NFL Issues New Threats In Order To Boost Vaccinations 1

NFL Issues New Threats In Order To Boost Vaccinations

In an effort to boost vaccinations among players, the NFL is threatening forfeits and the loss of game checks if an outbreak occurs. Mike Florio joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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NFL Issues New Threats In Order To Boost Vaccinations


    1. @T Boned Death rate for infected in Florida is 1.6%. Worldwide, the minimum is 2.1%, there are thousands of unregistered covid deaths in Brazil (officially 2.8%) and especially India.
      95% of all new cases in the usa are unvaccinated individuals.
      The vaccine gives a 95-98% chance of not getting the disease or getting it in a form that does not require treatment. No one promised you 100% safety with those vaccines.

    2. @niels lund Nice stats. From “reliable sources,” I imagine. The whole thing is a lie, and the MSM stokes the fear of it because there is a hidden agenda. Funny how China with billions of people (and where the virus originated from) doesn’t have people dropping like flies on the street. Why? It is because it is all BS. The vaccine is experimental. A RNA experiment to be precise. All the MSM will do is keep pushing new variants and people will get more and more jabs. IT IS A TOTAL LIE.

  1. Stars come and go, so if there are stars who don’t want to get vaccinated there are future stars that do.

    1. @John Clarke your definition of fascism and “the left”? because from where I sit, the two are opposed .

    2. @Chris Albert Just because a billion people may or may not have taken it, doesn’t mean it is not experimental.

  2. Everyone is replaceable. Putting other players and support staff at risk is unacceptable. Good on them.

    1. @Dan Alexander Audio Never had the vaccine. My doctor, has 2 kids 12 and 11, neither has ever had any vaccine. Measles vaccine was given when the mortality rate had drop to 1 in 100,000. When I was growing up I had them and chicken pox, guess what happened when i did? Neighbors who’s kids hadn’t had them, came over, Heard immunity, that Trump and many many many Doctors said last year would be the best thing. Keep eating SEAL.

    2. @Louis Tully 18 months I have been, no mask, many gatherings with no one at a single one with a mask and none got sick, not 1.

    1. @Jay C Nobody cares about anti-vaccine imbeciles. It’s the people they affect (the rest of us) that we care about.

    2. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid… turn off your TV because your brainwashing is showing.

  3. As Ben Shapiro would say (paraphrasing), “No one is holding a gun to your head. If you don’t like the policies of the company you work for, go find another job.”

    1. @Redjam Redjam Ben Shapiro. He’s a four foot tall Jewish fella on the Right who talks total gibberish at a lightning speed. He’ll say things like, ‘2+2 = 4. And 1 + 3 = 4. How can both things be equal to four. Therefore employers shouldn’t pay for their employees healthcare.’ And no one can get a word in edgewise because he talks like he’s done 10 lines of coke.

  4. Players asking themselves do I have my bills in order or money put away if I want to quit the sport. Trust me a lot of them won’t quit.

    1. @Talking Butt lol true, plus they have like nothing else. What’s he gonna do become an accountant???

    1. @T Boned A health care worker who doesn’t believe in healthcare is like a Christian who doesn’t believe in Jesus. The only ones dying now are the anti-vaxxers. ALL of them! What part of 100% can you not get YOUR unintelligent head around? This is obviously NOT they’re profession. The first rule and main part of their oath is “do no harm.” They can’t meet that primary job requirement. Get your brainwashed, snowflake self on!

    2. @T Boned
      It’s not experimental. It’s been approved by science and the trails and experiments ended…. Why do you care if it’s “approved” by the FDA. The only reason it has not been “approved” is because of all the red tape and and procedures needed…. Scientists and doctors PROVED its safer and more effective than past vaccines

      Cope harder

  5. Good. It is about time the rubber fully hits the road. The hospital unions need to mandate vaccines for every employee as well.

    1. 99% of our 10,000 hospital staff have been vaccinated – 100% of our ED MDs & RNs were vaccinated in December. They are talking about giving us a booster. When you are really working with Covid first hand, you lose all fear of whatever harm could come from being vaccinated. Our Union doesn’t have to tell us anything. Maybe in some red states hospital staff are too stupid to get vaccinated, but in most red states hospitals don’t have Unions anyway. Maybe getting hit with the Delta surge will help them to finally see the light.

    2. @Lisa Ortiz About 75% of staff have taken it at my hospital. Only at about 38% of our patients have taken it.

  6. Its a shame that things come to this level. Thank God our parents and grandparents got polio and smallpox vaccines.

  7. Funny how everyone got the NFL back saying their business their rules now use that same mentality with the Kaepernick situation

  8. Preseason is a great time to cut any player who refuses to be vaccinated. There’s no guarantee of a spot on the roster, even with a contract.

  9. This is a sport where the players wear helmets, shoulder pads and jockstraps to protect themselves. Think of the virus like a kick in the balls – and the vaccine is your jockstrap.

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