1. *This is what actually happened. This video is not for kids, it’s shocking…* ALLTIME.ML
    Mr. Dunn – respect to you.

  2. She was the reason why I love science. Rest In Power Ms, Nichols. You have inspired generations of children. We will miss you.

  3. This woman did great things in her life, and should be remembered. You guys at CNN should produce a documentary about her life and her accomplishments.

  4. An icon and legend. She boldly went where no woman had gone before. Now she is among the stars R.I.P

    1. โ€œboldly went where no woman had gone beforeโ€ sounds like she went down on rip taylor.

  5. Oh man how sad. She was pioneer. She will be terribly missed. They should do a recent documentary on her.

  6. Before Nichelle Nichols, NASA only recruited from the military. In the late 70s, she partnered with NASA to develop a STEM program & lead the recruitment effort for the Space Shuttle program with a focus on increasing the number of female & POC applicants, halting her career to travel, speak, & recruit across the nation. Her 2018 documentary _Woman In Motion_ is worth watching today.

  7. I loved watching her on Star Trek. A woman on the bridge assigned to a high responsible job like communications! I deeply respected her for her dignity and self assurance.

  8. I always liked her. I didnโ€™t know a thing about her, but I always believed she was the personification of beauty, grace, dignity, and elegance.

  9. She was a true role model during my childhood. Even the lead lady crimefighters I saw–Honey West, Emma Peele, April Dancer–had their share of damsel in distress moments. Not Uhura. She served and survived along side the men. I saw that it was possible to work as an equal with men because of her.

    1. Yes. When she potrayed an officer, female as she was, she is an officer trough and through.

  10. I always wanted to be her- a Communications Officer on board a Starship…An incredible lady and legend. RIP

    1. Her character was more than that. She was a naval lieutenant. That was an extremely bold move for television at that time.

    2. Well, obviously, if she was a member of Star Fleet. But I, as a 12 yr old, didn’t care about that.

  11. Rest in Peace, Nichelle. I am grateful to have grown up watching her on Star Trek. She made such a difference to my worldview.

  12. Graceful. Dignified. Stately. Inspiring. Just a few of many wonderful words to describe Nichelle Nichols. I grew up watching Star Trek and have always been amazed and inspired by the messages and the actors that portrayed the characters. Lt. Uhura was inspiring on many levels to so many people. It was fitting that she played the role of a Communications Officer. May her message continue to broadcast on all subspace frequencies. Rest In Peace, Nichelle Nichols.

  13. I remember Uhura in Star Trek V saying: “I always wanted to play to a captive audience.” Well she managed to keep me captive watching Star Trek when I was younger. May Nichelle Nichols rest in peace.

  14. I got to meet her at a Star Trek convention years ago . She was a beautiful person and an inspiration to all. She will be missed .

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