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  1. How about everyone in the white house get infected first to show us how well this plan works.

    • @AuntieS412 When your talking in a scientific or statistical manner you can’t let your emotions be tied to the numbers unless it’s someone you know we can mourn the losses when this is all over build a structure with every victims name on it or something along those line’s but until this is over we need to stay Focused that’s assuming this will come to an end which I think it will but I could be wrong.

      What about the 2017-2018 flu season according to the CDC an estimated 45 million people got sick, 21 million people going to a health care provider 810,000, hospitalizations, and 61k dead.
      That’s 5x the population if your small town.
      We didn’t shut down a single school, strip club, church, casino, gym or well ANYTHING. If you can’t see how political this is your crazy.

      Or how about the fact that 480 thousand Americans die each year from smoking an average around 1300 people per day I don’t hear anyone talking about that, 41k alone just from second hand smoke. Your talking about your small town but could you imagine damn near the entire STATE of Wyoming. The thing is there’s actually a simple cure for this it’s called making smoking illegal it’s that simple but of course they don’t say a peep about this 😒

    • @1776 c you are talking apples and oranges. smoking was my preferred way to go. my next preference is screwing myself to death. those are my choices to make-no one elses. the virus is man made-yes it is, it only has gotten as bad as it is because of a single man-trump the hump. how dare you decided for me or anyone what an acceptable percentage is for dieing. another that needs to get over itself…last but not least…drugs are illegal….and the deaths keep going..shut up and go sit down the adults are talking

    • @AuntieS412 First of all I never said what an acceptable percentage is your just making stuff up second of all you tell me to shut up but as I recall you started the conversation with me 🤣 Your just triggered because I gave factual statistical evidence that completely destroyed your logic and NO it is not your choice if you never smoke a day in your life but die from second hand smoke 41 thousand Americans go through that reality each that’s 3.5 times the size of your small town all innocent people that died a 100 percent preventable death why don’t we hear any uproar over that??? You make this to easy….

    • Even CNN admits Sweden’s no lockdown is working lowest death rate percapita Thane other Scandinavian countries.and usa… At the same time CNN is attacking Trump’s advisor for wanting to use heard immediately like Sweden did


    • ​@Bob Nordberg you are comparing a country that has a hair over 10 mil total population to a country of 331 mil. thankfully, to keep it simple, they have killed 577 per 1 mil to our 586 per 1 mil. you wanna murder 2 million people to pick up 9 per mil of pop- or save 3,000??? ps percapita=money……save me

  2. Dokterpedia.net | September 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM | Reply

    Trump: “I am the chaos and disorder president. I am the purveyor of fear & loathing, of pandemics & death. I am the provocateur of mayhem and upheaval. And I am creating an America in my own image: vile, dark, hopeless, backwards,
    grotesque, insecure, selfish, indecent, malevolent, paranoid, indifferent, sociopathic, inept, and deceitful.”

    • Pretty good summary of Agent Orange!

    • If he ever stopped lying & spoke the truth this is EXACTLY what he would say!

    • Rodney Boehner | September 2, 2020 at 4:46 AM | Reply

      @doug – Sorry, bud, but COVID cases have already flatlined again and are now dropping. It’s not going to be the issue for the elections. It’s the economy stupid and Basement Biden’s Alzheimer’s.

    • CDC acknowledges that only 6% of all deaths listed covid-19 as the only cause of death. All other deaths listed covid-19 and other reasons. Doctor wasn’t sure what the cause of death was.

      CDC: 6% Of US COVID-19 Deaths List COVID-19 As Only Cause Of Death – First State Update

    • @Miss Sissy
      Underlying conditions are associated with 94% of Covid 19 deaths, you could be fat or have diabetes or a heart condition, the virus stresses the body and you end out dead. They are finding that the virus affects the circulatory system causing clots and inflammation, it is linked to strokes in younger people and clots that can damage multiple organs. You might be plugging along just fine with some condition and corona virus takes you over the edge and kills you. Example Corona caused the clot that entered your heart or brain and killed you! Even the recovered are not recovered, best to not get it at all!

  3. Imagine that, our liar-in-chief hired yet another f***ing liar.

    • Lmao

    • Never a truer word spoken. Thanks🙂

    • It’s like Trump is interviewing every available doctor, including former radiologists, until he finds one who agrees with his narrative — This is exactly what he did when selecting and nominating AG Bill Barr and his “a sitting president can’t be indicted.”

    • What else is new?

    • @B Bodziak Does Trump know that the expertise of a radiologist is completely different than an infection specialist?
      He seems to have the habit to hire people with no expertise on the specific field. Carson, a brain surgeon who never has shown interest in housing is appointed as secretary for housing and development. You all know the examples like Jahred, Ivanka, Betsy deVos, the unqualified judges etc.

  4. He isn’t even versed in infectious diseases tho🤦‍♂️

    Replacing Fauchi for this man is like replacing my cars gasoline with sugar water

  5. “The whole thing is an overt lie “sums up the Trump Administration

  6. Genesis Waters | September 2, 2020 at 9:03 AM | Reply

    So why is he in his house and not in the studio around everyone else reporting on this????? Because he doesn’t want to get it.

    • Stoner's For Life Marijuana Chronicles | September 2, 2020 at 6:14 PM | Reply

      No one is in a studio. There at home with a green screen. My god they have you wrapped around there little finger. Dont trust the media so blindly. Us them as a source to maybe spark interest in an event you otherwise wouldnt know about. Never trust there opinion on it and research it on your own. For example washington post fabricated that story and then cnn ran with it gave you what ifs to scare you. Like they have from day one. Did it work? sure did…. point here is. The dr scott. Never said never hinted or promoted heard immunity at any point in history for any reason. But here you are thinking with conviction that you will defend to your death that he did.

    • @Stoner’s For Life Marijuana Chronicles ya its sad how easy libtards are to convince. Till wapo and the like are held accountable this will never end.

    • Stoner’s For Life Marijuana Chronicles watch the video. You will see and hear the advisor promoting herd immunity ☹️

    • @Tall Tree so your just going to take cnns point of view, ok then, there’s no way they could be wrong. Btw herd immunity is the only way this is going away, thats what vaccines do push towards herd immunity. If 96% of the population have no ill effects you lock down the 4% that might have problems that is just common sense. We know enough about this virus that lock downs for everyone is just silly.

    • 😂😁😂

  7. Alexandria Yannotti | September 2, 2020 at 9:26 AM | Reply

    Another “new unqualified” adviser. Good thing I never listen to any of them!

    • Carriemchardy Carrie | September 2, 2020 at 7:04 PM | Reply

      @The No-show Your stats are BS, stop fear mongering!

    • Carriemchardy Carrie
      Not my stats, the New York Times stats.

    • Carriemchardy Carrie | September 2, 2020 at 9:36 PM | Reply

      @The No-show Stats that are not correct, Florida’s data is false/misleading. Watch what happens after there is an investigation and see how many more have actually died or been infected.

    • Trump is advocating that if enough people take the vaccines we will reach herd immunity (admitting that not everybody will feel comfortable taking the vaccine).

      Watch the video for yourself… these CNN folks don’t know the word “context”

    • @The No-show DeSantis lies … he changed the stats and florida is much higher than what you have here … go find the stats from last month, two months ago, from may, and check again … it’s wrong … it was higher than NYC at one point …. lies, lies, more lies …

  8. “Herd” are we animals now?

  9. Rightwing Hillbilly | September 2, 2020 at 10:15 AM | Reply

    This “adviser” can only “advise” for another 2 months.

  10. You know damn well Trump’s on board. He doesn’t give a $HIT how many Americans die. HE NEVER HAS!!

  11. Dan Marijanovic | September 2, 2020 at 11:45 AM | Reply

    The ‘concept’ of “herd immunity” is just fancy medical theory jargon for: do nothing and let the thing run its course.

    • @Mack Williams Or people who can read and write Mack.

    • ​@Geo78 It is apples and oranges. In fact, there are so many variables, it makes no sense to say any particular country has had a better outcome so far because of the mitigation measures they took, or didn’t take. The jury is still out. It is also true that the 7 states in America which did not lock down had significantly lower death rates, and Japan was also low. Time will tell, but I expect places like Sweden will do better than most countries, because they will achieve heard immunity sooner than the countries who locked down.

    • @Rob Cooper obviously you are possibly a young idealistic right winger who doesn’t believe in vaccinations for polio, small pox, measles or flu….just let nature take its course. Remember to never take a tetanus shot nor those pesky anti-biotics, nature will handle it. But one day you may be sick or injured. And you WILL get old one day. The cavalier demeanor will take a whole new perspective.

    • @Jacob Calham lower death rates because of lower populations. Deaths to population pctg and not just deaths

    • @Geo78 I was talking about death rates, not totals. I.e. the number of deaths per million population in those states.

  12. This “expert” should appear in his full clown clothing: funny hat, red round nose and gigantic shoes.

  13. Parslow Pongbert | September 2, 2020 at 12:22 PM | Reply

    He wouldn’t be much good to trump if he wasn’t such a liar.

  14. Christopher Robin Garrish | September 2, 2020 at 12:46 PM | Reply

    Thinning The Herd: Social Darwinism

    • Jeremiah Smith | September 4, 2020 at 2:19 PM | Reply

      Thats what there doing with the rioters to there planning to use the deaths of criminals to enrage criminals to go to the streets to get rid of them like really where are they putting all these people. They took out the old and sick and now there taking out criminals

  15. Tennille Cloutier | September 2, 2020 at 2:25 PM | Reply

    Well this guy should get out there and catch this virus himself!

    • @Pete Pav you need to phone one of the hundred thousand doctors in this country ask them if these videos are a hoax or if the Democrat Party has lied. It was the doctors who were the whistleblowers in this entire Democrat hoax. One of the doctors who is also a Minnesota senator who’s video you also have was so influential he convinced 7 Democrat Mayors to endorse Trump partly because of this hoax.

    • @Miss Sissy Oh, the US is different from every other country. That explains it! Must be the reason why they are banned from the EU & a stack of other countries. They only think the US is infected. Got it.

    • @Miss Sissy Yes yes I have read about the Democrat Republican death rate, but just note, the gap is closing and in about 2 weeks the Republican run states will over take the Democrat run states in total deaths, & then what? Keep waving your Trump flag, keep believing this garbage that apparently, every other news network, every government official in Trump’s care have overlooked. I totally understand the issue here. You must feel special that you are one of a very few in a world of billions that has it right. Congratulations! Go drop this information to the news media, they’ll make it legitimate for you, go ahead.

    • @Pete Pav yes we count differently. Are you stupid? It’s a 45-second video. Take 45 seconds and listen to

    • @Pete Pav
      Watch “Dr. Ezike: 90% of Illinois’ COVID-19 deaths had underlying condition” on YouTube

  16. 🤥Of course Atlas lied; he has Trump’s “ear” now!

    Question: I wonder how long he’ll be on Trump’s team?

    Answer: Until he tells the truth, or has integrity.

    Wow! Dr. Gupta has to fact-check now…

  17. Chris Cavender | September 2, 2020 at 4:32 PM | Reply

    Trump and his new advisor don’t know what they’re doing.

  18. This new advisor should get himself infected first to demonstrate that herd immunity works.

  19. How about herd up the Trump administration, that’s what’s required.

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