New Report Says Blood Clots Are Very Rare Side Effect Of AstraZeneca Vaccine | Hallie Jackson 1

New Report Says Blood Clots Are Very Rare Side Effect Of AstraZeneca Vaccine | Hallie Jackson


The European Medicines Agency confirmed in a new report that the AstraZeneca vaccine could cause blood clots with low blood platelets as a very rare side effect. However the EMA also confirmed that the benefits of receiving the vaccine outweigh the risks. Aired on 4/7/2021.
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New Report Says Blood Clots Are Very Rare Side Effect Of AstraZeneca Vaccine | Hallie Jackson


  1. Wisconsin had an election recently for state Dept of education head. Dems won by 66% even with DeVos backing the republican. Could this be foreshadowing results in battle ground states?

    1. To be fair, most Americans don’t know. Ask the average American to point out where, say, Poland or Hungary is on a map, aaaaand good luck with that.

    2. @Ver Coda same with asking a eurotrash where say iowa or Delaware are on our map… we hold the population size of Europe and have states bigger than whole nations… it’s not education based but interest based. If you’re not interested in geographics you’re not going to care what country is what or what state is what…

  2. *NO LONG TERM DATA* … Super-Athlete Marvin Hagler’s death… And now “very rare” blood clots? You can have mine, no thanks!

  3. Had my 1st AstraZeneca jab three weeks ago and absolutely no bad effects. The plus point is that I can now get 5g.

  4. Hey y’all, Time traveller from 2022 over here.
    Just wanna letcha know everyone that got the AZ turned in to a pickel.

  5. Not worried.
    People hear about something rare and are sure it going to happen to them. It’s silly.

    1. Rare is what you tell people to make them feel better. It’s always easier to downplay the severity of the situation

  6. Reporter did not state that Regulators in UK have advised that Johnson and Johnson uses the same type of technology as AstraZeneca, there are some cases of blood clots in context of this vaccine (J&J) and people needed to be aware and report adverse effects after it is given, regulators also need to look closely at reports. No such notices have been given in the US, why?

    1. The whole world is getting it, including people without any life or insurance policies, like Me. You sound like a fool.

  7. AstraZeneca is getting Targeted

    Misinformation Spread to Delay
    it’s Mass Adoption so that their
    Competitors can Enter the Market.

  8. Sinister Plan by Competitors in the
    Pharma Industry. They do the Same
    to Medicines from India that are
    Relatively Cheap.

  9. How would they know really if you think about it. A study is only as good as the people chosen & the quantity in the study. Most people avoid the docter.
    From the beginning of the pandemic I mentioned those thin, silky gloves like I used to wear to church years ago. They can be made in multiple colors.
    With masks, gloves & 6 foot distancing in public places for 4 wks ..along with using hand sanitizer or washing your hands whenever removing them, should be enough if everyone, I mean everyone has the grown ups or smarts to do it.
    By what we are being told, there will be another one & another one and another one & the shots are supposed to take care of this other one and other one. Js

  10. Uh huh, rare but what if it’s YOU or a loved one that gets blood clots because of it? I’ll get vaxxed with another brand, thank you very much.

    1. Perhaps try Pfizer go search on Google and you’ll see how they have a past criminal record you’re welcome

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