1. @SiegHeil🇺🇦 You love Putin, Aren’t you adorable🤗😍💯❤🤣👌 A Putin 👢 licker😋

    2. @Alex xelA If Russia fires nukes on the West you can kiss your trolling days goodbye because I guarantee, you will have nukes fired right back at you.

    3. The world would be in a lot better position had CNN, and the media, not covered up the Hunter Biden laptop story leading up to the 2020 election.

    4. @Robert well in case you are wondering, there are lots of YouTube channels that have actual live videos from all of the devastated sites where innocent civilians ( in this case CHILDREN) have been murdered by a Russian madman who also gets the title of a WAR CRIMINAL if you don’t trust mainstream media. Unfortunately there is a plenitude of crimes against humanity videos online thanks to P. SLAVA UKRAINI❣️💙💛🇺🇦

  1. One of the best things about this dude that he never takes credit for himself when he achieve something . He always respect us, the audience, and he always polite in all of his congratulations ourselves on this achievement more to come and everything come

  2. I just cannot fathom why a country would let one man have so much power and have no built-in recourse to be rid of him if he turns out to be irrational.

    1. @Box Of Chocolate b.s. I live in Russia….its not a problem at all… u can go to manifestation etc…. but I saw by myself how american police reacts on single man manifestation in front of Rosemount (Chicago) authority building 😉. They just “smashed him in concrete”.

    2. @Renzo Horner really?! C’mon give it))) …. How many countries we attacked without request from it’s government?

    3. @MegaRzen and how about “AIDAR”, “Praviy sector”, and other officially confirmed Nazi organisations of Ukraine? And what about the beginning of conflict in Donbass reg. Who gave order to use military against civilians in that region? And they flooded this region by blood of civils. Over 14000 victims among civilians…. for such small region it disaster…. who has busted Minsk peace agreement For 8 years?

    4. Everyone thank you for support Ukraine!
      but we need more of donations for winning against Russia they are losing very bad you all can help us win with more!

      🏴‍☠️🇺🇦Glory To Ukraine🇺🇦🏴‍☠️

    1. @T Walk Study the history of the origin of the greeting: “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!”. Well, or at least look at the nickname and avatar of the person to whom you addressed your first message.

    2. @Николай Николай How can you support an invasion of a peaceful country where INNOCENT human beings are being slaughtered for no reason other than for one man’s insane thirst for power over a people who DO NOT BELONG TO HIM IT TO RUSSIA? Also, the Russian soldiers who were sent into Ukraine under a lie, who are dying by the thousands and who will probably never be returned to their families for what? For nothing other than a madman who does not value life other than his own. That is why it is so easy for him to send his own people’s children to die. It is sinful no matter what type of stupid political ideology you want to try and blame it on. The only one to blame is Putin and his gang of thugs period!

  3. *Why the fck did you cut it midsentence, u editors?! This was extremely important to listen till the end.* 🤨

  4. Feel very sad that the war is still on going. We, the Vietnamese girls university team, continue to pray daily presently that peace will return to Ukraine soonest 🕊️🕊️ God bless Ukraine & it’s people 🇺🇦🇺🇦 🙏🙏

    1. Do you know anything about the Sino-Vietnamese War fought in early 1979. Do vietnamese hate our Chinese government?

    2. The world would be in a lot better position had CNN, and the media, not covered up the Hunter Biden laptop story leading up to the 2020 election.

  5. Another tragedy and sad. Glad for those who made it out and are safe! May those who lost their lives rest in peace! Also, this building was a beautiful example of architecture with a great artistic front to it with pillars! Read that Italy has volunteered to rebuild it when this insane war is over! Thanks to the Italians who have a long long history since ancient Rome restoring great works of art and architecture! FREE Ukraine, a democratic independent sovereign nation since 1991! Support the EU and NATO, always because big bully, behemoth, ruthless Russia has been on their backs for centuries ever since the Czar and his pogroms attacking shtetles via the Cossacks in Ukraine since the 1800s! Along with that other evil despost Fascist dictator Adolph Hitler who also illegally invaded other independent sovereign nations in Europe and Ukraine in the 1940s! “The past is prologue”…President Joe Biden/William Shakespeare, in more ways than one and “those who FORGET history, even their DEM/GOP history ever since the Civil War and the 1930s and 40s and WW2/FASCISM albeit brown shirt PRUSSIAN Fascism and very dangerous AMERICAN FASCISM i.e. far right extremism, “Wrapped in the flag/Nationalism NOT patriotism and carrying the cross”..1935, are doomed to repeat it”…George Santayana..the TRUTH, if even in shades/echoes per historian Ken Burns! Tell me about it! Unfortunately, “Some people don’t want to hear the truth, they don’t want their illusions destroyed”…Friedrich Nietzsche, another truth and much gets swept under the rug and/or white washed just like the late writer/historian Howard Zinn said we do all the time with American history i.e. the Native American Holocaust, 9/11, etc. much to our detriment, imho, so nothing new there, either, history repeats in more ways than one etc.! “Glory to Ukraine”!

  6. RIP to the victims.. May GOD Protect the innocents, specially the Children … Hopefully we find Resolution to this conflict.. #NoToWar #YesToPeace

    1. There are no bodies, no victims. The voice in the background was saying: “The people are trying to evacuate”.

  7. 300 people?! Oh my gosh. How horrific! How can you be any more evil Putin?!…😤😤. SLAVA UKRAINE🇺🇦!!!!

    1. Heroyam v sralo(response)…. “Slava Ukraine etc.” do u know that this slogan is coming from ww2….thats slogan belongs to Ukrainian nationalists , and they support Nazi Germany in that war….. so do u thing it’s ok , to announce Nazi slogans?
      Google it… they killed even more civilians then German troops.

    2. The same things are going right now….”brave warrior’s of Ukraine” use civilians as live shield…. they hiding with civilians, some times even kill them…. let some time pass and u will know how nationalists (actually Nazis) did that. It’s easy to blame someone but only time will show who was right

  8. We think we control our destiny unfortunately we don’t Greedy cowards do as it stands that much change people power not powerful people if we are to go forward

  9. “Call on the Lord in the day of trouble
    and He will deliver you.”
               -Psalm 50 :15

    1. *Really*

      *How many people still to die*

      *After loosing so many lives don’t he hear our prayers*


      *Сколько людей еще умереть*

      *Потеряв столько жизней, разве он не слышит наши молитвы*


      *Скільки людей ще помре*

      *Після втрати стількох життів він не чує наших молитов*

  10. This is an atrocity crime of its worst kind. No words can explain this. God bless and protect the Ukranian people.

    1. @Анастасия Борисова nah, it’s Russian propaganda. It’s a similar air bomb as the one dropped on Neptune swimming pool, there is a satellite imaginary plus this video.

    2. According to University of Chicago Professor of Political Science, John Mearsheimer, the USA and NATO is responsible for starting this war, not Putin.


      Zelensky is hailed as a hero by Americans today. Tomorrow he will be proven a zero when Ukrainians find their cities destroyed with countless human lives lost. Eventually, Ukraine will still not join NATO after a peace agreement is reached. Why ?

      Ukraine’s fate is sealed by the fact it is located next to Russia’s border. Had it been located near France or Britain, Putin will have no problem, say if Ireland wants to join NATO.

      The USA has the Monroe Doctrine which says that no distant great power can have a military alliance in the Western Hemisphere. When Russia tried to set up missiles in Cuba, USA has a right to object. But now Russia can’t object USA putting missiles at its doorstep ? Why the double standards ? Will USA allow Russia and China to set up military alliance and base with Cuba, with missiles pointing at Florida USA today ?

      USA politicians will go down in history as cowards and evil for using Ukrainians to fight Russia on their behalf, using Zelensky a pro USA leader who gets his instructions from the USA. Why ? It’s very clear by now USA and NATO had never intended to engage in a war directly with Russia. All they want is to use Ukraine to fight Russia using Ukrainian blood. USA will fight Russia to the last drop of Ukrainian blood, supporting a war far away from its own continent. If this is not despicable and cowardice, what is ?


      This video is by far the best if you want to understand why Putin has no choice but to invade Ukraine.

      As an actor Zelensky was Servant of the People
      As a president Zelensky is a servant of the West.


      Ukraine, on the behest of Zelensky, who received counsel from USA, obviously knew in advance that there will be no direct support from USA or NATO. See Professor John Mearsheimer advice to Ukraine, parallels the view of Dr Henry Kissinger, Ukraine must never be a military outpost of either NATO or Russia.


      The West wants to divide and conquer Eastern Europe, making Ukrainians and Russians enemies instead of friends.

    Children of war heal when they draw an express their emotions in pictures of their experiences.

    The refugee children should be given crayons and paper. In Mariupol and Kharkiv.
    These should be handed to Russian soldiers, sent to family members in Russia, to the Russian ambassador’s address, to the Kremlin.

    We are all connected by 6 other people. Please pass this onward to those who can make this happen.

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