1. Hey, USA Today, stop it with the clickbait titles and thumbnails!

    He is NOT chasing a runaway car, the car is driving like 5 miles an hour, so slow the officer actually rushed up beside it and came to a brisk walk before opening the door.

    For future reference only use “chase down” and “runaway car,” if the car is going above 25 mph, the officer is standing atop a bridge, then jumps off of the bridge unto the top of the car, breaks the window with his department issued baton, slides in through the wind shield, head first, stopping the car just before it is about to run off of a cliff!

    Just an idea.!

  2. My 97 year old grandma, who suffers from arthritis, and two bad knees, walks around the lake every morning faster than what this so-called “runaway” car is going!

    USA Today, okay, you got me with this clickbait title, as my mouth was open!

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