New Sanctions Imposed By President Biden Reveal A Direct Link Between 2016 Trump Campaign And Russia 1

New Sanctions Imposed By President Biden Reveal A Direct Link Between 2016 Trump Campaign And Russia


White House reporter for the Associated Press Jonathan Lemire, former FBI special agent Clint Watts, and former top prosecutor in the Mueller investigation Andrew Weissmann discuss how sanctions imposed by the Biden administration on Russia close the loop between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence by way of Russian agent Konstantin Kilimnik. Aired on 04/15/2021.
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New Sanctions Imposed By President Biden Reveal A Direct Link Between 2016 Trump Campaign And Russia


  1. Government for the people versus government to keep the people quiet while we ransack the coffers.

    1. @Mary Halverson BS the country thrived during the Clinton years.. why don’t you stop making stupid excuses?? Couldn’t expect better from the dumpet..

    2. @Mary Halverson hahahaha you make it seem like they were best buds…
      That was Epstein. Not bill..

    3. @carey jernigan You’re right! LOL I wasn’t going to say anything but, then I saw your comment! LOL

    4. @Joseph Dead Biden is governing for the people not foing the Con by Don. Thats what i mean muppet.

    5. @Mvtito Thats right….Trump was a propagandist who plundered and ransacked and enabled his sponsors and overseas oligarch clients to do the same.

  2. If sanction foreign countries leaders, why not sanction domestic leaders who collude foreign countries?

    1. @Ruth Slone You seem to have it twisted. Using your analogy, in this case they arrested the Johns since Trump and his stable were clearly the hookers.

    1. Some may claim otherwise, you know, the ones living under rocks. And their “genius” alpha-mutt.

  3. Did the Trump campaign work closely with Russia during the 2016 election cycle? Yes. That is so obvious, it’s ludicrous.

    There is no other reason for Manafort (a Trump campaign operative) to give poll data to Kilimnick (a Russian operative). No other reason at all.

    1. But the data is going the WRONG way! Is President Trump president Putin now? The two men are distinctly separate individuals!

  4. So, someone put Trump in jail for collusion. It’s not Putin, it’s our constipated system not doing it’s job.

    1. @Blind Bat Wrong as a blind bat — that was the illegitimate Trump troll AG conclusion. Read the report, there was more than collusion.

    2. Collusion isn’t a crime. Conspiring against the United States is. Trump should have been removed from office and convicted of that long ago.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera You accept oligarchy as normal? It is not native and against traditional Democratic and Republican values. As a country, we created ourselves specifically as a reaction against European oligarchy. That group has regained a foothold here since the Reagan administration. The Republicans have 100% embraced the oligarchy, or robber barron economy that was outlawed after the Great Depression, and then allowed by Regan and subsequent Republican administrations. As long as stupid people ACCEPT it as you seem to, then we’re in trouble.

  5. So does anyone else wonder why DJT isn’t charged with treason & inciting an insurrection, Why hasn’t he been arrested and put in jail awaiting trial and sentencing?

    1. He was charged twice by the House Of Representatives for his crimes, brought to trial twice in the US Senate & twice escaped justice because of THE REPTILIAN-QUISLING PARTY.

      He can still be charged, tried & convicted for January 6, 2021 & a lot of other crimes that he committed, tax evasion being just one of them—-we are waiting New York State!!

    2. The wise path to take is to keep leaking out tidbits of revelations that were suppressed and kept from the Mueller Report. That way you can keep discrediting the GOP and Trump for the role in colluding with Russia and making their Russian Troll Farm a model for the Saudi Troll Farm that kicked into gear after Trump visited the Saudi King and sucked his, well, I digress, but the point is clear. The best path is to keep putting out new evidence in bits, then right before the next tight election, they can subpoena Mueller to ask him what his opinion would have been if he had the newly revealed bits of evidence when he publicly announced the GOP line that he did not have enough evidence to charge Trump. If that is not enough to sway the GOP sheep in the polls, then they can subpoena Trump and start piling up the perjury offences one question at a time; because, lets face it, he’s going to lie unless he pulls another Reagan, “I have no recollection,” act.

  6. Release the unredacted Mueller Report now and then have Trump sit in front of a Senate or Congress hearing while under oath.

    1. @sabresierra do yourself a favor then and forget him . Move on with your life.
      The MSM keeps him going almost much now as when he was in office . Most of their ratings have gone down without him.

    2. @carey jernigan Matt is a subject IN a investigation. Not THE subject of an investigation. There is no such thing as guilt by association. Can we maybe wait until he has actually been charged with a crime ?

    3. @sabresierra LOL show me a politician who doesn’t . Joe seems to be off to a a good start . Fact checkers are eating him alive too. He has changed his opinions back and forth so many times .
      I sure can’t keep up with it. Heck he can’t even remember lots of things .

    1. @Kyle Stevens
      Can YOU explain why the Trump campaign was giving internal campaign data to Russinas?

    2. @Jock Young Can you explain where the proof is? If he was guilty he would be in jail right? Right?

    3. @HappyButtersBlast You know what else is hillarious? They canceled his twitter account but no matter what he says or does the MSM is broadcasting it to the nation. HAaaaaaaa Haaaaaa

    4. Their many meetings and phone calls, including ones DJT made to Putin with his private cell phone!

  7. If you still think Russian interference was a “hoax”, you just might have a rebar sticking out of your skull

    1. @Mvtito RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      A 72 year old white male conservative American Vietnam Veteran, I cannot say what really think of THE LORD GOD DER FUHRER & THE REPTILIAN-QUISLING PARTY members of Congress, because I would be again removed from YouTube.

    2. @Eric Klaus Collusion isn’t a crime. Nobody was ever investigated for collusion. The investigation was first an investigation into Russian interference and any connection to the Trump campaign, which was proven. Trump also proved that he was adhering to Putin, offering him aid and comfort by taking his side against the United States. Trump betrayed the country.

      Steele’s collection of raw field reports proved to be remarkably accurate. The investigation was started by Republicans and dropped by the Democrats before it was finished. A Republican turned it over the the FBI.

      The investigation confiscated more dollars in assets than they paid. Taxpayers actually made money on the investigation.

      Trump admitted conspiring with the Russians and there were over 100 indictments.

    3. @Eric Klaus they were allegations, but they had nothing to do with Russia. And the media stayed away from it because they were unverified claims because they aren’t scum and “fake news.”

  8. Back in the days if you collaborate with the Russian government, you were a spy, and would be judged by espionage in the least

    1. @I Voted – I would say it is about equal to the German-American Bund in the 1930’s—–TRAITORS!

    2. @Debbie Lawson That name, Debbie, is a real odd name for a comrade from the Russian troll farm, don’t you think?

  9. If all the evidence ever needed to put Trump in the picture as an asset for Putin, and as part of a plea deal for a lighter sentence, Trump was required to go on national TV and tell all Americans that he had been acting in the best interest of Putin due to personal financial pressure put on him, Trump supporters would only cry “Does that mean he won’t run in 2024?”

    1. @David Andresen I know. What do all those trump supporters say about that? What is their defense? They say nothing directly about that because they have no defense. They make me sick.

  10. Just follow the Russian money that landed in Trump businesses over the years to figure out why Trump was so beholden to Putin.

  11. Remember when the reporters asked Putin if he wanted Trump to win? That is he used his agents to help Trump? And Putin replied “yes, yes” The GOP = Guilty of Participation with collusion.

  12. And all of this makes trumps statements in Helsinki Treason. I want that traitor to stand trial for that treason.

    1. by law there has to be a declaration of war… even though they are considered enemies.. treason is only when you give aid or comfort to enemies in times of war. but if it is concluded ever that those past events put us at war with Russia, it will mean yes, they can be convicted for treason.

    2. @HappyButtersBlast negative. Not when an enemy country is conducting, what they call, information warfare against us.

    3. @HappyButtersBlast go look up the legal definition of treason. Nowhere in it does it require a formal declaration of war. By trump siding with putin, who had ordered the information warfare against us, he provided aid and comfort to that enemy.

      If it can’t stand, then let the sure court rule on it, but charge him so all of it ces to light.

    4. @William Crowley all sorts of lawyers have weighed in on it over the past year… leagle eagle and former DOJ etc… while it doesnt say that.. the legal interpretation of what it does say is that enemies by law are war enemies and there needs to be a war

    5. @HappyButtersBlast and have any of them specifically addressed that Russia was conducting information warfare against us? If your enemy thinks they are conducting warfare against you, you are at war, if the corrupt politicians make it formal or not is irrelevant.

  13. Biden was VP when Trump was getting help from Russia to get into power. We watched Mitch McConnell refuse to make a bipartisan stand with President Obama to call out what Russia was doing to help Trump. I have a feeling they’ve all been waiting for the day it all officially comes out.

    1. Moscow Mitch with big frown: T***p is responsible for the January 6th attack on the Capital.

      Also Moscow Mitch with big smile: If T***p were to win in 2024, I will be happy to work with him.

    2. @Js Travelers Where I come from, North Dakota, they/we USED to have a saying, “He is so crooked that when he dies they will have to screw him into the ground.”

  14. No surprise, half the country already knew this. What *IS* surprising is the other half _still_ couldn’t care less…

    1. @Shannon Hale So where was that Russian Propaganda in 2020?? If you are SO SURE about it.. can you provide me about 1 proven russian source??
      If i left the democratic party in 2016 was bc of BIDEN AND OBAMA.. it’s so funny to see you guys with your butt hurt bc Trump won in 2016.. LOL DEAL WITH IT..
      if you are not capable to prove me how Russians interfered in the 2020 election you should better SHUT it.

    2. @Zebra Zagadore I actually am. I mean for the 10th time. .NOBODY has been able to tell me how is this relevant?

    3. @Roy Brown for what? lol you should take those and maybe you’ll stop believing this Russian BS.
      Tell me where did you see Russian propaganda in 2020 or 2016 and i’ll shut it.

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