1. I think he wrote at least some of it. Parts of it read like classic Trump 2AM tweets, but there are parts that are suspiciously articulate as well.

    2. I’d like to know who _is_ coauthoring. Who is _still_ coconspiring with this criminal? And why? Do they think he will ever hold office again? Or is it just about a pay check?

  1. He doesn’t believe he won…and he’s never completed his own essays. Find out who wrote his college essays, lol…

  2. I bet Stephen Miller wrote that. He was trump’s primary writer while he was president. trump can’t even make it through a tweet without getting distracted.

    1. Lol so many trolls making similar comments. You’re all assuming people are stupid, where they don’t know that every politician has speech writers.

      Or did you actually think stammering Joe wrote his incoherent thoughts himself on the teleprompter?

  3. By saying Rudi was drunk he’ll now come out, deny the claim and say he was sober killing any chance of a defense of his or TFG.

    1. He’s holding everything back behind his smile. He has Donl where he wants him for the time being. Next stop, the Big House. Bye bye Donl, who?

  4. Trump can whine all he wants. If he is innocent of all his wrongdoings then just testify yourself in front of the committee.

  5. I forget the reporters name but her trying desperately not to laugh and hide her smile when Rep. Raskin said he can’t tell the difference between a drunk Guiliani or a sober Guiliani is gold

  6. So he doesn’t like that there isn’t enough accountability in the sworn testimony of witnesses. A point he makes in a completely unaccountable open letter full of assertions without evidence. Come on down and swear in, buddy. I’m sure you won’t perjure yourself a dozen times in the first 2 minutes.

  7. He’s still competitive politically. If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know and can’t even imagine how low American standards of leadership are.

    1. It says, “All politicians are so weak, stupid, and corrupt that they can’t fight off an orange TV star.”

    2. Because any person with sense and Kafka-esk sensibilities can see it’s SIMPLY a Soviet style Show Trial aimed at nullifying Trump.

  8. Under oath is the gold standard. Bringing up some propaganda he cooked up only distracts from the moment.

  9. When your whole grift is being exposed and all your crimes are being brought to light you have the right to remain silent. Fortunately, Trump lacks the capacity to do so.

    1. “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

  10. Look it on social media. He was drunk when he was leaving he said “just say you won.” Go back to election night for the video it’s around that time.

  11. Yeah, when Republicans talk about Pennsylvania’s change in election law prior to 2020 being unconstitutional, remind them it went to court and they lost.

    1. @bill shiff your in a war of whos right who’s wrong. Instead, be real and do what you think everyone else should be doing instead of telling what to do. Do anything, commit a crime, march, drop out of the norm, do something , anything . Actions are powerful words are cheap

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