1. It’s a science miracle that Kevin Mccarthy, Lyndsay and most of Republicans can walk without Spine and Balls.
    “Lying Liars Lie ” should be motto for Republican Party.

    1. @JM Since you only know what CNN tells you to know, let me suggest you look up the difference between being energy independent as a country, and being dependent on foreign oil sources. We were independent under Trump, THEN on day1, Biden shut down the XL Pipeline and closed off productive oil lease contracts, and the prices IMMEDIATELY started going up. All the excuses are just excuses, this is all Brandons policies.

  2. They can’t get those texts back, but if it was yours or my texts, they’d be able to find them.

  3. It’s not just negligence. There had to be a directed effort to obscure the data. There is a serious security problem at the Secret Service and the Inspector General. This can’t be allowed to fester.

    1. @B Bodziak something similar happened about a year and half ago where masses of people came forward to complain. Instead of pensions they were worried about an election stolen?

  4. The people who were responsible for the loss of text should not only be fired, but also be put in jail.

    1. @Michael Stead gee Michael you make a lot of assumptions, i never implied that the system was rigged, I never mentioned a department, I was actually pointing out the hypocrisy that when this has happened in the past, with Democrat Politicians, that they didn’t care.
      But dream up whatever you want Buddy ..
      Your whole concept that the DHS was started by Republicans twenty years ago so it must be corrupt, only shows how your partisan beliefs have killed off any common sense in your head.
      Have a great day.

    2. @Unvaccinated Anticommunist several. most were pardoned by trump.
      you can’t be pardoned for a crime that wasn’t committed.

  5. Regarding the texts, if there is no history of this kind of thing happening in the department, that is suspect. If the SS doesn’t take urgent action to provide the committee with, at the very least, sworn testimony regarding the recollections of those involved, that is damning.

  6. My main issue with this administration, when the heads of the departments were in place I’d like to know WHY they didn’t clear out the trash.

  7. It must be a criminal offense if evidence is destroyed. Charge them put the burden of proof on them.

    1. @Pwn3dg4m3r wow that youtube account combined with babbling about hillary in 2022

      you just never had a chance in life

    2. @Rattus Grenadus You are still babbling about Trump in 2022. Trump has been gone for 2 year and look at ya

    3. @Joe Cancer literally didnt mention trump
      once bud

      that…right there…is why you dont have a real job

  8. Sure, let’s replace everyone’s device two weeks before the change of an administration. It’s super important for everyone to have a brand new device just days before many of them are going to be replaced or reassigned. How stupid do they think we are?

  9. He replaced everyone with people loyal to him. its why their are no text. SENDING THEM TO JAIL WILL FIX THIS FOR THE FUTURE!

  10. The Secret Service are tasked with overseeing a lot of the US federal government’s cyber security, yet their competence would put the Keystone Cops to shame.

    1. @Ohio Against The World No, that’s whentne SS refused for security reasons. This is not the case. Keep up!

    2. @Ohio Against The World I can’t understand you. It’s not about dems politics, it’s about your country security, about your security. Grow up.

    3. @Andy D Porter problem is bro that you or should I say we cannot any longer give them the benefit of the doubt. Too much funny business going on + not just with the text messages. Corruption at the highest levels of the Secret Service.

  11. What’s more imsulting: being lied to by the Secret Service or the Secret Service betting on people being dumb enough to believe it.

  12. I was in computer network engineering and security for 35 years (recently retired). Commentators frequently mention the legal requirement for the government to preserve data, but it’s really more fundamental than that. A data backup before a migration is Standard Operating Procedure. We ALWAYS do a backup before a migration. It’s basic. It’s like breathing.

    1. @ProfCheryl My example was talking about the subject at hand. I need you to focus on the subject at hand. Not something that happened over 4 years ago. Gonna need you to FOCUS.

  13. Everybody knows there was no “mistake” about losing the texts. Each individual phone would be done separately by a ‘tech guy’ who knows exactly what he/she is doing. It’s just not likely that EVERY device’s data was lost by accident.

  14. All DOJ has to do is start a grand jury investigation and subpoena everyone involved. They can’t squirm out of a grand jury subpoena.

  15. Level of trust? What trust? I feel exactly the same about trust when it comes to the Supreme Court. They long ago lost any sense of “trust”

  16. I don’t believe at all that they didn’t realize that the messages would be deleted. I work in IT and we do migrations all the time, and data retention is one of the check boxes you address before the migration.

    1. @John Forde you right she didn’t personally do it but she did have people in her pocket do it.

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