1. @1984 THEBEGINING looks like the storm is only coming to all you trumpsters and LowIQanons.🤣🤣🤣

    2. @1984 THEBEGINING according to yr buddy bullshitting tucker, the evidence mysteriously disappeared. Almost like the virus would miraculously disappear if u ignore it and call it a hoax oops 🙄😳

  1. *My favorite real life cartoon as a teen Joe Greensburg aka bevis and Matt Gaitz aka butthead, I am sure Matt & joes girlfriends thought so as well*

    1. @S umm democrats can hold other democrats to account its republicans who can’t and that’s a fact

  2. Well it all adds up now – Marjorie Green Taylor was describing Matt Gaetz all along when she was talking about politicians doing sex/human trafficking.

    1. @julia howard you really are clueless haaaaaaa lmao! I know you didn’t just repeat everything CNN lied to you about did you??? Lmao. Infrastructure bill? You mean the one that only 5% of the money goes to actual infrastructure??? Hahshaaa! You haven’t read what’s in that bill have you? You just repeated what the nightly news told you huh??? Lmfao you liberals are too much. No wonder democrats pass everything they put out there because they know all they gotta do is lie to you and they got you! Literally you guys are a bunch of brainwashed, clone, idiots! Haaaaaa I’m not even going to get into the rest of your comment because it’s just more of the same but if you wanna keep this going and embarrass yourself then be my guest!

    2. @yimmythegreek1 Little Magat, go back to fox news; btw I get my news from Al Jazeera, Stern, Spiegel etc. But you wouldn’t know about those since you are fixated on rightwing news channels like fox and newsmax, lol. Nun kleiner braver Trumpist be a good boy, remember: “Idioten braucht das Land”.

    3. @D RiteMoLawzBks “dur black teens accidentally kill man car jacking him” 🙂 yeah this is the perfect propanganda for you f’n idiots 🙂

    4. @yimmythegreek1 so a GOP House, a GOP Senate, a GOP President with his DOJ, a top Right wing media /Fox… all hell bent on finding anything on the Bidens, Obamas, and Clintons for 4 years, and nothing, nothing.
      The same DOJ, however, did start the investigation on this waste of carbons.
      So if you have any evidence, Fox, OAN, Newsmax, and the Q-blicans would love to look at it.
      This is not the GOP that had actually done good things for this country. These are grifters and date rapers.

  3. This sounds like the sort of case that could only be improved by a jaw dropping intervention from Giuliani. That man could surely work wonders for Gaetz’s defence team!

  4. SO Matt can say he never paid the girls, he paid Greenberg . He never had sex with minors, he told Greenberg to never tell him their age. No one would ever figure out such a brilliant plan!

  5. I’m sure that his “love of my life” fiancée thinks that she is having a nightmare and can’t wake up.

    1. “Who Ya Gonna Believe Me or Your Own Eyes?” -Groucho Marx, and later Dave Chappelle on how to handle being found in bed by your wife while cheating another woman

  6. This “Matt Gaetz wants to date your child” and the Lincoln Project adds already are Gold. Always go for the Jugular

    1. @Dragon Bong They are still hilarious. And when conservatives spend their own money going after Trumpests, I’ll sit back and watch with my popcorn.

    2. @beth ann whatabout whatabout whatabout whatabout what about what about what about whatabout wat wat wat …….

    3. @beth ann What about the robots on Mars? What about Cthulhu rising from his sleep? What about… What about…. Shhh, the adults are talking right now.

  7. It totally makes sense why he was so upset about Dr. Seuss being canceled. It was a cornerstone of date night!

    1. Noooo, she’s gonna be strong and have faith in—ok even I couldn’t say that with a straight face nor finish the sentence lol

  8. im no american but the first time i saw Matt Gaetz’s face on tv, my first thoughts were: Spring break, fort lauderdale, alcohol, jumping from balconies into the pool, drugs………..and this was before i even knew his first and last name or that he came from florida.

    1. He’s like every 80’s teen movie bad guy rolled into one. (With a hint of max headroom/joker)

  9. Ahhhhh, some refreshing news. This doofus is getting what is coming to him and I’m just loving it 😩

  10. Giggity-Gaetz, the new upperlipless nail in the coffin of the (G)OP, and the year has barely started. Enjoy this ride folks!

    1. That lip insult was right amount of humor I needed to change my day from bad to good. 😂😆🤣

  11. This guy is TOAST!! He’s about to go from sending children money on Venmo to needing money on his books. Hope you like ramen and honeybuns, Matt! 🍜

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