New Report Finds Ex-Trump White House Doctor Drank On The Job, Abused Staff | All In | MSNBC 1

New Report Finds Ex-Trump White House Doctor Drank On The Job, Abused Staff | All In | MSNBC


On Wednesday, the Pentagon Inspector General released a scathing report on the conduct of former Trump White House doctor—and current United States representative, Ronny Jackson. Aired on 03/03/2021.
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New Report Finds Ex-Trump White House Doctor Drank On The Job, Abused Staff | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Rich Whiteman was it necessary to add snorts adderol and lies through his teeth to dumb sheep for you?

    1. @Lily Jade he’s retired now so I don’t know what the military would do unless they could affect retirement benefits.
      As a doctor though he’s reminding me of Rand Paul. Ronny doesn’t believe in mask wearing.

  1. And Donny never consumed recreational chemicals
    Ronny Jackson is a disgrace to the medical profession.

  2. And the reason why Trump didn’t read is because he believed the human brain had a finite amount of brain cells, which reading books only depleted.

    1. lololol….healthier genes…and live to be over 200 years old!!! This so-called doc is NUTS!

    1. That’s why they call it “practice”.
      You can practice doing it drunk, you can practice doing it high..

  3. White supremacists always focus on the genes. Whether this Jackson is one or not, he was certainly pandering to one when he said Trump had great genes.

  4. Fox news on Cuomo: “String him up! He’s guilty!!”
    Fox news on Dr Pill Popper: “He said he didn’t do it, so let’s just move on.”

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