Newly-Elected Southern Baptist President Outlines His Goals | MSNBC 1

Newly-Elected Southern Baptist President Outlines His Goals | MSNBC


In June, Southern Baptists elected moderate pastor Ed Litton as the next president. The denomination faced a challenge from its hard right wing. Litton joins Morning Joe to discuss the election and his goals.

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Newly-Elected Southern Baptist President Outlines His Goals | MSNBC


  1. He should do something about the efforts underway in his churches to replace Jesus with Trump and Q.

    1. @Mark Waghorn Fauci is a liar that makes money off of deadly pharmakeia shots. A real doctor would promote good health and boosting immunity without using synthetic poisons.

    2. @David lmao if you think the bible is factual than you’ve lost all credibility from the start. The church is one of the greatest threats to our country. Conservatives want nothing more than to oppress the secular population with religious based policies and laws. It’s pathetic. The government needs to start taxing churches since they want to meddle in the governance and politics of our nation.

    3. @David “What did Jesus say about what a church means” Nothing! but I’m sure your lot will make up something.
      “Fauci is a liar” That didnt take long, so your a whack job liar who has absolutely NO credibility.

  2. “…Past tribal issues and back to the bible” that’s like saying “lets move past human sacrifice and go back to good old burning at the stake”

    1. Everything in the bible is tribal in my mind. From cancel culturing adam and his transgender clone eve, the flood, bears and kids, woman not being allowed to speak or communicate with others etc etc etc ad infinitum. It should be kept out of politics.

  3. believe in a resurrected man but not in the legitimacy of an election. believe in anti choice but not life after the baby is born..maximum hypocrites

  4. Religion is one of the most dividing topics. Maybe even more or equal to politics. Just keep it out of public live and and the world will be a better place.

    1. Most of my family are MAGA and consider themselves to be Christians. We agreed to never talk politics or religion when we get together, and we get along great.

    2. @Scientific Methodologist Google is the new bible.
      In Sundar Pichai we trust.

      Way more suicide and way less mass shootings.

  5. Religious folks just want that tax free status from government taxes. Enjoy telling people who to vote for.

    1. Religion is definitely a big money maker for some. I dont consider myself religious, but didn’t someone say that was wrong? Maybe its somewhere in the Bible?

    2. Many! Tax exempt organization are tax free. They operate under the “Not For Profit” illusion, while the people running them are getting paid BIG MONEY from the donations. Its not only the churches, many so called Foundations are making people wealthy. Every state has different laws regulating this. Have you ever seen the thing you drop coins into at stores. You can buy those and keep all the money for yourself, perfectly legal in most places.

    3. if a church’s pastor drives a bentley and wears tailor made suits then that church is a business and he’s a fraud.
      JC owned his robes and they were a gift.
      fyi, i’m agnostic and consider JC an enlightened MAN but i generally follow his teachings ..

  6. When “Christianity” became political and as they continue to political and the opposite of “Christ like”, Americans have left the church in droves and Millianials and Gen Z have never wanted to be a part of the hypocrisy.

    1. @Joan Richards I should hope so. Most of the Orange Idiot’s support comes from people and organizations, claiming to be “Christians”. I know that there are real, true, Christians, that are intelligent enough to see through the lies. However, they are becoming harder to find.

  7. Love God first, then the others, but not the people of color nor the single pregnant women. Punish whoever that are not White, affluent and Republicans.

    1. We need to tax them so much that only the honest god lovers are left because there is no money in it

  8. Southern Baptist say love one another. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Seems to me that they do not recognize. The Black Churches that are Southern Baptist. Yet another reason why I Love God and do not believe in any religion.

  9. It’s hardly fair for the Catholic church to take a stand on abortion, everybody knows that you can’t get an under age alter boy pregnant… geez…
    But it’s very fair for southern Baptist clergy to take a stand on abortion, cause if she’s old enough to bleed, she’s old enough to breed…just ask Matt Gaetz…he’ll tell ya…

  10. One unavoidable attribute of organized religion is politics. Few things could make religion more crass. The shoe fits.

    1. I wish those who consider themselves religious lived more by ‘the word’ than they actually do! Rather than using it as a cudgel to condemn those they disagree with!

  11. If the great commandment is to love God and love one another then why is it that religion is used to hate the LGBTQ community and people who are not of the same religion?

    1. The Religious Right makes things up to keep power. There is no LGBTQ in the Bible. And there is no freedom of religion. FOR is a Deist concept.

    2. @Akasha Allen used to was referring to an action not a time.


      “The oar on the boat is used to row the boat from one destination to another.”

      “He/she use to be a fast swimmer.”

      Get the difference?

  12. For this man, Jesus is a white man with long flowing wavy blonde hair, blue, and a long flowing white beard.

    1. @Two Impeachments &One Term Do you comprehend satire? What I meant to say was that GOD was a Black Woman!!!

  13. The problem with the USA is that it’s full of religious propaganda and people who buy into it. As long as you believe in the spaghetti monster you’re doomed.

  14. America refused to address or even acknowledge its Christian extremist problem.

    Now it no longer has a politically stable government or a functioning election system.

    1. He isn’t in any public or government office…you really don’t listen or look into things before you open your mouth and comment do you

    2. @Nic Moreno – The poster is correct – the pastor is part of a notoriously political church…

  15. The way things are going, conservatives, probably in his congregation, don’t want the peace he’s talking about. They want war and things like Mr. Potato Head to fuel their anger.

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