1. Boomer: Millennial and Gen Z are soft. They get hurt by even the little thing.
    People: Okay boomer.
    Boomer: ThAt’S hAtE sPeEcH!

    1. Roma Rose No, racist and bigot are subjective judgments, while boomers are an actual group of people. You’re too old to be so dumb.

    2. @DevilBreaker 105968394 cupcake I am an millennial and an original thinker I dont follow anybody like a sheeple he said cos she said so I will not say it and cupcake elders earned more than respect long ago when they stopped the Germans shame msm is trainaning lil shyts to be nazis on themselfs.

    1. @Recon 0326 Tfw the babyboomer gen began in 1946, hence the name “boomer”.
      It’s almost like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    2. @Matthew Scully Ok “crumpets and tea” boy look it up on google. My generation had to use an encyclopedia (book…not wiki). The boom began in 1941 and decreased after 1961. The reason it started in 1941 was because the men who were going to be sent to WW2 tried to have children with the hopes of having a son to carry on the family name in case they were killed in the war. It’s right there if you doubt me.

  2. These newscasters are freaking hilarious. They’re acting like this is the most offensive thing they’ve ever heard.

    1. Sodomite Annihilator I would love to inform you about Denmark if you’re willing to listen? Because none of what you wrote is factual or true

    2. @Peter Niebling you dont have to say it, its your attitude and acting so little towards people with a different opinion. You obviously haven’t experienced the horrors of socialism so you can only speak for it making it sound like a dream come true. Everything has a price even your precious socialism.

    1. @TheRandomWolf come up with something new. You’re all running this dumb saying into the ground and I cant see how you find it funny when you’re like the 20,000th person who has said that to someone on here.

  3. “You’re just assuming that everyone in the same generation thinks and acts the same way and is condescending.”

    – Later –

    “Millenials are the priveleged ones, they shouldn’t complain.”

    Ok hypocrite-

    1. @AHReviews I’m glad y’all are okay with being robots. Try saying something that actually makes sense and not something that every fat teenage boy who stays in their moms basement says.

  4. CNN woman: “it’s agism”
    Also CNN woman: “Millennials wouldn’t complain they’re the privileged ones”

    1. TheNSA And when you say ok boomer and not try to see the other person viewpoint whether the other person is agreeing or disagreeing with you IGNORANCE and ENTITLEMENT SETS IN AND TAKE HOLD.

    1. camoes aoyza
      “Mainstream media is condescending”
      “Always cringe”
      The hypocrisy here is so immense and you don’t even see it.

    1. Bananime XD Ironically I’m part of Gen Z. Feeling idiotic now I bet. Don’t respond to factual response with an emotional one

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