New Report Looks At The 2020 Latino Vote | Morning Joe | MSNBC

New Report Looks At The 2020 Latino Vote | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Cubans dont fit in the same category as “latino voters”. Their drastically different history and politics compared to the rest of Latin America means that their political stance is also drastically different than say people in South America or other Central American’s

    1. @Moist PeanutIt isn’t just those from Cuba and Venezuela who fear the left leaning, also those from Nicaragua and Columbia (Farc nearly destroyed them). I’ve also met Chileans, Peruvians, Argentinians and Brazilians who are vehemently anti-socialist. And I know a good number of Mexicans who are extremely conservative, and sort of racist, who really hate the left. You are making the same stupid generalizations being spoken against here.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Peru and Chile also had a history of Marxist and Maoist extremist groups during the 80s. The difference between Peru and Chile with Cuba and Venezuela is that those groups lost while in Cuba and Venezuela they won.

      But we are talking about extremism. Where right extremism can also exist and be just as dangerous as left extremism

    3. @Moist Peanut Your opinion displays a lack of understanding of historical currents. Che Guevara’s biographer Jorge Castenada described Fidel Castro in the early stages as a “bourgeois leftist.” This would be similar to a European center-left social democrat or a Bernie Sanders today. Castenada isn’t exactly a rabid Communist. So what happened?
      What happened is the US after WW2 became a victim of its own greed and is still paying for it. A New Deal was coming to Cuba and the world under Roosevelt whether Batista and the Cuban ruling class wanted it or not. Instead it came later in the form of armed revolution. FDR’s vision was sabotaged after his death. The Cold War was not inevitable.
      US is still paying for its lack of vision after WW2; China as a manufacturing power is doing now around the world exactly what the US should have done beginning in 1947. Unfortunately what China is doing will, for the most part, not improve the standard of living around the world as Roosevelt had intended. Only the US could have done that. Instead the US lost its manufacturing base and became a debtor nation with a immensely bloated defense and intelligence/national security budget.

    4. Every indigenous native group in that gets lumped into Latinos actually has a unique perspective depending on previous residences, and previous groupings forced upon them by not indigenous people.

    1. Biden is a prime example of your basic Dumbocrap.!!! He’s been pocketing tax dollars for 48 years…

    2. Joe isn’t very bright either. He needs to let Mica do the talking, she’s the one with the brains!

    3. @Keith Mc I’m a someone who likes school. I’m trying to ignore these YouTube distractions so I can do my homework. Excuse me.

  2. They need to stop lumping all Latinos together, a Cuban in Miami will not vote the same as a Mexican in Colorado. And young Latinos do not vote the same as their immigrant parents or grandparents.

    1. Yes 100% this. As a South American, I do not identify whatsoever with Miami Cubans politics, history, social issues…etc.

      The only similarity we have is our language, which came from Europe.

    2. Mexicans in Colorado🤨, Texas would have been the best choice for where the most Mexicans live at next to California…

    3. @Captain Sparkle-Fingers why Colorado has 21% Hispanic/Latinos and I’d hazard a guess that’s where the poster is from, which is probably why she said Colorado.

    4. @Captain Sparkle-Fingers my family has several generations living in the US, so yes there are communities of Mexican Americans outside of California and Texas. I can name off several states with thriving Latino communities that the Democrats ignore. Indiana, Colorado, Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas… my family lives in these and other states where the only difference between a conservative Republican and a conservative Latino is that the Latinos can’t stomach the Republicans blatant racism.

  3. I didn’t even have to write my commit, People see what I’m saying themselves. Does that lady still work on the show, who lays beside him at home. She has completely vanished…But, this is what they want, to be silenced…She makes sense when given the chance to speak…She needs her own hour…All by herself.

    1. You do know this is a 8 minute 40 second vid and not the whole of the “Morning Joe” program, right?

  4. Anyone that voted for trump and the GOP do not have their thinking cap on. Florida and Texas are states that democrats do not need to win national elections. GOP cannot win without them.

    1. Dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using Instapwn. Find it on google 😉

    1. I have asked Joe to let Mika speak. Joe maybe related too Trump, thinks he has all the answers.

  5. Cubans and many Latinos had bad experience with “socialism”. Republicans have been very good at highjacking words to turn them into fear mongering. Democrats have done a poor job at communicating

    1. Bad experience with fascism and greedy oil companies.
      Know the difference…Latinos you are not white.

    2. @Serafina Calise
      Most all Latinos I know, do not think of themselves as White.
      Those that consider themselves as Hispanics usually do consider themselves White.

  6. Cubans and Venezuelans vote Republican bc they worry about socialism. The same reason they fleed their countries. I’m Puertorrican and when I lived in NC and FL, I always voted blue. I’m a progressive liberal, sorry not sorry!!😂😂😂

    1. Venezuelan’s who fled are mostly not educated. Mostly poor country people who brought their corrupt ways to America. Cuban exiles. Do I have to describe them. Watch any 90’s movie and you’ll see.

    1. I think an effective operative just assumes voters are dumb. Except here, dems erred when they assumed the opposite.

    2. @Silo I’m sorry anyone stupid enough to fall for the gop specter of socialism is the root cause here. Kind of like Manchin acting like he is doing good taking McConell’s scraps.

  7. The person who was representing the Latinos views on this issue needs to be checked. His habits caracter and voice are contrary to his claim of being brought up Hispanic. I am a non-Hispanic brought up in a Hispanic/Latino/Mexican neighborhood and I have more Hispanic habit and accent than this man.

  8. Hard to even use the word *community* in a sentence these days without someone screeching that you’re a *communist* 🙄

  9. Any minority group who believe that the republican party cares about them deserve to go back to their country according to Trump.

    1. Sooooo true! Rethuglicans don’t care about anybody but themselves! You saw that during the insurrection.

  10. Love that MSNBC leaves public comments on their YouTube videos. They are not afraid of the Truth. Movie reference. A Few Good Men.

  11. Latinos are moving in amongst their neighbors in the deep South, and taking on their attributes. Their Catholicism is going to meld with southern conservatism.

  12. How much intelligence curiosity must some of them lack to just believe conservative marketing propagandas.

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