New Questions About Russia And Trump As He Faces Trial In The Senate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

New Questions About Russia And Trump As He Faces Trial In The Senate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. The conspiracy and the crimes contained within it have been happening before our eyes for 3 years. When will America stand up against a POTUS who CLEARLY has been bought by Russia, who CLEARLY has surrounded himself with criminals, who CLEARLY accepted foreign interference from Russia, who CLEARLY attempted to bribe Ukraine, an AMERICAN ALLY while it is in the very throes of war with RUSSIA to manufacture dirt on a political opponent, who CLEARLY cannot read, who CLEARLY cannot SPEAK or make any sense, who CLEARLY has complete disdain for facts, sincerity, honesty or the notion of truth itself, who CLEARLY assassinated a foreign general in an allied nation without Congressional approval with NO IMMINENT THREAT present, who can’t even SPELL “imminent”, who clearly is the favorite of the neo-nazis, the fascists, the confederates, the child molesters, the greedy, who CLEARLY has NEVER read the US Constitution, who CLEARLY defrauded his own charities, his own universities and anyone who ever worked for him, who CLEARLY is unable to preserve the dignity of the Office of President? WHEN??

    1. Whats the Russian market look like? What do they trade again? I personally love my products “made in Russia” lol if you believe Russia has deep enough pockets to afford us, you’re bigger idiots than I thought. The Mueller report was in September people, lol Trump is going to cook ya’ll for dinner come debate time, hasn’t been a good 3 years for democrats.

    2. Why do you guys keep listening to the people that have lied to you for years. I absolutely guarantee this is a nothing burger. More fake news. Just like when they said the stock markets will crash, trump removed MLK bust, colluding with Russia, Covington kids, jussie smollett, Comey will testify against trump, and on and on and on. Why do you people keep trusting these people that have lied to you every single day for 3 years +. A new bombshell, that will be nothing just wait and see. You know this network isn’t news right?

  2. the question that we really should be asking our selves why is Russia doing this and what they’re getting out of it

    1. krazzy Madness Russia is trying anything and everything to put the blame for their hacking the 2016 election on anyone else but them!

    2. @Gregg Robinson
      I see it as a regret that every super power whether military or econmic believe they deserve the lion’s share. Earlier it were Britain, France, Spain, Germany. Now it is America, Russia and China. Powerful have always ruled. In the so called current world order mutual cooperation will produce more desirable results than occupation. US policies have not shown its promises. In fact most of the places where US has intervened are almost in ruins. Russia and China are emerging powers. So far their policies have not reflected the intent of occupation. China is claiming its economic share by participating in free trade. America is trying to block China and Russia by sanctions and tarriffs. All of them have to realise that to maximise economic benefits they will have to accommodate each other. Their hostilities to each other will result in so many econmic and ideological blocks to the detriment of so many smaller and developing countries.

  3. How many times i have i told you folks, this Whole thing is about adoption of sickly Russian children. Period, ask Manafort

    1. @George Layton Vodka, the Russian word for medication is Vodka. If it cant be fixed with Vodka it cant be fixed. water freezes there all the time.

  4. If Putin so worry about corruption in our country. Why isn’t he worry about corruption in his country?

    1. Your looking at it the wrong way. Putin’s worried about there not being enough corruption. Russia got at least enough to make him happy.

    2. He doesn’t have time he’s he’s helping his girlfriend donold trumputin piggy to destroy america 😡

  5. Peter Baker: “I want to be careful not going too far.” This where the fight will never be fair. Donald Trump says whatever suits him and doesn’t care about going too far. And he is the one holding the nuclear codes.

    1. @M Murph actually they didn’t lie they reported what was going on. There may or may not have been collusion on Trump’s behalf (we’ll never truly know as Trump is incapable of speaking any truth) but there was definitely interference from Russia on Trump’s campaign. If you want to get into what news outlets lie or try to spin stories most that would to Fox News and OAN. Don’t get me wrong all news outlets throw spin on their reporting but those 2 are just in it to try and justify support for Trump and negate his blatant disrespect and lack of knowledge of the Constitution and laws in general. Trump is nothing but a pathological liar, narcissist, con man, and draft dodging coward. There’s a reason he can’t deliver on his campaign promises too and that’s because he’s utterly incompetent. The Republican party is the biggest threat to our national security, Constitution, and democracy as a whole.

    2. @J Bell Just because Mr Mueller was too honest to do a Perry Mason, and his report is no longer front page news, don’t make the mistake of assuming it’s no longer valid. Around 40% is STILL redacted, and, as Trump said to Sessions: “Oh, my God. This is the end of my presidency. I’m totally f***ed.” Now, why would he react that way? If he was innocent, Trump and Barr would want the WHOLE report out there, wouldn’t they? Considering what’s turned up over the last nine months, aren’t you just a teeny bit curious about that 40%?

    3. Matt O’Byrne Democrats are traitors and should be punished as such. They are sick people who shouldn’t even talk about the constitution after their constant attacks on the first two amendments. They are weeds in this country and should be eradicated

    4. @M Murph I am more convinced than ever that Trump colluded with Russia. There was an interview with George Stephanopolos where Trump said he would listen to what another government had to say if it would help him with the next election. His interference with Ukraine is another sign. Haven’t you known of criminals that got away with crimes?

    5. Lois Vaughn So far Obama has gotten away with weaponizing the FBI and intelligence services to spy on a campaign. You haven’t even thought about being alarmed about that and ignore the obvious evidence. I know, it’s just conspiracy theory but what if Guillani puts together a fake Biden dossier and they use it to spy on Biden? You are easily able to prove the dossier is fake but have already accepted the fact that an oops is perfectly justified

  6. “…Intelligence he’d studied and analyzed…” Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Quit. Just quit. Quit trying to give this cretin any kind of normalcy. He’s King Ubu Roi bellowing from his toilet throne.

    1. The sad part is people keep giving men like them the power. 62.9 million Americans bought the Trump Miracle Tonic and millions still claim it’s curing whatever their issue is. Who’s really honest enough to admit they were conned… or Donned in this case.

    2. @Atlantic revenence Well you’re not total Nazi yet still referring to “them” as people. Fuhrer Trump still has more work to do on you.

    1. @Izzywizzy he never showed his taxes. I doubt he was as rich as he says. He’s broke. Thats 4 bankruptcies maybe more.

    1. @Alex Phillips I know right ,Dems are like 5 year olds and we are witnessing temper tantrums that America has never seen before. It’s actually unbelievable . This has gone on for way too long but thankfully he’s thick skinned and still got a lot accomplished . Trump’s like the parent and the Dems the spoiled 5 year old

    2. @Lynda Klodt na, linda im just realistic. If I were a betting man I would guess you are the one who probably spends most of her time operating in your own delusional version reality.

  7. “It is especially painful when narcissists suffer memory loss because they are losing parts of the person they love most.”
    —David Brooks

  8. President Trrrrr
    ANY politician that provides protection to a CORRUPT president doesn’t deserve the PRIVILEGE of holding office.

  9. Feels their an attack lol Then he shouldn’t be working with them to secure the presidency and then extorting the Ukraine to get them to help him too.

    1. @NinjaRider777R What Mueller had said was…. > “If Trump were innocent, we would have said so” …. > think about the over 150 chats the other countries monitoring Russia found where Trumps crew were all looking for back door & Hillary’s emails….. > don’t be like tRump and lie !

    2. @Anona POP It’s been shown that Seth was mugged walking thru park at night…… > Hannity’s Conspiracy Theory that all it was

    3. In Russia it is very unpopular to bathe and use deodorant every day. That’s why it smells like buttcheese in here.

  10. What I would like to hear from democratic candidates instead of attacking is openly ask Trump who told you what where did you get that information. candidates do not put each other down put the spotlight on Trump

    1. Fred Contreras A source in the WH said that when they asked Trump where he got the information about Ukraine trying to hack us, Trump said that Putin told him!


    1. If you check the countries that have dictators, you’ll find that they are the least free, and their leaders have all the money and control. Communism is as far right as you can get.

    2. Kyser Wrong! Have you looked at communist countries? Who controls, who is wealthy, where is freedom of speech? Would you like to be a North Korean, Chinese, Hungarian, Russian and any member of a country where a democratic vote is impossible? Read Marx and realise that Democratic Socialism is the most common form of government in the western world. Pity you still don’t have it!

    3. @Michele Kett that’s exactly what the Republikkklan white supremacist party is trying to do and actually being successful.

  12. Fabricated info. He murdered that official. He was getting the spot light off Impeachment. Go Nancy Go!!!!

    1. @Lois Vaughn I don’t watch or read any Corporate media, It’s all owned by 6 foreign owned corporations and is nothing but Communist propaganda, SEARCH: CIA Operation Mockingbird ..
      YouTube channels I only read the comments section which means I’m not here for the reporters..

    2. Lois Vaughn Is that what Obama was doing when he executes all those non-partisan Executive Orders at the end of his Presidency? You have a strange understanding of “Consulting”.

    1. Yep. And SHAM-ANDER IN CHIEF IS DOING NOTHING TO PROTECT 🇺🇸 FROM FOREIGN MANIPULATION. Russians are planting information, untrue information to confuse your minds. And you are all just letting them.

  13. If he needs to use this form of destroying his opponents through finding dirt on them says a lot about him not being able to win on his own merits. Why people are ok with this type of politics

    1. Too many Evangelical Christians do not think for themselves and think whatever Franklin Graham or other sons of successful pastors tell them to believe. Some people don’t have time to research and some wouldn’t if they had time. They depend on someone else to tell them what to think.

    1. A2soc Yeah,something’s jamming up the investigation,typical Rethugnican obstruction and don’t forget- we don’t know how much Moscow Mitch is pocketing on The Rusal Aluminum plant deal.

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