New State Voting Restrictions Are 'Reminiscent Of Jim Crow Era Tactics' | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

New State Voting Restrictions Are ‘Reminiscent Of Jim Crow Era Tactics’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


Nse Ufot, the CEO of the New Georgia Project, tells Geoff Bennett the voting restrictions signed into law by Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) represent a "violent attack" on grassroots organizations working for voting access. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Greg Bluestein breaks down the politics of the move. Aired on 03/26/2021.
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New State Voting Restrictions Are 'Reminiscent Of Jim Crow Era Tactics' | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. A reminder for these who said “ My vote doesn’t matter “ Then why they trying so hard to take it away ?

    1. As a result of many battles, laws and amendments, modern day voting is a much simpler matter. To vote in a presidential election today, you must be 18 years old and a United States citizen. Each state has its own requirements.

      Article I, Section 4 of the Constitution provides that “Congress may at any time by law make or alter such regulations” governing elections. Under that provision of Article I, a number of unfair voting practices have been removed, although many Americans remain vigilant about equitable access to the ballot.
      [cut and paste for accuracy]

    2. @Brian Holmes yt keeps deleting articles from around the country and the government website. They want you not to see the truth.

    3. This is as much a psychological operation as making it hard to vote. It is meant to discourage people from thinking their vote counts and is worth suffering for. Same old white oligarchical colonial oppression.

    4. @CasinoVa Beach they,…more available information than any time in human history and it’s a conspiracy that you aren’t served your daily dose on demand.
      If you can’t share a link use your own words.

  2. Tightening voting rules? The only thing that the GOP is tightening is the noose they’ve placed around your necks Georgia.

    1. @Google User No… What you support is a lie that was fabricated by Donald Trump and his administration… and that’s ALL you’re really supporting, isn’t it? When you say “we support” you’re referring to people like yourself who, like Trump and his administration, were unable to accept the reality that there was absolutely NO VOTER FRAUD found in last election process. Votes were counted (several times) and validated based on the voters ID. Unlike Republicans… The Democrats didn’t need to cheat to win the last election! We didn’t even need Putins help to win! But, now that the GOP has put together these “voting restrictions” they’ll have a MUCH better chance to cheat and manipulate our democracy in the near future. Congratulations for selling your people out to a bunch of night crawlers. Enjoy the noose…

  3. This shows Republican priorities: Food and water at the voting lines are criminal contraband, but AR-15s are essential human needs.

    1. YOU CANT GIVE OUT FOOD. IN MEXICO THIS WAS ONE TACTIC USED TO BUY VOTES. It’s funny how all democrats opinions magically match whatever their party and media tells them but they aren’t brainwashed.

    2. @Insignificant360 you don’t find it weird that your beliefs always match your political parties and you always get upset by what the TV tells you to get upset. Or you can’t even acknowledge a reason why a person might not agree with you.

      This is exactly what brainwashing does. Attacking your political group or ideas is the same as attacking you.

    3. @Alejandro Martin “You’re brainwashed,” says the one who finds nothing wrong with arresting people for handing out food and drink to long voter lines on hot days.

  4. This isn’t just a revival of Jim Crow, this is tyranny of the minority. Stand up everyone or we’ll all lose.

  5. republican logic:
    Make it hard to vote, but make it as easy as possible to get your hands on the mass murderer’s weapon of choice.

  6. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven

    Like so more people can see this.

  7. How come so many racists can get elected in America? Because there are many racists voting for them

    1. @Gerald Clough Cutting voting hours, outlawing giving someone food in a 10 hour voting line, removing all drop boxes….
      These actions will do NOTHING to curb voting fraud that doesn’t even exist!!

      Not nonsense, that’s FASCISM, you idi*t!

  8. Obviously they see giving food and water to voters is the same as giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

  9. If you want to vote get your ID out just like when you go to home depot to return an item! Every state should pass these laws …dont come to Florida to mess with us!

  10. Everyone is focused on the minor issues of not giving water to those waiting in line, however it’s more alarming that this bill allow the Republicans to NOT certify the votes if they don’t like the outcome. This means they can overturn our elections. The Constitution Amendment 14 Section 2 penalizes states that infringe on voters rights and needs to be enforced to protect us from the Republicans attack on our voters rights

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