New Texas Abortion, Voting Rights Laws Have Something In Common 1

New Texas Abortion, Voting Rights Laws Have Something In Common

The new restrictive voting and abortion laws in Texas share a common element, and his name is Bryan Hughes. The Texas state senator was the principal author behind both laws. MSNBC's Alicia Menendez talks with three experts in Texas politics about who he is and how Democrats can fight back against the awful new legislation he helped create. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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New Texas Abortion, Voting Rights Laws Have Something In Common


  1. What is “lived experience” and why do certain people suddenly use that phrase so much? Isn’t the word “experience” good enough?

    1. @Yrret Eugarps That’s interesting. Where were you raised and what years?

      Let’s be clear about the rioting. Rioting can be the result of civil unrest but also a tool of the ignorance of that community. Still, more of a reason to get involved and go down there and educate or care about your own community.

      I see nothing wrong in sharing your lived experience. In church we call it “Testifying”. It’s to help others such as yourself to take ONLY the positive and be the inspiration to someone else from who you have got your inspiration from.

    2. @Weirdo Yes I 100% agree with you, we should compare all aspects of data.
      But the problem I think we are at is that people, more notably scholars, like to coin terms like “lived experience” to scew the meaning in way they can refute any agruement against them simply by saying , thats your lived experience and this is mine therefore you can’t have a say on the matter.
      You see how the game is played now.
      It’s more important than ever to preserve the meanings of words and to not let people bloat them so much that any word can mean anything therefore no agruements or debates can be made against any topic.

    3. @Weirdo tf we got you tube customer services here or you assuming that you can help? Ie mansplanning what chu got going on?

    4. @Weirdo I still say, it is proper English and fully descriptive to write “I see nothing wrong in sharing your experience. In church we call it ‘Testifying'”.

      The redundant word is lived. In this case, and the subject of this thread, has to do with that word. I find it tedious to read embellishments by uneducated people to try to make more out of what they try to express. If you didn’t live it, it wouldn’t be experience, therefore, it is just your experience. Putting extra words in bloats the sentence and makes it actually mean less. You do not need the word lived and it serves no useful purpose in the sentence.

    1. Everybody who drafts a law with ill-intent is smart enough to avoid stating their purpose outright. That is why the statute is constructed with targeted initiatives that have a differential impact on some groups but not others.

    2. @Jow Bloe I answered your original question, now you want to ask another question?Is it because you didn’t like my first answer?

    1. @Richard Hunt anything better than loving child rappers and traffickers, how many pictures of Democratic leaders with Epstein!?!?!How many liberal celebrities charged in molestation!!!! Think your a perverted schmuck!!!

    2. @Susan WokeJetSki I thought FOSSIL REAGAN killed Communism !!
      At least that’s what you wanted the History books to say .
      So which is it ? Did you lie about killing communism back in the day or that that you’re trying to defeat communism now ?

    3. @Victoria Mickley don’t know what planet you live on but segergation ended in the 60’s if there still segergation in you area it by choice.

    4. @Richard Hunt  That’s what “I” wanted books to say, and somehow “I” lied about killing communism? Making up a reality only pushes you further into the ether. You anger-tards are a riot I am straight up pointing and laughing at your broken state of mind.

    5. @Richard Hunt
      To clarify your argument:
      You call for the lynching of 1/6 tresspassers…..
      but you excuse
      amy schumer-alyssa milano & the climate extremists for trespassing on the Capitol?
      Ronald Reagan ended the cold war derp? Try looking up the meaning & yes democrats are fascist & ushering in authoritarian rule & economic tyranny.

  2. A fundamental principle of credibility is not overusing the same argument. Instead of constantly crying “racism” and “sexism”, speak to the argument your opponents are making. What are the reasons Texans say they have for supporting these laws? What are the reasons Texas lawmakers say they have for passing them? Can you dispute that logic, or do you have to constantly rely on the taboo of using the R and S words? If nothing else, it’s just getting old.

    1. They aren’t using argument and credibility to appeal to reason. They are using narrative and repetition to appeal to ego.

    1. What is “common sense” about a focused attack on voting on a Sunday afternoon, when many Black people are off work and can vote. Oh, yes…”racism.” Yes, I guess that’s common sense.

    2. @Joel Lessing because only black people have Sunday off right? Excellent job showing how it’s a blatant racist policy.
      That’s complete sarcasm btw. You’re the actual racist.

    1. @A Place For My Stuff Why do people need to take in children just because unmarried women won’t stop getting pregnant? It’d be nice if you could hold them accountable and stop acting like it’s everyone else’s responsibility.

    1. So, Austin, tell us about *your* uterus and it’s issues. Oh! Don’t *have* a uterus? Well, then, be quiet, why dontcha?

  3. These people are so full of it.
    Dennis Prager was 100% accurate when he said he and any true conservative would support a homosexual, female, person of color as long as they held conservative morals and values (I’m paraphrasing here). We don’t care about gender, race or sexual orientation unlike the other side who ONLY “cares” about these things (yet never helps them in the end) and nothing else.

    1. thats how badly the republican party has treated you all. you voted for a leader with absolutely no moral values but what is trending on twitter, and what happened? Did you get the wall he promised a THOUSAND TIMES??

    2. @SpankySpork What would ol’ psycobleach [SIC], have to virtue signal about in that case? A politically partisan mind is unable to see that which is reasonable.

    3. @David Analyst U forget Trump was Democrat until Obama’s terms and switched because of their policies!!!So if morally corrupt we know where it came from!!!!

    4. @Honesty hurts

      Trump was a Republican until the 1990s when the Clinton economy made him a billionaire. Trump and the Clintons were at one time acquaintances. It was a political satire roast by Obama that angered Trump and made him want to oust Obama. Trump did it out of spite. He ruined America just to hurt Obama and now he’s to prideful to turn back.

    1. “I have this strange notion, we are a democracy … if you can’t get the votes … you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.” -Joe Biden (most executive orders written by any President in American history)

    2. Go USA — Trump signed 220 executive orders during his four (4) years in office. Obama signed 268 executive orders during his eight (8) years in office.

    3. @G.W. Rick Yea, but nobody ever said that the number of executive orders was proportional to tyranny, until Joke Biden came out and said it, then immediately began writting executive orders like they were letters to Santa Claus. You used executive orders when the legislation was moving too slow– the entire reason Executive Orders exist in the first place. Joke Biden and his surface-level understanding of the legal system came out and said it was tyrannical. Too bad he immediately went back on his word on his first week in office by immediately signing several executive orders. Woops.

    4. @Based Imperialism
      You’re making up those numbers, dude . . .!
      Biden has signed fifty five (55) executive orders, so far, while Trump signed two hundred twenty (220) executive orders during his four years in office.

  4. YouTube needs a real unbiased news channel. It gets old having to watch both extreme left and extreme right channels just to get half of the truth (at best) about any major topic. I miss the old days when there were actually journalists covering current events, not these entertainers giving scripted comments.

    1. There isn’t a single extreme left news channel, not even close to being extreme left. Look at some other countries political battles and you’ll see it’s over HOW TO PAY for healthcare for all, not whether we should have it at all. For example, Bernie sanders would be close to the center in most other countries, but in the USA he’s the leftest dem we have.

    2. we all know now day any news outlet caters to ratings as some ppl need sugar coated news or there butts get hurt. and some need the drama hyper. i see more journalisum in high school papers these days.

    3. @Joel Lessing I disagree. CNN, msnbc are owned by Democrats. They berate Republicans constantly. Fox berates Democrats. While bits are true but not as a whole on both sides

    4. @Joel Lessing – Who spent 4 years repeating the Russia hoax? The liars at NPR, PBS, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, AP, WAPO, BBC, NY Times

  5. Everyone should have picture ID to vote and the heartbeat law fabulous saving babies is a super good thing wish California had those laws

  6. Funny how mad women get when they lose the right to murder their own baby. Texas, trying to make lazy women more responsible.

  7. Humanity: everything we sow we will reap life and death. When we follow God’s law we are blessed. When we live in the flesh curse it comes back around. Life is precious. Live wisely in every choice

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