Next Coronavirus Challenge For U.S.: Vaccine Distribution Infrastructure | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Next Coronavirus Challenge For U.S.: Vaccine Distribution Infrastructure | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


A. David Paltiel, professor of health policy and management at Yale University, explains that "vaccines don't save lives, vaccination programs save lives," and makes the case that the U.S. needs an "Operation Warp Speed" for vaccine infrastructure in the same way there was for the development of the vaccine. Aired on 12/9/2020.
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Next Coronavirus Challenge For U.S.: Vaccine Distribution Infrastructure | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Unfortunately all anyone seems to have done with “Warp Speed” was talk! If there is no national distribution plan and funding in place, what were they doing? Pfizer et al were doing all of the work.

    1. Throwback to trump being mocked in nov. for saying a vax was gonna happen in November. And the admin believes in spreading the vaccines between the proven companies. CNBC critics of trump TODAY said that it was the right move. Hate trump all you want but you’re wrong abt the method the admin took. Sorry

    2. But yeah if you trust maddow over Biden then go off. Don’t want you to die tho! Pls stay alive!!! The prob with partisan news sources is you trust their views over facts

  2. brilliantly said, ty prof paltiel and dr maddow. i have great hopes for the top 2 vaccines, trusting that if they were not both safe and effective then dr fauci and the nih would tell us.


  4. The BioNTech and Moderna vaccines reduce symptoms and limit their severity. This will reduce hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated. There is speculation, but no proof that vaccination will prevent the vaccinated from becoming asymptomatic spreaders of the virus. AstraZeneca is the only one of the top three vaccine candidates that has tested their volunteers for COVID and knows that their vaccinated will not spread COVID.

    1. Americans already trying to steal the achievement they literally calling it the Pfizer vaccine now they can’t stop from being the laughing stock of the world

  5. Maybe you should think about a provision to speed up a transition if the sitting president doesn’t want to do his job but plays golf. The distribution effort could start now under Biden and Harris.

  6. donal & co screws covid response and vaccine supply and distribution… intentional failure they owe Americans covid relief

    1. I `ve never used an id in the NHS in my life so I can`t see why I would for this. Had my flu jab today ,no id . cost nothing.
      Obviously since I`m in regular work I pay into the National Insurance scheme .

      ID cards have never been possible in the UK anyway and every time someone tries to introduce them it is about as effective as a free dose of clap in gaining votes.

  7. My bf and I were talking and we’d like if masks and social distancing practices stayed after the pandemic. If you really think about it when we were out in public before people were always in your personal space, coughing, touching things close to you without consideration……. now we’re faced to think of others and how our actions effect others and I’m fine with that especially since I have a compromised immune system and I don’t know what anyone in the general public might be carrying that could be dangerous to my health! People just don’t know boundaries. I’m a people person don’t get me wrong but I don’t want to be passing spit every time I talk to people, space is a good thing!

  8. As a nursing home resident in my 60’s I want to know something no one has yet answered. After the initial two-dose vaccine, will we require yearly booster shots like we need with the annual flu shot?

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