New York Lawmakers Speed Up Cuomo Impeachment Probe 1

New York Lawmakers Speed Up Cuomo Impeachment Probe

New York State Democratic Senator Todd Kaminsky is among the chorus of lawmakers calling for Governor Cuomo's resignation. He joins Geoff Bennett to discuss.
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  1. He should spare the Dems. of going thru this and resign. There was a time when I really like that guy.

    1. @Cant belive the bs Never ever oh, and Trump never suggested anyone inject bleach, that’s another lie just like the one Biden told about Trump praising neo-Nazis. Fact!

    2. @Chaos wow your really a delusional. There are good ppl on both sides .after a neo nazi run his car thru a crowd and killed a person that’s . called praising a neo nazi. Does he really have that much control on you . You worship that man so much that in your eyes your master has done no wrong . He just burned millions out of a his base 102million to be exact can yiu prove or show that any of that money he milked his base for went to what he said it was for nope you can’t he attempted a coup but let me guess your master has you believe that’s not true either wow your really really delusional or just a moron.

    1. @James Smith last week Biden told a female reporter his butt’s been wiped. That sounds pretty demented to me. Fact!

    2. @Jock Young didn’t you hear it? Enter my butt’s been wiped Biden in YouTube search and you’ll know I’m telling the truth. Fact!

  2. Either way….by the start of next week he is done. They will most likely give him till Sunday to resign or Monday morning they will vote to impeach him. He is absolutely done and needs to resign.

  3. My d4er governor;
    I love the you handled over few years that are going now. I love you as a NEW PRESIDENT that I love to you hear. Me cause you give a little love to people that love you? HOW CAN IT E

  4. If the accounts of his misbehavior are credible then there’s a good argument for his stepping down. Of course tRump’s gang of thugs, goons, and rapists would NEVER allow a few sexual misconduct accusations make them face the music. Never.

  5. Impeach him . Charge him . Present the evidence in court and let a jury of his peers decide his fate . Innocent until proven guilty .

    1. No all women must be believed so by his own standards they should be believed and umm uh I still get to remain in power to abuse more women where is your logic ?

  6. if he were a republican, none of his fellow gop would call for a resignation. (i feel he should resign)

    1. @PC Principal if he were trump with 26 accusations of sexual misconduct, a lot of idiots would vote him in as President.

  7. Nothing will be done. He went on TV today and apologized to one of the accusers. He was contrite and for our political clash that will be good enough and he will be given absolution, he will be excused and nothing more will be done. You will not resign, there will be no impeachment because he is a powerful Democrat in charge of a powerful democrat state. Nothing will be done and he will be allowed to continue on as usual.

  8. The investigation was a sham. Rick James is looking for attention and a path to governor – that report is as rife with corruption as the AG

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