New Video Shows Rioters Attacking Capitol Police | MSNBC 1

New Video Shows Rioters Attacking Capitol Police | MSNBC


New video shows rioters violently attacking Capitol police. Terrorism analyst Jim Cavanaugh explains what the video shows about the tactics and motive of the group.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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New Video Shows Rioters Attacking Capitol Police | MSNBC


    1. It’s the American Taliban. They wrap themselves in flags and say they’re doing god’s will too. SAME THING.

      Which is why all of them from the 6th should be rounded up and tossed in GITMO, along with all of their relatives for aiding and abetting them.

    2. @Sweaty Yeti if your attempt is to display how crazy, uneducated and delusional trump supporters are….gold medal. I would ask you to explain your….. statement but that would involve facts n stuff. You guys aren’t too good at that bit. Come back when you have some

    1. @Running Sun ….then please, Play On….I have enjoyed your conversation immensely!!! Hope to read other aspects of your thoughts as well…thank your parents for me….they clearly did a wonderful job…

    2. @Gato 008 I’m not an anarchist myself, but LibertyJack is right. It is a political philosophy. It comes in multiple forms eg. anarcho syndicalism or libertarian socialism. Anarchy has nothing to do with rioting an chaos.

  1. Trump: we believe in Law & Order. We respect the police.
    Trump will not acknowledge the slain police officer.

    1. @Lcifer Jameson You think some of us aren’t fact-checkers? “Upon the death of the governor of a state, territory or possession, the flag should be
      flown at half-staff on all federal facilities in that governor’s state, territory or possession

      from the day of death until interment.
      The president may order the flag to be flown at half-staff to mark the death of other officials, former officials, or foreign dignitaries. In addition to these occasions, the president may order half-staff display of the flag after other tragic events” – From

      He was supposed to begin flying the flag at half-staff from the moment he found out the officer died, and is to leave it at half-staff until the officer has been buried. He didn’t lower it right away (Source: ).

    2. @Linda Bryant –He only ordered this afternoon, the Capitol police officer died 2 days ago. It was only after it was pointed out that the flag at the White House was still flying a full mast.

    3. @Lcifer Jameson – Officers Sicknick died 2 days ago. Trump did not acknowledge it nor order the flags at half mast until a few hours ago. It was only after people began to point out that flags were still flying at full mast.

    1. Without question …a totally corrupt internal job. How on earth can this sort of terrorism be planned on such a large scale with NOBODY even getting off their backsides to investigate anything. A total inside job with no questions asked. Picture this….If they were all caught, lined up against the wall and shot…Then it could be said…Making America Great Again.

    2. @Alan Bennett Seems like a stupid attempt at doing something, but I don’t see how it would work for overthrow. There were enough on duty to whisk people away. Eventually, enough policing was there to bring order in a few hours. In the mean time, it sure looks as if were orders made ahead of this event. This drama is going to play for 2 years in the court TV.

    1. @Madeline Story I’m willing to give _some_ credit to Romney & Rappensberger, but Pence & Graham are absolutely _not_ patriots. They’re cowardly sycophants who enabled every last awful thing this administration has done. They only ‘did the right thing’ because they had no choice. If the election had been closer, they would’ve been right there with everyone trying to steal it. Please don’t set the bar for ‘patriotism’ or ‘decency’ so low, that’s how we got to this point.

    2. I like how some of this comments are calling this racist, I bet you’re the same people that let the riots in the summer happen

    3. Wrong. It was Antifa and BLM called to come in at just the right time by Nancy Pelosi whose laptop was confiscated and she is scared shitless that the right will find out the agenda of the globalists to rule the whole world. To do so they had to get rid of someone standing in their way. How dumb because globalists will only rule completely for seven years and then they will be done.

    4. @Markus Müller I hope you are joking because everyone knows staged events don’t end up with dead people. That at least should make since to the brainwashed.

  2. ‘Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president” -Teddy Roosevelt

    1. @Cortlin Jackon Huh??? You don’t know this already? Why not? Common knowledge! From his 3-casinos in Atlantic City; Russkies bailed him out when nobody else would. Roy Cohn introduced him to both sets of mobs, the Iti’s & the Russkies, back in the ‘70’s-‘80’s. Been laundering money for them for years. Where’ve you been? Easily googled. Guy’s a bum. A conman. Hung w Epstein- a lot! There’s another point of leverage. He’s a False prophet, dude. Great con, but FOS.

    2. Guess what else? Patriotism is working with one another and not attacking ANYONE including the president from DAY ONE. This is all of the democrats fault. ANYONE in that seat facing the president faced would be hard pressed to not do the same.

  3. It’s time to admit that it was an inside job. Trump had 4 years to replace staff everywhere with loyalists.

    1. He also had 4 years to take care of this “voter fraud” he was claiming it up until he won in 2016 but didn’t do anything to prevent it?? It’s obviously a lie

    1. **Absolutely right. OMG~ ! For those connected with donaldrump ( inside-out ), followers and supporters will automatically become the most sinful in American history and yearn for major retribution, including your family and clan !**
      **In fact, he was not only crooks, but extremely evil and intolerable. He was never worthy of an ordinary citizen, let alone the possibility of an American politician being mentioned.**
      **This is the last curse from God !**

    2. @Rebecca Lambert I seem to remember that Trump once bragged on TV that he could do EXACTLY that.
      I’m so sorry about your son by the way.

    1. @qwertybirty Negative. The system, The Establishment, both parties, the last 50-years, are the vomit that gave us DJT. Reference: Chris Hedges; David Cay Johnson; Matt Taibbi,
      Middle class destroyed; People desperate; searching for “savior”. Only one problem: Bonespurs is a bum; he’s always been a bum. He’s no FG. Faux prophet. Herein, the result. And he’d be happy to rein over the ashes. Your skull, your bones, included; read Mary Trump for that one. Truth. Sad truth.

  4. Soooo the same crowd offended about ppl taking a knee and “disrespecting the American flag” are the same ones beating police with them?

  5. Seeking clarity: So the only time ANY federal building is heavily protected is during protest against police brutality & unlawful killings of unarmed citizens?

    1. *Did you SEE, when a COP took a POWER Left JAB????*
      *IF I had a GUN, COP or NOT, I wouLd have Shot, in the Face, that red Capped Fat Punk!!!!*

    1. Yes, they absolutely murdered Officer Sicknick. Just to clarify, the Capital Police are not pert of DC Metro PD. They police the Capital Building and its grounds. They do not carry firearms. They get a billy club, and that’s about it.
      Officer Sicknick aspired to become a Metro Police Officer, but that is an opportunity he won’t get to realize now, thanks to THE most psychotic and dangerous “man” to ever be our “president” in name only.

    1. *Did you SEE, when a COP took a POWER Left JAB????*
      *IF I had a GUN, COP or NOT, I wouLd have Shot, in the Face, that red Capped Fat Punk!!!!*

    2. @John Galt009 While I agree with most all of your post, the responsibility for the decimation of the middle class, is mostly on the wealthy corporate ownership class. If they were making not greater profits, this would not be so. And they are using their greater profits to donate and control politicians. No politician forced US car manufactures to move 1/3 of the total US production to Mexico. Thanks to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, corporate people get to be two people, a private donor, and a corporate donor. If you have time, read a book called “Dark Money” by Jane Meyer, where she outlines how ‘big money’ has transformed politics, and the more of the republican party, in general. (My local library had a copy). I ask you, rhetorically, who had a billion dollars to contribute to Trump’s presidential campaign? It was not politicians, from what I can see.

    3. You are all brainwashed by the main stream media and the ones controlling the democrats. You are suckers and duped and you will all take the koolaid of the leftist globalists.

  6. If a murder occurs during a criminal act committed by a group isn’t everybody in that group supposed to be charged with murder???

    1. If they all *planned* to go inside the Building.
      Then Yes.

      But if I just *showed up* & protested from Outside….

      *Obviously not.*

    2. yes, but it will be added on top of the other charges they face. the family of the victim can sue them afterwards for wrongful death.

    1. @Bill Burgess shhhh! Don’t speak so loud…! People will realize that you’re a hateful, racist, hypocritical trump turd

    2. *Did you SEE, when a COP took a POWER Left JAB????*
      *IF I had a GUN, COP or NOT, I wouLd have Shot, in the Face, that red Capped Fat Punk!!!!*

    1. How could white people attacking Mike Pence be all about racism? No, this is anti-democracy and Trumpism. If he thought it was useful to support BLM, that’s what he would do, but the fact is it’s more productive to utilize white Christian hate and the conspiracy movement. Trump has never been ashamed of saying he wants a dictatorship, right? Remember when he said «This is a dictatorship and I’m the dictator. There’s no voting and there’s no juries. You are a slave to the master»:

    2. @Jo-Erlend Schinstad Your right its not all about racism, its all about race relations. Most trump supporters core principle is the fear of being racially alienated in their own country, they go along with the rest because of that deep fear. White America feels under attack, they feel like they are being blamed for things they have no part in so they have gravitated towards trump….their perceived protector.

    3. Indeed. It’s clear that the homeland security and federal response to a direct attack on the capitol was put out of play for many hours. This suggests active coup support in leadership …

    4. @MrMagicJs I think your are right. I find a couple of Trump supporting, conspiracy channels on YT with black presenters. One would suspect they were some FBI trap for radicals. I am one who also has a hard time distinguishing. There are just too many blacks seen among Trump supporters for me to say it is a racist movement.

  7. These “thugs” criminals and traitors should be thrown in jail. I wish the media would tell the truth for once and call them what they are domestic terrorist

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