'Next Level Disaster' As Hospital Capacity Runs Out Due To Covid Crisis In Mississippi 1

‘Next Level Disaster’ As Hospital Capacity Runs Out Due To Covid Crisis In Mississippi

Rachel Maddow reports on an announcement by health officials in Mississippi that the state's hospitals are running out of room, pushing the University of Mississippi Medical Center expand its bed capacity by repurposing its parking garage. 
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    1. Getting my vaccine tomorrow morning.. have seen this stupidity coming for months now, but this is a special level of insanity.. we saw this happen to NYC and people didn’t think it would come to their town..

      Emergency tent hospital built, people dying in mass… The next 4 weeks are going to get worse and worse with each passing day until it overwhelms the already failing health system..

      The bomb has already exploded, you can see the deviation coming the sound wave just hasn’t hit yet…

  1. I wouldn’t blame every doctor/nurse for leaving their jobs. They wanted to help the people, but the people have done absolutely nothing to help them.

    1. @xjaskix Except people weren’t wearing masks and now they’re not getting vaccinated and still refusing to wear masks. So don’t tell me you were forced to do anything.

    2. @ma pa Knock it off with that BS. If that was true then Both sides of the political spectrum would hang him (Literally). People like you are why so much misinformation is being spread… I hope you suffer karma from doing so.

  2. If you are an anti-vaxxer parent, just pray that your child doesn’t have an accident that needs hospitalization. Your irresponsility may probably cost your child their life, AS WELL AS THE LIVES OF OTHER PEOPLE who you obviously couldn’t care less about.

    1. @Peridot Reign If you are indeed waiting “to see”…what are you waiting for? Seriously – what would be the “trigger” that tells you the wait is over and that you are ready to make a decision?

    2. @oceannavagator Hospitals should stop putting people like that under and just do it while they are awake…

    3. @Peridot Reign Israel is giving the Pfizer vaccine (which is basically the same as Moderna) to all its citizens… anyone who believes the state of Israel would risk poising its entire population is supremely ignorant. The whole purpose of the founding of that state was to protect Jews from annihilation

    4. @xjaskix You also failed to mention trump was in one of the best hospitals in America. He also had to use an experimental drug then he got the vaccine but hey, once that tube is shoved down your throat, don’t be wishing I took the vaccine

    1. @iTalk uListen – I know it ain’t right to think that way. But them people in Mississippi were so sure of themselves and so hateful. No, we gotta make it right for the children, even if the adults are killing themselves.

  3. If the choice is to treat a patient with a heart attack, traffic accident etc. or a COVID patient who refused to get vaccinated, I would take the non-COVID patient anytime.
    People, who end up in hospital because they refused to get vaccinated, should not be treated at all. They simply don’t deserve it. This latest variant is making children below 16 sick and yet, there are adults who refuse to understand the gravity of the situation. These adults, who refuse to get vaccinated or refuse to use a mask when necessary, do not deserve any help whatsoever.

    1. @cmms-software NO (I don’t “WONDER” any of your litany of buffoonery)!!! Because there’s a PLETHORA of reported DATA to address ALL of those questions.

      And when I say “DATA”, I’m not just referring to reported news that is reputable and credible, but rather epistemic FACTS that are TESTABLE VERIFIABLE & UNDENIABLE.

      So, my question to you is:

      Do you ever “wonder”, were you born that insanely ignorant, or was it a socialization indoctrination that gradually caused you to culturally mutate into it?

      Or do you just hate America so much that you are feigning that astronomical magnitude of idiocy?

    2. @BJ Rosen I think both should be mandated, vaccines and granting anti-vaxxers their “freedom”. The world will be a better place for it. And the average intelligence of the population will increase…

    3. @C.a.T it is proven that if a patient doesn’t modify is live habits, loses weight etc, the outcome of some cardiac interventions are very poor. If resources aren’t infinite, they will be offered to patients with better resources.
      But the case here is: you are unvaccinated, and now you are in the hospital’s ICU. There is no beds. Your son just had an accident and needs urgent surgery and an ICU bed. It’s better that he dies, because he has unlucky to have the accident?

  4. The elected Republican officials won’t even speak up, because they know it’s pointless and their voter base will just turn against them and end up being primaried

    1. @tj hill It’s a pointless endeavor. It will just make them “other” not convince anyone, sure it’s funny to watch slow motion realizations seep into cult members faces and then watch them panic once it actually sets in… but no — it’s too late to convince those who are in the alt-reality.

      It’s time to deal with the fact that 30% of people will not get the vaccine.

      It’s also time to start getting depositions from people on hospital beds to sue the spreaders of false and misleading medical information for wrongful death suits.

  5. My husband is in a leadership role in the Texas Medical Center; at a major children’s hospital. Seeing, hearing, knowing the absolute chaos…we are home to the world’s largest medical center/system here in Houston. For us to be in the position we are currently; if there was a code higher than red, we have hit it.,

    1. God bless your husband. I’m saddened by these selfish people who don’t care about others. Unless it affects them they don’t care. Their freedom doesn’t matter if their dead

    2. @Hard Rocker yes if that is what it take. We the people have done to ourselves. For not taking responsibility for our actions. Open up shut down.

    3. @Hard Rocker no, the Northeast seems to be doing just fine…the former confederacy seems to be all-in on a Jim Jones-style death cult (despite their supremely ironic proclamations of being “pro-life”)

    1. Logical arguments have been thrown out the window. People only know what the propaganda media giants teach you.

    2. @Danny Ball Neither do flu shots, shingles shots or any other vaccine. Neither does the FDA checking for tainted food catch every single bit of tainted food. Is that a good argument for not checking at all and just letting millions of people get seriously ill? You can still get killed by lightning even if you don’t stand under a tree. Is that a good reason to stand under a tree in a thunderstorm? I will agree with you on one thing: as you pointed out, women should have the right to choose whether or not to abort a pregnancy in the first twenty weeks. Otherwise, your comment is a bunch of slogans and random unconnected thoughts.. Is that how you think? In slogans? You know, you don’t have to. You have the God-given ability to use all your brain.

    3. @Danny Ball I’ve done some research myself and all these people on the comments are doing is reciting what they hear to a T

    4. @Danny Ball my bro in law has someone he knows in Healthcare in tx and they even said that particular hospital isn’t busy at all

  6. “To hug the wealth ye cannot use, And lack the riches all may gain. — O blind and wanting wit to choose, Who house the chaff and burn the grain!”
    – William Watson

    1. This is definitely what the gop wants. Of the healthcare system fails, we are back to everyone fending for their own health, with the rich being still able to take care of themselves and the poor less dependent on government

    2. @Anon Nympho Dude Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, are suffering the consequences of being politically malicious. And they’ll most likely again vote for the same ignorant ideas that have caused this disaster next election.

    3. @Anon Nympho Dude – I’ve noticed this. Republican trickle-down economics is to this day oriented towards disempowering common people.

      Whenever the Republicans complain about a labor shortage I automatically think, “The lords need more peasants.”

      Republicans favor the employers while attacking anything that helps the workers. Now our workers are compromised while Republicans swear that they’re just lazy.

  7. Send the anti vaxers and anti maskers to the back of the queues for beds. Protect the responsible citizens first. Then watch the fake freedom fighters change their tune.

    1. Unfortunately this would just fuel their base that socialism is out to get them by denying them the help from a disease they don’t believe actually exists.

    2. There are numerous reports of people changing their tune once they are in the ICU. But it seems a lot more people need to die before this message gets through to the majority of the people in some areas and demographics.

    3. @DragonXflyer Winder what political persuasion Beelzebub’s place is? They can try protesting when they get there.

    4. @DragonXflyer Who cares at this point? I am tired of being held hostage by people shrieking about a term they know full well they don’t understand.

  8. This is why governments have the ability to institute mask mandates and other public health measures.
    Hospital systems are not setup for a mass influx of patients.

    1. @C.a.T our health system also isn’t designed to handle massive waves of willfully stupid people choosing to aid a pandemic. just set them outside and ring the bear bell.

    2. What shouldn’t be the case is governors and mayors making laws all by themselves through executive orders. There should be laws on the books, passed by legislatures representing the people, in which certain actions are triggered by certain occurrences. It shouldn’t be at the whim of a single person. For all those who enjoy bashing Cuomo for reasons other than sexual harassment, why on earth was it up to him to send people back to nursing homes or not? He’s a politician with individual political interests, just like DeSantis, Abbott, Noem and Reeves are. Those political interests may be in conflict with the best interests of the people of his state.

    3. @Gnirol Namlerf If a Governor or Mayor can set a curfew, they have the power to implement a mask mandate.
      They have emergency powers to run their state / city.

    4. Let’s not forget, the same government listened to the same Republicans and destroyed over 1000 hospitals in the US since 1970. Hospitals already had a low bed capacity. But but but, Hospital CEO’s who are crying now have lobbied to keep them that way….so now the system is failing, set up to fail by the same people complaining about it now

    5. So they work now?
      I think i can show u video when they claimed the “the data” said they were not needed.
      Did “the data” change?

  9. So ah Mississippi how’s that freedom thing working out for you? Asking for a friend!
    All action has consequences, some people just don’t learn this until it is too late.

  10. What a preventable, sad state of affairs. When people’s ignorance and irresponsible behaviours put their own kids in peril, it is a shameful stain on Americans.

  11. The hospitals should start employing ethics measures and begin turning away patients with covid who are unvaccinated yet eligible lest they are forced to turn away the innocent to care for the guilty. They should do this up to the point that there is a reasonable cushion of capacity — i.e., not turn away *every* such person.

    1. They are most likely doing something similar to this now. I don’t think they can turn away people who are unvaccinated (there are lots of people who cannot get vaccinated for legitimate reasons), but what they were doing in California at the beginning of this year were telling the ambulance EMTs to make point-of-service decisions as to whether or not they think the person will survive, and leave them if they weren’t going to make it. We had a couple of hospitals have oxygen failures and couldn’t take patients and once they couldn’t take on more patients, the ambulances basically had nowhere to take them.

  12. I feel for the pediatric nurses and doctors. Their patients, those little kids, have no access to vaccines and they are innocent in this Covid mess.

  13. Your our Heroes doctor s nurses and anyone else who works in the medical field. If feel so bad that people just can’t understand the pressure you are under. People who are against vaccines until it affects them and their children nothing will happen.

  14. Parents: Children are too young to be anti-vaxers themselves. YOU have chosen for them to have the RIGHT TO DIE. Shame on you.

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