1. Yea, bcuz when the lifetime appointment was created for the Constitution 1789 people did not live much long past 40 years of age. Now of course people are living well into their 80s and 90s. Thomas Jefferson was a mere 33 yrs old when he penned the Declaration of Indepence. Ben Franklin was the old man in the bunch and died 3 years after signing the Constitution at the age of 84,

  1. SC justices should only serve one 15 year term. At this point it’s going to become a nursing home

    1. I agree, this whole SC justices for life is a bit naaahh for me :/ I’m not American, but it’s interesting to watch all the political situation, ngl 😀 for example, I’m from Lithuania and here SC (or as we call it and translating directly Constitutional Court) justices serve only for 8 or 9 years (I don’t remember exactly, probs 8) and then they are changed into new ones 🤷🏼‍♀️ seems like a good enough time for a one person as a supreme justice of the whole country.

    1. Planet Jigobot TV: I have to wonder if feeblemindedness was rare in the last quarter of 18th century. They did not perhaps anticipate the extent to which many people will, in the future, have bodies that outlive their minds. I believe that judges should NOT be elected and should not have terms. But there has to be a mechanism for removing them when age diminishes their mental capacity. I have no idea what that mechanism might be. It’s also an issue with Senator Feinstein of California, but she has already said she will not run for re-Election. There is some well-known institution that has a mandatory retirement age of something like 75 but I forget what it is at the moment. I think it might be one of the European Monarchies (obviously not the U.K.) or it might be the Vatican’s College Of Cardinals. But then what happens if your mind goes before age 75? Maybe the Constitution should be amended to allow Impeachment for feeble-mindedness. And I mean real feeble-mindnedness, not Ted Cruz saying “Only someone who has lost their mind would favor separation of Church and State”. That’s the problem with a removal for feeble-mindedness – the definition of “feeble-mindedness” will become a political stratagem.

    1. Wouldnt that just open up the drive for the republicans to do it next time they are in power. To the eventual point of having a million justices due to the new party in power stacking it every time they got in?

    2. @Doug Republissians have put more justices on the bench in the last 40 years 3:1 to Democrats. It’s the tradition going back centuries.

    3. Dummies hoping for something that would completely backfire on their party.
      Then when the Republicans did the same thing they would show those leftist tears.

  2. They should kick off kavanauh from the Supreme court he is there because of lies and put a black woman in his place it’s time America

    1. Gorsuch Kavanauhh and Barrett got on by hook and crook. Investigate Kavanaugh and Mrs. Ginny Thomas for paying for the Insurrection.

    2. @Mary Ann M all trump appointees should be nullified bc of how he got into office (Russian interference) and also him obstructing justice and lying to American ppl over 30,000 times. Worst “president” in modern history. Trump makes Nixon look like a Buddhist monk.

  3. There’s 13 Judicial Districts
    Have 13 SC Judges
    Have them elected by bar association members in each district with like a 6 year term

    1. No, you do not want self appointing judges! That leads to them acting like kings, not answerable to the people at all. It will not matter what laws are passed in legislation, they will just undo them all. The people will have no voice at all. That is an horribly bad idea!

    2. @Deborah Freedman ya, I see your point, then maybe have the people elect the SC Judges

    3. @Deborah Freedman True – but Presidential nominations are no better as is because they’re getting their ideas from the Federalist Society (ultra conservative) for example. There has to be a better way to create a non-partisan board for selection

  4. SCOTUS should not be a lifetime job. We don’t need out of date skeletons leading us into the future

    1. Your lack of knowledge regarding the Supreme Court is glaring, they do not lead the country anywhere. They simply rule on the constitutionality of certain issues.

    2. @Brian Jones okay so a constitutional case and their decision on that case can’t lead us anywhere in the future? You took the word “lead” too literal. Their outcomes on cases do lead us. They set the precedent for court cases that come after. Obviously your lack of knowledge and how their decisions effects us isn’t the best 🤦🏽‍♂️🤡

    3. The average life expectancy in 1787 was 36 years old. Brings a whole different perspective to lifetime appointment.

  5. Lifetime appointments were defined in a time when people died young. Our collective interpretation of “Lifetime” needs refinement.

  6. End lifetime appointments.
    Expand the court so that it’s not just two opposing views on the bench.
    Make Congress write actual laws and not force the Court to legistlate.

  7. And the more everyone tries to get the man to retire, if he doesn’t want to, he’ll just dig in for spite. Why are we pushing this??

    1. Because people played nice with RBG and now we’re stuck with a conservative majority on the court for a generation.

  8. There are a lot more attorneys/judges in the pipeline than there were when the country was founded. We don’t need to hang on to a limited number of jurists who have the experience to serve on SCOTUS.

  9. YES, Definitely he NEEDS to be GONE years ago! A lot of Supreme Court Justice to retire!

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