New York City Vaccine Supply Falls Below 1,000 Doses Due Weather Delaying Shipment | MSNBC 1

New York City Vaccine Supply Falls Below 1,000 Doses Due Weather Delaying Shipment | MSNBC


Officials report New York City has fewer than 1,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine due to bad weather that caused a delay in shipments. NBC’s Cori Coffin reports.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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New York City Vaccine Supply Falls Below 1,000 Doses Due Weather Delaying Shipment | MSNBC


    1. @warpedjaffas1 500,000 and counting. It’s like a relief pitcher (Biden) coming in for the losing pitcher (Trump) who is still responsible for everyone he put in to load the bases. They are all still associated to the responsibility to Trump.

    2. @warpedjaffas1 I always find it funny. By blaming evrything on Trump, you are literally saying the gevernors and mayors cant do anything themselfs xD.

      But we will jump in to keep this ridiculous stupid way of thinking going. Under Trump 375k corona deaths. Under Biden 125k Corona deaths. Biden will surely proof is us all he is better at evrything. In 1 month he has caused 1/3 of the deaths of Trump.

      Meanwhile, democrats hide the deatth numbers their policy’s have cost …. Am i watching democrats who are PRO green deal mock the state Texas who is best on track with green energy.. While facing weather they have never seen.

      I watch them attacking a senator who went to Mexico, while they praised the entire House going on vacation during the pandamic…

    3. @Ro G Texas most green energy BY FAR of all the states… But yeah democrats want to push green energy while not doing it themself… xD

    4. @Devo champ, if you want too be taken seriously, whatever substance is affecting your ability to form words, coherent sentences etc, l’d suggest you stop. Its affecting your ability use spell check, predicative text, or whatever on the device you’re using. Get help.

  1. Maga cult: “But what about the 100k deaths since Biden took office?”
    Everyone: “Takes more than 4 weeks to fix the 12 months of the Commander in Bleach’s failures.”
    Maga cult: “And what about those windmills?!?
    Everyone: **backs away slowly**

    1. @AR Crossing I guess you were the last in line when brains were available. I hope you don’t have children. If you do, someone call social services and have them remove them due to dangerous surroundings.

    2. Trump is responsible for 450,000 deaths as Biden’s ‘ownership’ if you will, was Jan.20 plus 14 days for COVID latency. Ergo, Feb.3 for COVID stats to be ‘Trump-free’.

  2. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this…

  3. I couldn’t see the interview with Pramila Jayapal on here, but I totally agree with cancelling 50,000 dollars in Student Loan Debt. It would be money well spent. It would un-shackle Millons of Americans. But the comment Pramila Jayapal made about Food Banks, alot of people that don’t need food assistance use Welfare, and have plenty of resources, and are hurting the people that really do need the assistance. I haven’t been to a Food Bank in a Couple Months and live on 780 dollars a month. I personally know all kinds of People abusing the Good Will of Americans, they buy Food Stamps from people who actually need Food Stamps to feed their kids, and these people know this, and these people doing it, have 4,000 square foot homes, and who is kidding who? When you are driving in a brand new vehicle and getting food boxes that are for the really poor families, you are hurting your neighbors. Same thing with the Food Stamps, same thing with Trillions of Taxes in Stimulus going to Wealthy Corporations, Banks, Wall Street, Etc., If your a bad business, you shouldn’t be bailed out with taxes. Im not referring to small business being cancelled because of shutdowns caused by Corona, I’m referring to the bail outs of our Leaders Friends Financial Interests. But seriously, Pramila Jayapal and her co sponsors are Representing when they say cancel 50,000 dollars in debt. And Im tired of people saying it aint fair for people who paid their College Debt off already. You know what really isnt fair, Taxpayer’s paying to bail out Big Business, Banks, Wall Street, Etc., while small businesses are shut down and forced into bankruptcy by the Big Businesses that are being bailed out with stimulus money by their D.C. Representive Associates.
    Here is a picture of me after my Child was murdered and Davison County flipped me off in Suicide Tank, and violated my rights, and gave me 100,000 dollar bill for it after having 13 Blood Transfusions. Thanks for putting a picture of me when I had a below 1 hemoglobin blood level. Great taste Mitchell South Dakota, and great job putting Pat Smith as Supreme Court Judge after him and Bob O’keefe DA’s Davison County violated my Constitutional Rights. Not impressed Governor Noem.
    Great Faces Great Places, Corn Pops

  4. Well yeah, what did you expect! The white folks jumped in front on the line to get their shots…just in time!!
    So now, the conveyor belt they control can have as many glitches as can be imagined, coz it’s the turn of the BAME too!!!

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