New Yorker Reporter: Trump Helps Tycoon Exploit The Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

New Yorker Reporter: Trump Helps Tycoon Exploit The Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The New Yorker's Jane Mayer reports in the new issue on how Ron Cameron, owner one of America's largest poultry companies, who is also one of Trump's top donors, is leveraging the coronavirus to strip workers of protections. Aired on 07/13/2020.
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New Yorker Reporter: Trump Helps Tycoon Exploit The Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. This is why I don’t understand why Trump still have blue collar/middle class supporters. Trump is still the spoiled child who failed at everything if it wasn’t for the family money he was born into, never had to suffer the consequences for any of his actions and is only out to enrich himself and his buddies. If you are not the top 1% money earner, why would anyone else support this fool?!

    1. Because most of the Trumpturds barely made it out of 5th Grade, let alone graduate high school. They are what Trump fondly refers to as “the under educated”. He loves them because they are completely gullible and seem to not grasp that he is doing the “big bend-over” with them. He works tirelessly against their best interests and they cheer him on. Seems crazy, I know, but…. There is just no cure for “stupid”.

    2. For the same reason people in the UK are voting for Tory (conservative) despite over a decade of austerity and other atrocious acts. They fuel hatred, fear of other whilst they dupe them. It’s sad to say the least

    1. @johndifool how do you think Americans feel about AOC the marxist nazi dictator Pimping fatherless children and brain washing bots

    1. @Zk
      I see your still humping that table leg in mommy’s kitchen!
      I heard that doctors in the US are counting the teeth of tRump Supporters to determine their IQ!
      What your IQ 3 or 4 (TEETH)

    2. Here’s a headline from 1 year ago: ”President Donald Trump’s Loyalty Uncertain Among Some National Security Officials”
      Will someone tell me why there has been no attempt to use Amendment 25?

    1. @Martenson Lee Funny you should mention that, on the political spectrum I would be in the centre, getting ideas from the middle and the right. Countries such as Canada, Germany, Great Britain and etc have health safety for their workers. As of yet none of these countries are communist or socialist. Health and Safety of the worker is not a political issue. It’s a workers right. From your post it appears that you love Authoritarian Fascism.

  2. President Donald Trump has commuted the 40-month prison sentence of former advisor Roger Stone, insisting he was only guilty of crimes that don’t really matter like obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

    1. @frictionRx9 haha. The world knows your chosen one us a total moron that is lead by Vlad.

    1. @Moscow Mitch I too am a boomer.
      No idea as to why he depends on so many emojis. More than likely too undereducated to write using real words.
      Stay safe and healthy.
      From Canada.

    2. @Reg U I’m a retired boomer, federal employee who lost my 60 percent of social security thanks to Reagan, these millennials today don’t understand what their voting against,,,,,,,themselves! They all scream socialism, but can’t give me the definition , capitalism is for the small percent, this is why republicans defund education, they want their majority of voters dumb,and it seems to work

    3. Thank Reagan for his assault on the unions. Remember what he did to the Air Traffic controllers.

    4. @Kevin Lavorgna AGREE 100% !!! I FULLY Believe FAUX NEWS was set up by corperations as a propganda outlet To make people believe that giving tax dollars to large corperations for bailout is good, that corperate welfare will give them make people believe in this and to vote for policies that screw themselves and benifit rich corperations!

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD Probably because it wasn’t BLM people. They don’t know who fired the shot. It was the second shooting in the same place in two weeks. Don’t try to blame people who weren’t even involved, Dummy.

      CNN does not play sputnik agitprop. You should stop, Jenna Abrams. The sanctions are going to be bad enough.

    3. @THE ANGRY QUAD try and stay on topic please…if you have issues contact MSNBC directly and ask them…this area is for adults thank you!!!

    1. Go screw yourself Trump cares more than your Democratic party cares… pretty sick of the dams are there fake news the Twisted little games… here they promote more racism than anyone

    2. Trump is an awesome president… if only we can get the Dems to do something in Congress other than attack Trump what to impeachment all bulshit charges…. turns out the Bob Mueller report was a sham… they knew the report said it was started it was false when they started it Bob Mueller newest false when they got into it I just kept it going for 40 million dollars at 2 years….

    3. @Martenson Lee I wouldn’t trust you to tell me the sky is blue. Maybe if you get back on your meds and cut out the FauxNews you’ll get better.

    4. Martenson Lee I was with you until I moved forward. I wasn’t into confederate statues, Covid denial, Russian bounty. I’m a fan of a Democrats and Republicans and hearing good data to media and from media. He cannot work with either in a mature healthy way. But yeah Trump tweets too much, lies too much for me. But you do you

    5. @Martenson Lee trump is THE MOST Corrupt president this country has EVER had and that’s saying a LOT because Nixon was as corrupt as they come. The ONLY thing that trump has done for this country is enable all the covert racists to come out into the open. That’s actually a GOOD thing because now, NO ONE can say that racism does not exist in the US, not with any veracity.

    1. New or old…… needs to have a continuous spotlight on it. Especially now when these people are literally dying.

    2. yup, and they broke the unions back in the 80s. There’s one grocery store in town that’s unionized that I prefer for that reason. Unions help workers get fair pay and health insurance. So few of them left for essential workers.

    1. @jpb53ao There is something wrong. They must be brainwashed or are they in love with a TV actor that much??

    1. @Jimmy Page Because i dont know what alifnard is? I heard that orange buffoon mention it, so i assume its nothing.

    1. @Lead Gen Magic Only he’s Putin’s Joker. Or, perhaps more to the point, his InterContinentalBombasticMoron.

    2. @Unterm Rad :
      That’s bizarre. I was thinking essentially the same thing, but in my mind, the killer clown was called Trump Gacy.

    1. @Roy Rodgers Although I am not Trump, but I do help to pay taxes for your welfare milk bottles as you lay in the crib living in fantasy.

    2. @Sharon Snow Did you know that Rev. MLK, Jr. commented exactly what you said, but in a much nicer way than you.

    3. @e r that’s because this life long corrupt conman wasn’t the FAKE president then, but I am happy to know, I am a cognitive genius!!

  3. If you maga folks were ever confused about who t’rump and his cronies are fighting for….let me help you out.
    It’s not you.

    1. MAGA – The in-joke between Trump and Putin: Make America Go Away. THey’ve made good progress.

  4. The only thing missing is the grand scale assassination of people critical of the regime. Once that happens, America has become Russia 2.0.

  5. Every family who has lost a loved one due to this PANDEMIC, should file a civil suit against trump.

    1. Your comment shows your ignorance. Trump brought the virus here ?
      Governors and personal actions have nothing to do with the spread of virus ?
      Every person that has passed is Trumps fault ? Earth is a pretty cool planet , you should visit more often.

    2. Also include the lying monsters/bimbofroms from fox news and the gutless republican senators (trumps enablers).

    1. @Hayle Seyton I see you’re a very erudite with a high level of use of English. That’s probably why I have no clue what you mean. Do you?

  6. There are other sources of protein besides chicken: beans, nuts, etc. Give the workers a break.

    1. Yep!!! i definitely dont need animal meat to live. #Vegan, Its the least we can do!!! For the animals, for the environment and for our health!!!

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