New U.S. Covid-19 Cases At Lowest Levels Since June | MSNBC 1

New U.S. Covid-19 Cases At Lowest Levels Since June | MSNBC


Covid cases in the U.S. have dropped to their lowest level since June as the nation prepares for Memorial Day weekend, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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New U.S. Covid-19 Cases At Lowest Levels Since June | MSNBC


  1. For the time being. That doesn’t mean the COVID cases won’t creep up again in the future (even with vaccines).

    1. @Armandhammer You “heard”. Well, I’m convinced with your concrete evidence.

      To be fair, I heard that there was no approved plan under Trump and they had to bring it to Biden to get it approved.

      Biden listens to his advisors. Trump didn’t.

      Trump though being a semi literate anti-intellectual was enough and he could intuition his way through any crisis that he didn’t understand. He doesn’t need facts, because he doesn’t understand them, so he guessed.

      He guessed wrong and the Republicans have made it their mission to pretend he didn’t.

    2. @Armandhammer nope. If you saying “I heard” is good enough for you, it is good enough for me.

    3. @IHC Terra I watched the man say what the distribution plan was you dolt. You’re information is hearsay.

    1. Biden doesn’t have anything to do with this it’s just people are getting the vaccine stop spreading mis information

    2. Thank you, President Biden for not sabotaging the crisis response, not shifting blames to states and foreign countries, not slandering scientists, doctors and nurses, not firing the director of vaccine development, not discouraging people from wearing masks, not discouraging people from social distancing or following the CDC’s health measures, not disparaging the press for reporting facts, not holding super spreader events during the pandemic, not giving absurd health advice, not talking about the Dow Jones Index all the time, not slandering people of colors, not cutting ties with our allies, not forcibly clearing peaceful protestors to make way for a photo op in front of a closed church, … Thank you, President Biden for being the president of all Americans.

  2. It started turning around just after Jan 20st. The former guy wasn’t smart enough to know lower numbers were better. Competence trumps BS.

    1. Right. It wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with the CDC coming out that day and saying “our tests have been producing false positive for almost a year” would it? They had to come out and say that literally on Jan 20th and it was hundreds of thousands of tests. So, they are finally reporting the truth to us all. People should be mad that they were lied to for so long, but they will be fine with it for whatever reason.

    2. ​@Carrie GibbsYou’re right it wouldn’t have anything to do with that delusion. No such statement was ever made by the CDC (I noticed you didn’t provide a link to the CDC web site to confirm that statement). But lets indulge that delusion, you say the false positives account for 100K’s cases but that’s out of 30M+ confirmed cases. Even a moron like you must must know 100K’s far is less than 30M. Even if you exclude 100K’s from the data from before Jan 20th, the curve would still looks the same. The reason the cases are dropping is that Biden competently and efficiently vaccinated an ever increasing number of people. That’s unlike Don the Con, who secretly got vaccinated and his “I wanted to always play it down” incompetence.

      Donnie’s tinfoil hat cult never fail to amuse.

    1. Yeah less people are catching it , and getting sick…..but bozos gonna believe what they want.

    2. So how do you explain that the number of hospitalizations is dropping concurrently? How do you explain that less than 400 people total have died from covid after being fully vaccinated in the states? Saying “ThE dAtA iS rIGgEd” is not a valid answer…

      You people are so good at moving the goal posts to fit your narrative. It would be impressive if it weren’t so stupid.

    3. @foo bar Not saying its rigged, I’m stating one of the reasons the cases are down is because they changed the test to 28 thresholds 2 weeks ago. It’s not solely the vaccine.

    4. @foo bar The PCR amplification was way too high to begin with. A court in Portugal for example, ruled that any test over 25 was not valid. The US had the test previously as high as 40, which resulted in a grossly overstated case count.

    5. @foo bar If you bothered to listen to Dr. David Katz (who is as liberal as it gets, but he honors science above all else), hospitals in winter time ALWAYS get crushed. You need 3 more cases from COVID to make it look like a disaster, when it is not.

      Context is important. Real scientists understand that.

  3. They show a map with colors for how many total cases each state had. Of course the states with the most population are going to have the biggest case count. They should consider population and show cases per 100K population.

  4. 15 days to slow the spread, lab rats.
    Now line up for your boosters.
    You don’t want the floor of the Skinner box to shock you, do you?

  5. They lowered the PCR cycles from 40 to 28 on vaccinated people to manipulate the case numbers once again.

  6. Why are they showing a old mad… they could atleast show a more up to date map

  7. News agencies: The virus that has been raging for more than a year and killed millions worldwide may finally be stopped in USA.
    FOX viewers: What virus?

  8. All my neighbors and I would like a free T Shirt of I SURVIVED THE PANDEMIC OF 2020, say on Independence Day celebration by county. Thanks

  9. remember when
    what$i$face-the-twice-impeached said
    “…it’ll just disappear by April, when the weather gets warmer….”
    if only we had known then that he meant the *next* April, well,
    that would have made it all better wouldn’t it….

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