NHS Chief: First Vaccinations 'Beginnings Of A Real Turning Point' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

NHS Chief: First Vaccinations ‘Beginnings Of A Real Turning Point’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


The CEO of the UK's National Health Service, Sir Simon Stevens, joins Hallie Jackson as Britons begin receiving the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Sir Simon says while there's a "light at the end of the tunnel," precautions cannot yet be relaxed. Aired on 12/08/2020.
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NHS Chief: First Vaccinations 'Beginnings Of A Real Turning Point' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. Viruses are dead, they cannot replicate, so they can’t possibly be contagious!! This is why antibiotics do not work on viruses, THEY’RE NOT ALIVE, THEY CANNOT REPRODUCE!! Your body CREATES viruses to help in the elimination of toxins that you ingest in food, air, and water!! you can’t catch it or spread it. Read https://johnscottconsciousness.com/germ-theory/ watch https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ep2NwyVLn2Q0/ watch https://www.bitchute.com/video/Gq8QwPXV332b/ Koch’s postulates has not been fulfilled https://www.bitchute.com/video/lkdHBvBeB3XX/ please search Dawn Lester and David Parker and their book, What Really Makes You Ill. their website https://whatreallymakesyouill.com/

    2. @Engage360 It is true that viruses are not alive, but they reproduce with a host cell…that’s why they are contagious. They are spread to others through bodily fluids or the air and then attach to cells, hijack them, and then inject RNA that tells the hijacked cell to create new copies of the virus. Your body also has its own defence mechanisms, but viruses are not one of them. A living organism like a human can not create something that isn’t alive like a virus. White blood cells and antibodies help with defence against foreign bodies. Your immune response to the virus is what makes you feel “under the weather” though; the virus itself doesn’t make you feel ill.

      Also: you are correct that the reason antibiotics do not work on viruses is because viruses aren’t alive. Antibiotics work only for bacteria. That’s why doctors tell you to let a sickness like a cold “run its course” because there isn’t a cure. Resting, staying hydrated, and eating nutritious food is probably the best natural preventative measure for viruses.

    3. @Engage360 Viruses are living organisms that have the ability to mutate. Bacteria, not viruses, that help you stay healthy. Where did you go to school,? phys.org/news/15-09-evidence-viruses-alive.

    4. @15thCS Hannah How can a dead virus reproduce? Why are some vaccines live while others use dead viruses. Look it up.

    5. @Diane Hooper I think you misunderstood my comment. Viruses are not alive because they cannot reproduce on their own. They need a host cell to attach onto for reproduction. A “dead” or “killed” vaccine has pieces of the virus in it, like proteins or some other viral particle. A “live” virus has weakened samples of the virus in it. Viruses aren’t alive regardless of the type of vaccine.

  1. Reminder: For most healthy adults in the US, who are not essential or medical workers, it won’t be until the summer of 2021 that we start getting vaccines.
    So don’t get lazy, don’t get stupid. Keep wearing masks, washing your hands, and social distancing!

    1. When the small amount of people do get the vaccine, covid numbers are going to go way up. this is because they will go out without protection and infect the larger population that’s still does not have the vaccine

      I have been saying that they need to wait until they have enough to vaccinate at least the majority of the population before vaccinating any percentage of the population.

      It’s like antibiotics, you take more than you need without interruption to make sure the bacteria is terminated. There is no point starting to vaccinate until you have enough. Just throwing money away. The vaccine takes 20-28 days to work and does not stop transmission. The vaccine only lessen symptoms if you are infected.

      They are going to f this up big time.

    1. @DAVID
      The only one that’s trying to steal this election is trump.
      This just in: The Supreme court has refused to take up the case. They made that decision today. So its over. trump and all of you morons will keep crying about it, but…it’s over.

    2. @DAVID
      It is you that is in denial. If you have been brainwashed to think that the trump actually won the election. That shows that you are gullible and weak minded that it worked on you.

    3. @Da Co I don’t deny more than half of America and nine states are sueing the fraudulent acts of 4 dishonorable states in the supreme court of the United States.

    4. @DAVID
      Putting aside those ridiculous frivolous lawsuits. The US population is 330+ million. Only about 70 million voted for trump. That is just not “more than half of America” as you put it. Did you drop out before high school?

  2. While Trump can be thanked for the misery the USA is suffering… it has been left to Britain and those pesky socialists in the EU to lead the way; WELL DONE!

    1. @Frozenbizkit I never said I did speak for Americans. However, I have seen many generations evolve into the”me, me, me” brats they are today.

    2. @Tech ti sorry to pop your bubble jr, you can deny Biden is going to be your president all you want but, the fact is … he will

    1. @DAVID And there I thought you were being clever by saying something sarcastic . David you are a disappointing person .

    2. @James guitar It is very disappointing you’re in for a great disappointing outcome. Only time will tell how bad it will be for you.

  3. The first vaccines would have been given first in the USA unfortunately, we have trumpass here who didn’t bother to secure our safety much less negotiate a “win” with the pharmaceuticals

  4. The UK is actually running an additional test group as BioNTech (and Moderna) did not test the extremely elderly and most vulnerable populations. We here in the US can watch and see how that goes for them.

    1. Last time the FDA had Emergency Authorization
      Gulf War Experimental Vaccines
      500,000 Vaccinated
      11,000 Died
      100,000 Disabled

  5. That’s a good thing, but i feel you guys have become the show to see if it will actually work, so good luck,

  6. I’m surprised the NHS could be bothered with the US. But Americans will probably be the biggest health risk to other nations in the future, so it is part of some kind of outreach program to protect themselves by letting the yanks see how it’s done.

  7. Looking over the shoulder of the scientists conducting the studies fundamentally isn’t reviewing and coming to conclusions about the research independently.

  8. So grateful to Pfeizer, and to a government that planned ahead, bought the vaccine and had a roll out plan, instead of holding vanity rallies for a 74yr old toddler throwing tantrums and playing golf! Proud to be British!!!!!!!


  10. Wow, even speaking on camera to the US, HE WEARS A MASK!!
    GREAT message. Meanwhile our president does not support…umm, outgoing president.

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