New York Lawmakers Ask Cuomo To Produce Evidence As Impeachment Looms

As their investigation into Governor Andrew Cuomo nears its end, the New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee is requesting that the governor turn over any evidence before lawmakers consider potential articles of impeachment. New York Attorney General Letitia James found that Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women.

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New York Lawmakers Ask Cuomo To Produce Evidence As Impeachment Looms


  1. He can’t provide them with any evidence.
    (they’ve already buried the 20k grannies he killed).

    1. @D RiteMoLawzBks tbh with you man we also aren’t that concerned about the money, we just want the truth

    2. Everyone, make sure to rewatch Creepy Joe inappropriate videos of him touching (and sniffing). Cool guy.

    3. @Mean Bean Comedy thank you and everyone else for your kind words

      All we want is the truth… Wtf is going on

      I didn’t even tell you guys the best part

      Her death was a covid death but she didn’t have covid, it was “covid related symptoms” very similar to her COPD symptoms or her bi yearly pneumonia symptoms

      They tested her 3 times for covid on her final day, all came back negative for covid19, listed cause of death … Covid19

      They said that’s completely normal

      How many other “covid related deaths” are there?

      Should we count them separate ?

    1. @High Vibration does qualify as corruption though. Jailable offense. But we’re way too corrupt for peaceful justice. We’re headed to war.

    2. @OnSiteTrav this is 2021 not 1860. There is no feasible way to attempt to “wage war” in this day and age. A bunch of fat oakies with ARs ain’t gonna do much

    3. @OnSiteTrav If in fact you say we’re going to have a civil war ,what side are you, I assume all Trump chumpsters are going to be the south again!! I say to you good luck with that.LMAO.

    1. Multiple false allegations from his accusers, time and date evidence that the accusers weren’t present when they say the abuser occurred, or evidence of corroboration amongst accusers, and possibly coercion from their legal staff.

      But we know none of that is going to happen because he’s a dortbag and is 100% guilty.

    1. @D RiteMoLawzBks I remember when Cuomo was touted as a savior during COVID, then he put patients in nursing homes and tried to get his aids to hide it… that was awesome.

    2. @Virgie T I’m glad he’s gonna get canned, i hope he goes to jail too. Us lib’s actually like accountability. We dont protect corruption or sleeze like the GQP.

  2. Cuomo should defiantly stay and force the Democrat assembly to drive him out. This way the country gets to see what these people are truly all about. The media will have no choice but to cover one of their own.
    I hope he stays and there’s a big public fight.

    1. At least Democrats have the courage to turn against their own leaders when they do something wrong. Do you think if this was a Republican Governor, the party would turn against him?

    2. @William G He treats everybody like crap. His own party hates him. However, if he were halfway decent, not an angry arrogant abusive narcissist, if he treated fellow democrats with respect, I think they might be reluctant to impeach, they might give him the benefit of the doubt about sexual harassment claims if they liked him personally.

  3. and on the west coast Gov Newsom is trailing by double digits in his recall election polls……Bottom line is this Democrat party is societal cancer and the host seems to finally be waking up.

  4. The only evidence this killer has will implicate him in everything he’s done ! Good luck Andy Boy 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. When the state settles with those women, take the money from his personal bank account and not the tax payers.

  6. how in the world do you produce evidence that you “didn’t” do something?
    It’s up to the accusers to produce evidence that you did do something.

    1. He is a Democrat and you know well enough he is fully protected. MSNBC will do the best they can to keep him in office.

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