. FB, Google, You U Tube have censoring everything that doesn’t go along with their rhetoric. You can’t say that the election was fixed, you can’t challenge the thinking on the virus, etc… They are taking away freedom of speech already. Don’t you see this??? Communism bud that is what we have

  2. people will not remember why he got impeached the first time, but they will never forget the capital riot as long as they live

    1. @Shawn Corbin “A clue, we have been watching them riot and burn the country down for the past nine months.”
      Hmm, FBI Director Chris Ray testified that most of the arrests for looting, shooting and burning during the riots were white nationalist using the BLM marches for cover.

    2. @Roy Batty as I said to others in response to other what I said was more in the general sense of everyday or major events. Individual or personal trauma would be different. But terrible things happen that we identify to ourselves but you won’t dwell on it forever. Case in point school shootings or opioid crisis etc. Unless your a highly socially active person out there helping I doubt most people these days are thinking about it when they have to think about work and bills and raising kids. So much happens that just fades with time. It’s not even a bad thing. How could people be expected to continually hold onto everything mentally forever or until a solution is found. It would be too much.

    1. Might be better for families of all affected to sue as a class action. Another class action for families of sick and dead from COVID as well?

    1. I hope the presiding Judge will intervene and stop the proceedings to tell the, “Jurors,” that they are NOT PERMITTED to Tweet during this trial (about breast milk, Ted Cruz?!?!?!) or look away and doodle, whilst EVIDENCE is being presented on the screen!? That’s disgusting! They’re not even prepared to SHAM doing their JOBS in the GOP? Isn’t that Contempt?! What normal trial judge would tolerate THAT from their Jury???

    2. Ash Roskell yes your right and I totally agree, the problem is this is not a trial in the full sense of the word, but I can see in the future a criminal trial being held, I do hope so, stay well.

  3. Because it’s not like he spent 2 months after the election screaming about this fake “stolen election” after he lost or anything. 🤔🙄

    1. @Wayne Gouin not knowing is the first step in asking questions, get informed, see it for yourself. The democrats are just trying to cover up the facts and didn’t want the evidence to be shown.

  4. This assault on the Capitol was planned and executed exactly as planned by Trump and his followers. There is proof of this online. The paper trail will tell the tale as always. The sheep will always be that until they wake up.🙄

  5. All those who do not vote to convict will be complicit in Trump’s undeniable shame and unconscionable crimes. America, and the world, is watching this trial and what each Senator does from here.

    1. Wish someone would be held accountable wish we replace the senate with just a vote count so we don’t get things for example like the fcc killing net neutrality ever one seemed to forgot about that but people voting for the political career is not doing there job

    2. If they don’t vote to convict Trump, the Inciter-in-Chief, then they are also exhibiting their true character >>> UNCONSCIONABLE, DISHONESTY, FRAUD, TOTALLY UNFIT.

    3. Those that vote to convict are complicit in crimes against our nation and your undeniable shame and guilt in your unconscionable crimes is self evident and your irrational hatred and propaganda is no justification for your actions nor your words . You are simply a racist hate monger and little more . May you get what you deserve for your betrayal….

    4. @Yanni P You used unconscionable wrong , but hey if all you can do is parrot someone else’s irrational hatred I guess that’s bound to happen..

    5. @tony blackmon Their caracter is unconscionable; works just fine, maybe you need to go back to high school and retake grammar class. Anyway, your comment shows that you care nothing for morality, the law, the Constitution, or ethics; which means that you are a despicable traitor. Joe Biden is the President and you’re going to have to learn to cope with that reality.

  6. “None of this was coincidence, it was deliberate” yes, there should not be coincidence when a crime was committed. Everything she described was in the words of Trump and recorded everywhere he opened the mouth. “Will be wild” was what he was expecting. And like the invitation of the proud boys leaders into the WH, which was disguised as the Christmas tour, Trump used the WH authority to make the riot possible.

    1. @Timothy Johnson if you have nothing to fight back with just build a straw man that nobody said? Lol. Sorry no your lack of a defense is not a defense. . Your propaganda is rejected…..

    2. @Stasia Spade I’m a website , I freely admit my crime , and I’m so sorry that I’m a website…. learn English already troll bot….

  7. To everyone else in the world listening “Impressed” by the House managers evidence and presentation….. Trump supporters ” what where when Huh Duh? “

    1. @copusmultimedia Don’t sell yourself short You are all of those things and so much more . But we love you anyway… ❣️❣️❣️

    2. @copusmultimedia Outed? Hahahaha here let me fix your assumptions. I’ve never hidden that i am a Christian, I proudly proclaim it, I always have . God commands that we speak truth , rebuke evil, love our enemies and be all things to all people..
      And while I don’t get to judge you , by your fruits I can know you. And you miss Felicia are
      All of that and more … bye bye to you too… lol

  8. Plaskett is awesome! If Republicans fail to convict T***p, they should all be held in contempt and convicted for failing to uphold their constitutional duties.

    1. @tony blackmon what is nonsense is the fact that so many people believed the election was rigged or stole by a man who provided no proof to judges in court, some of which he appointed

    2. @iAm ErgoProxy want to see what nonsense really is ? Show me what lawsuit and which judge looked at any evidence…. I’ll be waiting….

    3. Constitution, spelled with a capital C, says u can’t impeach a private citizen. holy balls u libs are stupid.

  9. Meanwhile, Gym Jordan yaps about “cancel culture” – I’m not sure what he means, but I do want to cancel insurrection, its instigators, its enablers and every single one who wants to cover it up now. I want them all “cancelled” forever!

    1. They are using a buzzword with negative connotations. What they are really against is being held responsible for their, at times criminal, actions.

    2. @Kimberly Christine so basically you are saying that your believe that words covered your criminal actions , is that correct?

    3. @tony blackmon ,
      I have no idea which side of this you are on to be honest. You may want to be more specific in your statements. I do know that Jordan is a hypocrite. He whines about Cancel Culture restricting people’s “free speech” then tries to censure a member of his own Party for her opinion’s about Trump’s involvement in the Insurrection.

    1. Yeah, so what – you can find a quote for any occasion in that Boys own collection of Jewish origin stories. Don’t mean a hill o beans.

    2. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9. Jesus Christ came to deliver us All from a fallen sinful nature. So yes, this is an accurate description of a person with an unregenerated heart.

  10. “A violent man entices his neighbor, and leads him in a way that is not good. He winks his eye to decide perverse things; He purses his lips and brings about evil.” Proverbs 16:29, 30 😟

    1. Lol. Dc has there own local police force . The president has no say so over them , they are controlled by the democratic mayor of dc… your propaganda is rejected and dismissed…..

    2. @tony blackmon have you ever heard of Mr. Trump calling people? Pressuring and threatening them? Listen to the tapes that are available. He knows all the techniques. Everybody knows is is a bully and has no respect for rules or even people. All he cares about is himself, and destroys everything on his way. Come on!

    3. @Graphic design for Free Well, it’s what Michael Cohen testified to the House, remember..? “Mr. Trump speaks in a kind of code.”

    4. @tony blackmon The White House has unilateral control of the District of Columbia’s resources as pertaining to any security force needed to be supplemented for their use. Might want to check your facts before you post. BTW, this info came FROM a DC police officer, and their use has happened before to supplement Capitol Police for other major events held by the White House.

    5. @Kris Wingert Sorry But your bogus claim is rejected. The president has no jurisdiction over the dc police . That’s a fact , that control belongs to the mayor of dc. Just as it does anywhere in the USA. Now that being said the president can request that the mayor of dc order something like that but I just down see that happening.. do you? For the accusations to work the president would have to have requested it to the mayor and the mayor would have to agree to allow it . That ain’t happening any way you look at it.. Now get it right , the mayor controls local police , a governor can control state police , the president controls the military . And on the mainland the president can not order the military ( national guard) in without the request of the local government. Now check it for yourself before you go running your mouth about something that you didn’t understand …..

  11. Has everyone forgotten that he laid the same groundwork for an insurrection, in the run-up to 2016 (because no one, including him, expected him to win)? In the run-up, he repeatedly called the election “rigged” and claimed that if he lost it was because it was “rigged” and threatened not to accept the results, unless he won. It seems like everyone’s forgotten that.

  12. This Managers presentation was amazing! She really levelled everyone in that room, her research and steps so clearly and concisely presented. God Bless her for remembering the 44 lost souls who saved the Capitol Sept 11.

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