1. Ok who didn’t know this about this man. As a women u know this things of the bat. Maybe it’s because I live in Atlanta n I have to be careful when dating people. Glad for him living his truth, he still have nothing to do with job ability. Is he a good football player…I know nothing about football

  2. The owners would rather support a know wife beaker, a drug addict, a DUI, a felon, but an LBGTQ…..Com’on man. Good for him to stand up and open the door for others.

  3. There Is no excuse for lying about your sexuality especially when your supposed mate asks you directly. You destroy that persons brain. They know there is something not right but they are gaslighted. People! Stop lying.

    1. @Donald Trump I’d rather support the LGBTQ community than pedophilia and incest you right wingers love and condone so much.

    2. @Wolfe 123 Uh…. get a clue. Those so-called Catholic priests are actually homosexuals using the Church as cover to get to little boys’ anuses. That’s the reason that LGBT writers never mention the sex of the victim – almost all of the victims are boys, and they don’t want sane, normal people to make the connection. Furthermore, normalized by percentage, pedophilia is *BY FAR* more prevalent in sexually-deviant households. That’s because a large percentage of sexual-deviants do not regard morality as an actually thing, so they do whatever… whatever…

    1. yup thats what he is doing, and because he is unemployed he will now use this against big teams if they dont hire him on, it will soon be mandatory to hire gays and all the other lgbt nuts, they are trying to get added onto the affirmative action hire list.

  4. This sin is what the liberal media loves to promote instead of IUIC 1000+ men march through the streets of Englewood Chicago. – Ps 83 crafty counsel.

  5. Coming out is a process. Each person straight or LGBTQ life is journey. Feeling the need to hide is a demoralizin and hurtful no matter what your sexual orientation.

  6. You have too be a great player !!! You can just be a LGBTQ Activist and expect a job sound like a Kappernick all over again !!!

  7. Lindsey graham says oooooohhhh myyyyy there’s vipers in the locker room….(talk)…I mean it was locker room talk, Sharpie?…I never use a sharpie………Many people are saying….coveffe, and believe me…I’m as coherent as the that squirrel…..OOOOHHHH look at that squirrel …………….

  8. So he has become a U.S. alphabet in the hopes of getting work. In old England these so-called bisexuals are called any port in a storm will do man woman child or beast. There are going to be a lot of very sick sad old alphabet people in the U.S.

  9. I want to see a household name come out of the closet for a change like Tom Brady, now that would be newsworthy.

  10. Ain’t nobody checking his sexual orientation, last time I checked the NFL is about playing football and only cares about winning games

    The problem comes when the LGBT tries to force their choices, lifestyle or agendas into non LGBT communities

    Just live your life and let others live there’s in piece

  11. When there’s one others will follow NOW it’s just a matter of time when the other NFL players come out of the closet

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