New York protesters ‘say her name’ after no criminal charges in Breonna Taylor death | USA TODAY

New York protesters 'say her name' after no criminal charges in Breonna Taylor death | USA TODAY 1


Breonna Taylor: New York protests after no charges related to death.
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Protesters gathered after a grand jury's decision not to indict police officers on charges directly related to Breonna Taylor's death.

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51 Comments on "New York protesters ‘say her name’ after no criminal charges in Breonna Taylor death | USA TODAY"

  1. They’ll be shocked when everyone votes republican because of the violence they shoved onto the rest of the country.

    • Haha, even a lot of Democrats are changing sides, this is backfiring so bad for the hard left.

    • @Hunt The narrative they tried to create was Black VS White. Instead they made Peace VS Violence. Only one side seems to want Peace right now. Trump 2020!

  2. Even CNN admitted the protestors are wrong on this one.

    • They were wrong on Michael brown. They were wrong on george floyd. They were wrong on Jacob Blake. Their pattern is attack before the facts and regular people are damn sick of it.

  3. The facts are out USA Today why are you still deceiving the public ?

  4. Hmmm. All these riots have only taught me one thing. To be cautious of large groups of black people….. holy crap BLM made me a racist!

  5. Maybe change your chant from “No Justice No Peace” to “Stop Shooting At Police” and you’d actually save some black lives….

  6. Justin Donaldson | September 24, 2020 at 1:41 PM | Reply

    Lamestream narrative caused this unrest, they should own up to their lies.

  7. Charge the news channels that are inciting riots

  8. Leonard Washington | September 24, 2020 at 1:49 PM | Reply

    All the idiots who watch The View left their couches again to go protest

  9. I can’t wait to see how butthurt BLM gets when the cops from the Floyd case walk too….

  10. Maurice O'Ray II | September 24, 2020 at 1:53 PM | Reply

    She died from consequence of her actions. Blm got donations. The family got a settlement. It’s over.

  11. -she wasn’t an EMT, she was terminated in 2017

    -she was knee deep in criminal/drug dealing activities w/ her ex boyfriend

    she was on jailhouse recordings running drugs for her ex boyfriend

    -she was under surveillance for months running drugs

    -she WAS on the warrant as was her

    car & her apartment

    -the officers did in fact knock & announce despite obtaining a “no knock” exception

  12. 45 shot, 10 fatally, across Chicago this weekend
    14 shot, 3 fatally, Monday in Chicago.
    15 shot, 2 fatally, Tuesday in Chicago
    13 shot, 3 killed, Wednesday in Chicago.
    Where’s the outrage? Silent

  13. Yet another reason to move out of NYC. Too many idiots who dont know how to read a court report or people brainwashed by mainstream media.

  14. How about “Say the Truth”? Instead they make martyrs and heroes out of criminals and sex offenders. Garbage.

  15. She was staying in a trap house, she wasn’t in bed, and the boyfriend fired at the cops first, even after they knocked and identified themselves as police

    The media and the BLM crowd lied to us about Breonna. They have lost all credibility.

  16. The media is lying about the facts stirring the pot trying to start riots

  17. The charges should be against the BOYFRIEND. GRAND JURY decided it was because of the BOYFRIEND’S action she died.

  18. Say the name of the woman who stole the morphine from the EMT’s vans so the injured could suffer.

  19. Say his name: Jake Gardener who died because he didn’t wish to die at the hands of a criminal thug.

  20. Ok I’ll say her name, “criminal”

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