1. Condolences to the family of the young child murdered in Chicago last weekend. When will the black on black crime stop?

  2. 2 much unnecessary pain in the world…..😢…humans seem unable 2 stop following MISGUIDED souls….😈

  3. Zelensky making Ukrainians ‘suffer’ – ex-Japanese PM. Zelensky has made the people in his country “suffer,” former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori has said. He added that the media in Japan is biased in its coverage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. “I don’t quite understand why only [Russian President Vladimir] Putin is criticized while Mr. Zelensky isn’t taken to task at all. This is problematic. Mr. Zelensky has made many Ukrainian people suffer,” Mori said in a speech at a political event in Tokyo on Friday, as quoted by Kyodo News.

    “The Japanese media is biased towards one side. It is influenced by reports from the West. I can’t help but feel that they only rely on European and American reports,” he added.

  4. I guess there are a lot worse things happening than being homeless and destitute and alone this holiday season. Sooo sad. My homeless heart goes out to that poor baby.

  5. that building which looks damage was hit by US’ own high tech, invincible air defence missile from NASAM which was recently provided to ukraine

  6. It’s easier to begin a new life outside of Ukraine or to survive in old traditional villages in Western Ukraine, where they have plenty of wood. Big cities such as Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro are deadly dangerous now.

    FLY YOU FOOLS! Me and all my relatives left Russia and Ukraine during 1990s-2000s without any war, but just because those territories are economically depressive and cold (snow is disgusting). I believe, the former Soviet territories are cursed.

  7. Dear LORD we Pray for your divine intervention to stop the killings and heart less attact on Ukraine 🙏🙏

    1. This has always been the prayers of the true believers since 2014 when your holy nazi Ukraine started killing the Russian Dombass. I advise you to ask for heat this winter. Cry wolves seeking attention.

  8. That’s so sad. To have 3 days of being attacked be your entire life. And all you ever know is fear, cold, pain, and exhaustion from screaming. The whole human species is fundamentally and irredeemably mentally ill.

    1. Tell that to the dombass and Lugansk people since 2014. Even Crimea had no water until the military operations. War is bad, but let’s be honest.

    2. @King David Whattaboutism isn’t helping anybody. And if you notice, I said “the whole human species.” Your preferences are showing.

  9. it would be cool if the news read “Russian Cities under attack by Angry Retaliating Ukranians”. Hopefully one day we get there… Everyone knows they deserve it.

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