New Urgency ‘To Move As Quickly As Possible’ In Afghanistan Evacuation 1

New Urgency ‘To Move As Quickly As Possible’ In Afghanistan Evacuation

Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire, former Defense Department official Evelyn Farkas, and NPR national security reporter Greg Myre discuss U.S. officials warning of continued danger in Kabul as evacuations continue.

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    1. Talibiden is a cowardly Liberal Democrat. Nothing will happen. How do you Democrats sleep at night knowing you have the blood of those Marines on your hands?

    2. @David Eby I guess the same way you sleep knowing Putin’s Puppet killed over 500,000 Americans with his lack of handling the COVID crisis at home. Or the way he stranded the Kurds, our allies. Or maybe the way he tried to destroy NATO. Or do you have amnesia? We can go all day. Bring it, Russian Bot.

    3. @David Eby
      I don’t just blame Democrats… Or Republicans… I blame a philosophy that shouldn’t exist… Because… all is not one…

  1. “We do not have permanent friends or permanent enemies, only permanent interests.” – Henry Kissinger

    1. President F**k up has no clue what he’s doing & Kamala is horrified she’s going to be forced to replace him ..

    1. Must be part of the democrat Party. Willing to abandon Americans to the enemy as long as it increases your power.

    2. Sure, and what about the innocent American citizens trapped there? That your senile clown of a president just gave a death sentence.

  2. Pick people up leave weapons for people to fight their way home should keep the taliban from targeting the airport
    And let them have a say about how they want their country to be

  3. The Tailban said their not at war with any country in the world Their a new government who remove foreign soldiers from their land they won their freedom. We should always support freedom of the people and the government they want but the problem is that not all want to be control by rules that gives them less freedom and rights than they had before. It going to be challenging for them to find peace and happiness I hope for the best for the afghanistan people and its seems like they want to help the future of life may it all way be their.

    1. Nope. Not until we somehow get rid of the two party system. I hate the left, but the right has to go as well. The system is outdated and is just not working. We need something new, something that really unites our people.

  4. All these people come on TV and do lots of guessing. They know nothing about what’s happening behind the scenes or on the ground in Afghanistan!

  5. 2:30 “The Taliban regrets releasing prisoners…because many were ISIS fighters.” WTF did they think would happen when they released their enemy from prison? Did they think that they would shake hands, hug it out and say no hard feelings?

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