New York State Teachers Union Opposes Vaccine Mandate 1

New York State Teachers Union Opposes Vaccine Mandate

American Federation of Teachers President, Randi Weingarten, joined Stephanie Ruhle to explain why the New York state teacher's union is opposing a coronavirus vaccine mandate as people sound the alarm over learning loss for students amid the pandemic and stress the need for in-person learning. "We are trying to get the last 10 percent vaxxed," she says.
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    1. dunno. pro choice bc some dead cells are a lot better than millions of lives filled with nothing but despair. that said, leftists wanna go all the way with organs and heartbeats and brain activity and that’s just no.

    2. @cat videos not when you can spread disease to countless others. Get educated, be socially responsible and dont let political propaganda override reason and fact

    3. @peter Never mind the fact that vaccinated people can still spread the disease, right? Get educated.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 well it is if you ponder it. If she was fired due to the pandemic, she is owed that unemployment bonus. Says right there in the provision.

  1. From the beginning she sounds like she’s making up excuses. Not even one sentence in and already untrustworthy.

  2. There nothing she’s said that’s really addressing the question. Why no mandate? It’s trusted by doctors. Joy doesn’t prevent sickness. I guess she’s saying the administrators are the hold outs? It’s very unclear.

    1. Maybe I’m off base? Gotta have the kids comfortable before you try to save their lives?

    2. Not all doctors are agreeing with children being vacd. Many are silenced. We can’t even have a good old fashioned debate any more. How can we know the truth?

    3. This is a human rights issue. The government should not be able to force you to inoculate yourself if you don’t want to. That is tyranny. Luckily we have the 2nd amendment that was introduced for this very reasons to resist oppression from a tyrannical government. It was literally written for this very purpose. Not to hunt, not for sporting, etc. Literally for citizens to protect themselves from a government that is out of control

  3. I would be surprised if the majority of the members of this union would support this move. I suspect this leader is offering her personal objection to the mandatory vaccination. It does happen, you know. All leaders of all unions do not necessarily represent the views of all members on all issues. Look at the members of Congress. Joe Manchin for example.

    She should hold a vote of her members to determine whether or not this is the policy decision they support.

  4. I’ve never heard the word “agita” before. My auto-correct doesn’t even recognize it. I appreciate learning new words… but if you’re trying to connect with people, maybe consider utilizing language most of us understand.

    And yes, I am educated. I’m just trying to highlight that the Pres of the union may be a TINY BIT disconnected.

  5. FFS! I am a teacher and we are supposed to have had training in reading and interpreting data. The data here is clear. So much for data based decision making.

    1. You are absolutely correct. The data is clear as day. And the AFT is correct. Vaccine mandates are STUPID.

  6. …..and another thing, do you really want your kids educated by teachers who don’t believe in the science of Vaccines?

    1. Definitely. These are the smartest teachers not allowing themselves to be guinea pigs.
      The virus doesn’t harm young people anyway.

  7. Why?
    You don’t want the vaccine?
    Then wear your mask and get tested once a week.
    It’s your choice.
    You may not like the choices, but you always have a choice.

  8. If you don’t take the vaccine, teacher, they’ll all end up homeschooling. Then once you’re out of a job, at 50+yrs old, you’ll be working in a coffee shop living off of tips. Which in reality is only one step away from where you are right now.

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