New video shows possible prison camp in eastern Europe 1

New video shows possible prison camp in eastern Europe


CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports on a recently renovated possible prison camp in Belarus for dissenters against President Alexander Lukashenko.

Read CNN's full report:

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    1. @Dixon Uranus, Biden terminated federal contracts with private prison via Executive order. The facts don’t care about your feelings, soyboy.

  1. Every dictator has a special place for the people who love freedom, law and order. Only way for these right-wing dictators rule is the to rule by fear and punishment..

    1. Why is cnn worrying about other countries when we have the same prison camps here filled with illegal immigrants! Why can’t they ducking report in that?

    2. And what do think left wing dictators do?china is harvesting organs from prisoners,or did you miss that one?

    3. “Only way for these right-wing dictators rule is the to rule by fear and punishment..”

      Who is it that is terrified of the 2nd amendment? Pretty sure it isn’t “right-wing”.

      This is the reason CNN runs fantasy land for cartoon characters.

      Oh yea, 1st amendment seems…sooo outdated.

    4. @Debra Johnson Antifa. Proud Boys. All the same in my book. Horseshoe theory is real, and the only difference between right and left in this country is aesthetics.

    5. By what measure is Alexander Lukashenko a right winger? Is it the fact he retained the soviet era state controlled economy? Is it his atheism?

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr If you force international flights with foreigners out of the sky…..its our business

    2. @FlightX101 During the U.S. hunt for Snowden, Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane was forced to land in Austria for 14 hours

  2. This place just screams “NAZI concentration camps 2.0” to me. The government of Belarus is repeating history.

    1. No what CNN should be saying is ‘this is what is coming to all you fools’
      Tyranny and crimes against humanity is happening globally. Agenda 21.

    1. @Surf_KaaboMantis10 Be that as it may, my question still stand: what does it have to do with Facebook and Twitter? I hope that’s not where you get your news and info from….

  3. Hey CNN, maybe you should give some coverage to the political prisoners being held without charges or bail in America before you worry about what’s going in another country! You do know what happened to the lying press at nuremberg the trials don’t you!

  4. Well done – let’s get some documentation of the treatment of Uyghurs and Falun Gong in China as well, please.

  5. Запад, вам пора уже физически ликвидировать Лукашенко, работайте, братья западники!

  6. В России тоже есть похожее место недалеко от Москвы

  7. Лукашенко сошел с ума. Не удивлюсь в скором времени расстрельным рвам.

  8. Bless her heart. Bless their family. Prison camps for anyone with a different political point of view is a sad reflection of Putin’s influence.

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