New York Governor Cuomo breaks silence over sexual harassment allegations 1

New York Governor Cuomo breaks silence over sexual harassment allegations


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo addresses the harassment allegations against him.

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  1. How about a show about the women in your Canadian Covid Hotels who have been sexually assaulted? Where is the news coverage on that?

    1. @carrollyn quinn lmao there’s literally a photo of Cuomo forcefully grabbing a woman’s face to kiss her lmao

  2. Cancel culture mentality, if there Democrats give them a break if there slightly right leaning burn them at the stake at even a whisper of sexual assault.

  3. “I……..DID………….NOT………….HAVE…………. SEXUAL RELATIONS…………..WITH…………. THAT………..WOMAN”

    1. True but have you seen Sophia . Hes not grabbing nobody with that at home lol i wish he would then retire but probably not.

  4. If I said things like that at my work place I would of been fired and the 95% of Americans would of been too.

  5. The only reason this guy feels awful and embarrassed is because he got called out on his behavior.

  6. New York – The only state with a pimped out Sikorsky fondly nicknamed “the Stabbin’ Cabin”. My dead grandma would have been disgusted. But she’s dead, so whatever.

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