NFL Pledges To End 'Race-Norming': Kevin Blackistone Reacts 1

NFL Pledges To End ‘Race-Norming’: Kevin Blackistone Reacts


The NFL now pledging to end a practice called race-norming, where Black players are falsely assumed to have a lower level of cognitive function. The practice made it harder for players of color to claim settlement money after suffering traumatic brain injuries, panelist on ESPN’s “Around the Horn” Kevin Blackistone reacts.
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  1. US Constitution: Black people count as 3/5ths of a white person.
    Medicine: **Hold my race-norming**

    1. They are people. But William Shockley, Charles Murray, and Richard J. Herrnstein were really really smart people who followed the science where it went.

  2. Why are people surprised.

    Any Sports Draft set hundreds of years ago would have been called a Slave Trade.
    Sure, they are paid well, yet struggles off the field still remain.

    Based on Physical Prowess…yeah?

    Well there ya go…there is Nothing New, Except what you forgot.

    1. People are still doing things behind closed doors that were happening a hundred years ago. We are not making progress.

    2. Billions of dollars….trillions, if you consider how long the sport has been around, so not just minorities, but especially minorities when it comes to mistreatment. Billions of dollars. They need to make this right.
      Period. They all need to make this right.

    3. @Bobby Becker You’re right, but it doesn’t mean ignore it. In a small way, this reminds me of the golf clubs that we learned were still discriminating when Tiger Woods was starting out. It’s insane.

    1. @Insignificant360 when did a important movement like Black lives matter change to thug lives matter and become a tool of the left?

    2. Yep. Race isn’t even scientifically valid. It’s just a vestigial remainder from Victorian era racist pseudoscience.

  3. don’t tell tim scott. It’ll totally mess up his confederate memorial day celebration.

    1. @Matthew Thompson not that your opinion matters, but I prefer oreo, you know as in cookies

  4. Just look at the evaluation process for black quarterbacks versus their white counterparts. Look at Justin Fields in this draft, as well as Deshaun Watson. The narrative changes as these two young men we’re going into their respective drafts.

  5. In any sane country the people responsible would be in prison for violation of the constitution. But of course, sane countries have REAL constitutions categorically banning racism.

  6. Is it racist? Yes. Is there systemic racism in the U.S.: yes there is.

    These black Football players are multi-millionaires with resources and still a system oppressed them, then imagine that insurmountable weight of oppression pushing down on the back of everyday poor brown and black folks living in american today.

    1. Theres no systemic racism today in the u.s lol. Black and brown people arent oppressed in todays society. U probably a white person that lives in the suburbs saying that lol

  7. Still work to be done folks. We are on our way though despite the kicking and screaming.

  8. Omg…why are the hearts of these people so ugly? The hatred. The absolute hatred.

    These devils will never again try to convince me they are “Christians.”

  9. Imagine where all the black players could have made it to had they not been held down by racists theories. And yet Kaepernick was the problem, right?

  10. Lets have an honest discussion, not this crap from Kevin.
    High Schools pad sport players grades to keep them on the field. Colleges pad player grades to keep them on the field. LeBron’s highest level of education is St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. So don’t come in suing like you were the next Stephen Hawking but sustained brain damage that turned you into Snoop Dog, doing a cooking show with Martha. You were never smart. You were handed diploma’s and degrees because of sports.

  11. if anyone ever asks you to explain SYSTEMIC RACISM use this example, there are countless examples to choose from sadly but this one has some potential to cut through, its completely insane and right there on the surface

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