New video of Ethiopia massacre shows soldiers documenting executions 1

New video of Ethiopia massacre shows soldiers documenting executions


A CNN investigation in April 2021, in collaboration with Amnesty International, exposed the horror of a massacre perpetrated by Ethiopian soldiers in Mahibere Dego in the mountains of Ethiopia's Tigray region, where government troops are battling regional forces. CNN has obtained and verified new images, confirming not only the identity of the victims but also the army unit of the perpetrators. CNN's Nima Elbagir reports.

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  1. I sponsored my Ethiopian friend to Switzerland. He graduated at Univeristy of Bern in 2012. Such a great addition to our medical team. These are one of the best doctors out there. I am glad my friend Thomas continued the field that he loves. Thank you my friend for your dedication, effort and love for the sick at our Universitätsspital Zürich.

    1. @PointThings L1FG dude Switzerland and New Zealand have the best healthcare in the world, what are you on?

    1. Google “democide” and why 2A is in The Bill of Rights to the USA Constitution!

      The 2nd Amendment in The Bill of Rights to our US Constitution, GUARANTEES every US Citizen has a RIGHT TO KEEP (have) AND BEAR (carry) ARMS. Other wording in 2A “Militia” any able bodied male, service in a Militia is NOT a requirement, it is an Individual right (not collective), “Regulated” means equipped, in proper working order NOT gov rules “Shall not be infringed” means what it says. 14th Amendment guarantees equality!

      See DC v Heller, McDonald v Chicago

      Politicians are sworn to uphold our Constitution, and ANY that talk “gun control” are not to be trusted!

      Crime in all forms is a thug problem not a gun, knife etc problem.

      While the USA is number 1 in the world for firearms owned by citizens, the USA per capita, I repeat per capita ie; per 100,000 is number 20 in the world for firearms deaths.

      Further if you carve out “strong gun control” CA, NY, NJ, Chicago etc where criminals shoot people daily, the USA would have firearms deaths on par with any advanced European nation.

    2. Who produces and sells the weapons, and who then scrambles where they should not be and dismantle states in the name of securing peace. Vietnan, korea, iraq, afghanistan.

    3. An atrocity committed under a watch or a chain command of a Nobel Peace Prize recipient… or who chose to turn a blind eye. Making that prize look like a trash just like Aung San Suu Kyi did….

    4. Orchestrated come on lets be fair the west have a way of manipulating facts and events for political reasons , foreign policy, protect their interest..etc every reporting should be taken with pinch of salt..dont be naive or gullible…

  2. I thought Tigray were the ones who started the conflict. I’m confused.

    1. ​@Christian M why did you say that there is more enich groups uprising in all African country’s right now even the aroma just to name one

    2. @belaya belay Nope, TPLF forces started the war when they killed thousands of the Northern Ethiopian Military Command in ONE NIGHT – never before heard or seen in the history of the world, a portion of a country’s military group killing members of its OWN military mates after differentiating them by ethnicity. In one night they killed so many. Then they killed hundreds of innocent citizens in Mai Kadra. So although Abiy is no angel himself, TPLF started the war.

    3. @DoctorChained Freedom? Freedom to loot and terrorize true Ethiopians? Gtfoh with ur bs lies and delusions! Tell that to all the family I have lost at the hand of u juntas and their supporters. All the family imprisoned for absolutely nothing! Don’t even get me started on their constant theft of our properties and land. Keep telling ur stories to CNN. They will gladly listen and report ur propaganda for u🤦🏾‍♀️ Cuz ain’t nobody else falling for ur bs 💚💛❤️💪🏾

  3. How CNN is engaged in a disinformation campaign against Ethiopia is very astounding. CNN Journalists with local connections and funded projects pushing disinformation campaign again and again. Why not cover the massacre at Mycadra and other parts of Ethiopia? doctored evidences and stitched clips from old brutal actions of TPLF itself now being used as bogus media coverage. How could you report with out forensic expertise??

  4. I wish the Reel truth revel for the world you Twist to Control abbey! Do not forget we are an Ethiopian. “it will never happen”

  5. Why would people record themselves committing war crimes? This seems pretty staged. It could be possible, but still. Why would you record it and send it to the media?

  6. Something is odd about this, why on earth would a criminal get a footage of it self doing a crime while stating his name and his unit. Something really fishy about the footage I tell you.

    1. Because it is staged, it is Tigray’s tplf themselves who made this videos for propoganda – to make the world think that it is Ethiopian military killing ppl. They are known to do this type of thing.

  7. USA did an airstrike on IRAQ yesterday,killing many innocents and civilians. Why don’t you talk about it?🤔

    1. Well Iran sites bombs were weapon and missiles sites which were in close vincity to civilian areas, also the site bomb was used in a airstrike that attacked an american base in either IRAQ or Afghanistan soooooo yea.

    2. @Noob Saibot that’s not what they were tho that’s fake news. How are they militia when the U. S are occupying another country 1/3rd of it? It’s war crimes against humanity period.

    3. Right? Or how trafficking of children has increased at the border? Or how about the all the mass shootings taking place here in our homeland? CNN does nothing but lie to feed all these demonic activities. They spew propaganda to divide not only the US but the world.

    4. @Tormund Gaint Easy to talk smack and play peace activist when your safe and sound in a country without mass terrorism. There are civilian casualties in all wars, it’s unavoidable.

  8. They went to war Everyone needed war at the time and that is war, I’m certain that there’s also such on the government forces

  9. Mass shooting in USA: gory details are not shown even if there is footage
    Mass killing in Africa: almost all the gory details are shown

    1. @C C question why she cares about Africa far from home isn’t hypocritical to give your opinion on matter which she is not present at and same
      Hate black /African people in USA.

    2. @Kathleen Pogue nope it is not that complicated we all know CNN is a leftists media outlet. plus TPLF ‘s representative Meles Zenawi back then before he died was good friends with Susan rice who is a democrat. Hope that helps

    3. @bugazi im not doing anything in Africa. What are you even talking about. Lots of assinuations and insults but no substance.

    4. @Abigail Yalew yeah, what does CNN pandering to the left have to do with my comment. We all know fox panders to the right. Does that mean something here?

    1. Exactly, this is clearly a propoganda video sent by the Tigray’s own TPLF group. But I don’t think CNN wants to acknowledge that…shhhh

  10. Foolish! How did government kill video recording and disseminating it to the world? This is the act of TPLF and that is why the government is against TPLF!

  11. This was actually what the TPLF were doing to Ogaden National Liberation Front 😥😥😥Karma at its highest

    1. TPLF made us to be refugees but now it has been their turn but am sad that Abiy backed off

    2. I need no recognition from you but you have reaped what you sore and in return see what is happening to you people

    3. @KING Ali it wasn’t just TPLF it was all ethnic Ethiopian groups. Oromo,Amhara, Tigray etc. but hey now TPLF🤢is paying for the price👍🏼

  12. Let’s be honest CNN, if you did your journalistic duties, you would also show that the people doing this are Tigray’s OWN radical TPLF, trying to spread propaganda that the Ethiopian troops are doing these crimes – when it is really themselves. TPLF has done the same thing and killed hundreds of their own Tigray people in Houzen decades ago, also to spread propaganda to make the world think that the government was killing citizens, when it is TPLF themselves conducting these atrocities. Did you, CNN, cover the thousands of Amhras massacred by this Tigray’s TPLF group in Mai Kadra? Did you cover the countless Orthodox Christians killed in Welega, Ethiopia? NOPE! So, CNN, what is YOUR agenda here?

    1. ​@Henry Eghaghara No shame here. YOU should be ashamed of yourself. You either know nothing about this stuff or are acting ignorant.

  13. As a black man a understanding man this how they are comfortable with showing us always be murdered welcome to the world of man!!

  14. Yes it is really horrifying story. But the Ethiopian were experienced much horrifying stories done by the TPLF Junta during the derge regime. How owners that any one could record doing a crime and release or disclose. You paid pupates…do you think that you can convince any one unless blind minded with such well organized videos by the Junta and you TPLF paid pupate journalists? We expect much more horrifying videos done by the Junta as usual…we Ethiopian were well experience the evil act of TPLF in the last 30 or more year.

  15. There has been an investigation and there are soldiers in prison & do you know TPLF is also doing worse?
    Edit: O I forgot you don’t report that.
    Even if I don’t like CNN’s hypocrisy I’m very sad about the people that die on both sides.

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