New Report Calls On U.S. To Counter China's Infrastructure Expansion | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

New Report Calls On U.S. To Counter China’s Infrastructure Expansion | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Jack Lew, former U.S. Treasury Secretary, joins Andrea Mitchell to talk about the United States' relationship with China. "For 75 years the world knew that United States' leadership was critical in this area and I don't think four years changes that," he said. "There is not going to be the binary world of you work with China or you don't work with China," Lew added, claiming that the U.S. can work with China on issues like climate change while still pushing back on human rights abuses in the country. Aired on 03/24/2021.
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In addition to politics, Mitchell covers foreign policy, intelligence and national security issues, including the diplomacy of Secretary of State John Kerry, for all NBC News and MSNBC properties.

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New Report Calls On U.S. To Counter China's Infrastructure Expansion | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. Speaking of China, are we still paying US farmers $25 billion to not sell their crops to China because of one idiot’s sorry attempt at a trade war?

    1. I thought trade wars were “good” and “easy to win.” Are you saying Trump lied to us?

    2. @The Insane Shecklador I’ll answer your question after he releases his tax returns after that “audit” is done.

    3. @Ro G The IRS is probably waiting for the 15 cases to soon be down to zero and go away like a miracle with the heat in April. After that happens I’m sure they’ll get right back to work on his “audit.”

  2. The US with hundreds of US military bases around the world threatening another country to stop expanding their infrastructure. Who is the real dictator here?

    1. The US wants to block other countries’ infrastructure construction, Wow, does the US want others recede to poverty and backward situation? So why does the US view themselves as a human rights defender?

  3. In Canada, before Trump, my blue berry package use to say product of USA. Now it sais product of Cuba. Trumps actions had consequences.

  4. china infrastructure is 25 years ahead of usa, and china’s not slowing down. so, how could usa catch up?

  5. Well, “the rest of the world” has shown China and other asian countries that we are too dumb to handle a Pandemic.

  6. Comments like this don0’t let any room for doubts. US policy is not about human rights, liberties, or democracy. It’s all about British doing everything to remain the masters of capitalist piracy world ruling at any cost.

  7. NBC investigate why The White House YouTube feed does not keep comments up and changes dislike counts. That would be some story!

  8. USA wipeout the native Americans and colonized their land. Now wants to do the same to Chinese. I hope China fights back.

  9. basically he does not have an answer. …. or solution, basically throw every possible topic in.???!!!. Look how confuse the news anchor was.

  10. Some Americans are complaining their roads not repaired. Old railway. Start at home. Spend less on protecting other countries regimes change needing to install 1000 foreign bases. Use the money to build your own country.

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