1. @Dandy Chiggins uhm that doesn’t mean anything… I can’t imagine the pain any of them went through

    2. @Dandy Chiggins I know about a lot of people being crushed by things… my uncle was crushed between two cargos at a dock…

  1. I guess the FBI will investigate the things they want to helps their politics, but won’t release or investigate anything that will hurt their politics. Which is btw funded by the taxpayer! Defunded and eliminate all the 3 letter agencies!

  2. Oh boy I’ve been wondering about this since it happened. So happy CNN decided to cover this highly sought out story! Now the people will have the answers and truth.

  3. My goodness I’m so glad this man was rescued in time. It is amazing that he recovered, and now only has to walk with a cane. I remember that snowstorm in Montana that was months ago. We had to hear that he has recovered. It was very lucky and the people that got him to the hospital are amazing.

  4. The snow under his head probably absorbed some of the incredible weight. This show how quickly death can happen.

  5. This is a rich person’s problem. Is it just me that feels that way?! Who owns a gigantic piece of machinery like that?!

    1. What about the millions, that owns heavy duty tractors? Do they also have a rich man’s problem?
      Or the tens of millions Americans, that owns heavy duty trucks?

    2. It’s an “I am not going to bother reading and following the safety instructions for the vehicle and we will see what happens” problem.

  6. Hawkeye *IS* the strongest Avenger. No doubt. ❤ Brother needs to play Evel Knievel next. Goodluck and godspeed, sir.

  7. Just never know when fate will strike Hope he can fully recover from this horrific accident. I also had my eye popped out of the socket when I was a kid I couldn’t see anything thought i was going to be blind . My best friend saw my mother running to the doctor carring Me in her arms .it was a small town we only had one doctors and he was in his 80s . Any way my friend saw me on the table with my eye hanging out and me saying I don’t want to be blind over and over . The next time I saw him he asked if I could see my ear when it was out laying on my face 😅 the answer is no I couldn’t see anything but black out of both eyes . Why I needed my eye popped our? I was in the back yard on a swing when a gusts of wind came & a foxtail ” those wheat looking things you get in your socks walking in a field. Went in my eye and worked it’s way behind it . To this day I’m really sensitive about my eyes

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