New York Grand Jury To Investigate As Protests Continue Over Death of Daniel Prude | MSNBC

New York Grand Jury To Investigate As Protests Continue Over Death of Daniel Prude | MSNBC 1


The fourth night of unrest broke out in Rochester, N.Y., after video showing the death of Daniel Prude was released. New York's attorney general announced a grand jury being formed to investigate further, NBC's Kathy Park reports.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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New York Grand Jury To Investigate As Protests Continue Over Death of Daniel Prude | MSNBC

90 Comments on "New York Grand Jury To Investigate As Protests Continue Over Death of Daniel Prude | MSNBC"

  1. We need a police database just like the criminal database. Everything needs to be recorded and put online so bad cops can’t just move to a different city and start over. There needs to be no more bad cops. They can find another career.

    • @Trailin’ Annie
      Annie Darling…do YOU feel an “uncontrollable desire” to riot and burn every time a black man is killed by the police? ?!? No Sweetheart, not everybody does.

    • @George B. Wolffsohn I’m sorry, which party is currently rewriting the constitution of California so that they can hire based on race again? Whatever you’re smoking, I want some.

    • RGalliganIsland | September 6, 2020 at 6:21 PM | Reply

      No what you want based on that description is to get rid of the police unions. It will fix a lot of issues. However all of these recent cases are a media spin job. We have to do a better job of waiting for the evidence.

    • George B. Wolffsohn | September 6, 2020 at 10:22 PM | Reply

      @StormJet widdle donnie has been violating the first amendment especially since he started running for POTUS. He doesn’t want an independent press and free speech is only for those who mimic him and his fascist ideals now he is directly interfering with our electoral process by defunding the USPS and appointing DeJoy, who is implementing his unconscionable policies : removing mail sorting machines halting overtime, removing mailboxes. All of which will interfere with the people’s ability to vote and have those votes counted. These are real offenses that are actually occurring . He belongs in jail

    • It is a constitutionally protected activity. The Supreme Court has already ruled on this. Taking video with your phone. They can’t stop you and they can’t take your phone away from you. Unless you don’t know your rights. And a lot of people don’t.

  2. A Country with no leaders looks like.

    • Crispin Fornoff | September 6, 2020 at 5:29 PM | Reply

      @Bartholomew Henry Nice job lying about people. Keep it up, fool.

    • All these cities have Democrat “leaders”….

    • If democrats wouldn’t have pouted for the last 4 years and actually did their job! The president can’t do all this on his own, that’s why they get elected in.
      You can’t just pout and Not do your job!

    • We’ll fight as many bur heads as it takes to get our country back!
      Y’all have poked the hornets nest for the last time.

    • Trailin’ Annie you have to be one those uneducated he likes . Emboldening White supremacist is a threat to my family for only that is a f NO .

  3. It seems like the orange one has been in power for 50 years. I really don’t hate Bush at all anymore.
    I never thought I’d think that.

    • @Montauk Long Island Yes, they really do.

    • @Trailin’ Annie
      Here’s what the gop high-rollers had to say about your buddy trump:

    • Prince of All Saiyans | September 6, 2020 at 6:49 PM | Reply

      Trailin’ Annie well said. But those on the left aren’t capable of handling truth chunks like that. My friend and step dad are hard left until i get them to admit to being for closed borders and the like. You simple agree with them and feed their own ideas back to them and their subconscious filter will trigger at the lunacy of their own ideas. They can’t be told the truth, they see truth only after tasting their own ignorant vomit as of leaves their mouth.

    • @Matt Thompson Actually this has been done, except it was Stephen Crowder asking people on a beach in California what they thought about Trumps sons going on a hunting trip to shoot endangered Triceratops. The people responding were passionately against it.

    • Well, the “orange one” is about to get another four years. And I’ll never stop reminding you that it was a winnable election for the Democrats. Imagine if they had been moderate during Trump’s term and not embraced the radical left, if they had condemned the riots and worked with President Trump to reopen the country rather than shutting it down just to hurt Trump, and if they had chosen Tulsi Gabbard as their candidate (the only Dem who has charisma and won’t fold in a debate). President Trump would have a difficult time winning THAT election. Too late now.

  4. These riots are strengthening the chances of reelection.

  5. Yes, protest for the drug addict that was writhing around like a maniac naked in the middle of the street.

  6. BL means less to me than before this started.

  7. A little razzle dazzle | September 6, 2020 at 7:15 PM | Reply

    When do we start going after the media for their involvement in all of this chaos? Their misleading and biased reporting is the catalyst for much of this mayhem.

  8. Fentanyl Floyd was just the start…the left loves to martyr their criminals. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • @Martha Simons clearly you since u call it a murder so cops r supposed to read minds and know what drug hes on huh yeah you apparently haven’t seen one or ud recognize the difference but glad ur good an innocent man is in jail for murder dont forget to vote blue.

    • Happiness Forever | September 7, 2020 at 11:15 AM | Reply


    • @Happiness Forever Blm will be a memory nov4 no matter who wins lmfao 🤣 sorry no media for those people 😅

    • Happiness Forever | September 7, 2020 at 2:40 PM | Reply

      Noel Blake your hate is thick. I’m sure your pathetic existence is a reflection of that useless comment . lmao lol lol lolc

    • 13 year old autistic white kid just got shot by police…f these cops

  9. James Kulevich | September 6, 2020 at 7:22 PM | Reply

    Good thing they’re wearing diapers on their faces to catch the crap they’re spewing.

  10. Burn Loot Murder campaigning for Trump! Keep up the great work!

    • @Jean-Henri Dunant can you stop calling him Traitor Trump, unlike you, some of us actually respect a man

    • Jean-Henri Dunant | September 7, 2020 at 1:55 AM | Reply

      @ZZZodiac “I’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach, and I guess they lived in Palm Beach,” the president continued, referring to the Florida town where his Mar-a-Lago resort is and where Mr. Ep stein had a home. “But I wish her well, whatever it is.”
      Do you think he wished her well while she was procuring children at maralogo for the Ep stein pe dop hile ring? Or just while she was ra ping those children?

    • Iron Hands Terminator | September 7, 2020 at 2:52 AM | Reply

      Demare Howard the irony of your misuse of the word “deficient” is not lost on us.

    • Skella ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! | September 7, 2020 at 5:08 PM | Reply


    • Skella ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! | September 7, 2020 at 5:10 PM | Reply


  11. American people are getting so tired of this….

    • Hella people I know are voting trump just because of these violent riots happening… this is what pushed me to vote trump too.

    • I’m tired of racism. I support the protests completely.

    • @ALJustice0 how are we the problem, slavery happened, the civil war happened, jim crow laws happened, you think people just wake up one day and say “you know what I’m going to not be racist today” racism is a generational thing parents teach kids and those kids teach their kids, stop being the problem

    • Mark Smith you mean White People

    • JENIFFER ! 21 I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! | September 7, 2020 at 8:42 PM | Reply


  12. 😭💤

  13. First off stop calling them protests, start calling them what they really are, riots!

    • ★ Froggie Animation ★ you say white supremacist but deep down it’s quite the opposite. BLACK IS THE NEW WHITE!!! BLM IS THE NEW KKK!!!!

    • Jean-Henri Dunant | September 7, 2020 at 2:56 AM | Reply

      @NOER “I’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach, and I guess they lived in Palm Beach,” the president continued, referring to the Florida town where his Mar-a-Lago resort is and where Mr. Epstein had a home. “But I wish her well, whatever it is.”

    • Ok. First, they are protestors. Because SOME or FEW resort to violence does not make the entire crowd rioters. Second, BLM is not the KKK. What an incredibly ignorant white privileged thing to say. And if you don’t like being called that, then stopping acting that way. Third, consider this, the problem isn’t that there are BLM protestors in the streets. The problem is that everyone isn’t out there joining them.

    • Patty Kelly there is no such thing as white privilege ya dunce!!!

    • @NOER LOL. I really can’t tell you how funny that is… also ignorant. And that is the problem

  14. There is NO Crisis!
    Systemic Racism is the key!
    Make cops accountable for their actions!
    Very simple!

    • @snowboarderforlyfeIt’s already happening. Democrats are paying BLM to murder people in the streets. BLM doesn’t care who they are, but Democrats are paying BLM well for every murder.

    • @David Newton source?

    • @John Oslavic
      This is refutation of your claim

    • @Pale B.E.N. Thanks for asking.

      There are more sources. Maybe not for murdering people but for funding BLM. People with BLM apperal have killed people multiple times this year. That does not directly mean BLM is murdering people. That was an exaggeration.

    • @David Newton so I read the article, the flow of money of money goes
      Actblue, a democrat nonprofit skims three percent of the donation.

      Actblue is a nonprofit political group. It, as I understand it, is just mainstream democrats piggy bank. Harmless.

      BLM the organization, then turns around and uses that money for funding progressive candidates and specifically democrat organization. Ironically, black republican lives aren’t quite as important.

      Now, as a social democrat that has anarchist simpathies and aligns partially with bernie Sanders. I don’t personally like the black lives matter organization, but I support the movement. Having lurked in very different political groups… BLM is most likely anarcho communist. Referring to the government as “the state” screams anarchist. And “network s” specifically “community network” is anarcho communist dog whistle.

  15. The NYPD is the kkk.

  16. The native Americans land was looted and stolen Amerikkka you reap what you sow.

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