Newborn baby recovering after being infected by COVID-19

Newborn baby recovering after being infected by COVID-19 1

A baby in Calgary is recovering after being infected with COVID-19 days after being born. Brenna Rose reports.

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7 Comments on "Newborn baby recovering after being infected by COVID-19"

  1. Why is every sickness now covid? Where did the flu and cold season go?

    • You get tested. Positive for covid, negative if its not. Figure it out.

    • Cold and flu season still exist. I’ve had a cold this past year….have NEVER had the flu…or the shot. It’s all still there but when symptoms change it then becomes COVID….lung issues, fever…hopefully they recover, some don’t.

    • Miscarriage probably happened same day and they report on this.

  2. Keep playing off people’s emotions!! Shame on you

  3. Karina alvarez | December 16, 2020 at 6:50 PM | Reply

    Yaaay no more covid

  4. Jason Kenney is to blame. Canada’s Donald Trump.

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